19 August 2011

Looking at the positive side of injury, aging athlete perspective ... and boob results!

One really great thing about having had a very difficult and hurting last several weeks... see the monkey-wrenches and the piss water if you missed all the drama... is ...


I have been not running a whole heck of a lot because of Murphy's Law in action over here (I have been told that Mercury is in retrograde). I have been cycling and doing a butt-load of P90X stuff... plyo, core and stretching... so I feel strong and fit. I have been running just enough to know that I can do this thing... this Hood to Coast Relay.

If you've seen the movie... I will not be like the Thunder and Laika-ning dudes whose training mantra was "no training! more beer! more pizza!" :P Nor, however, will I be like the exceptionally speedy and chronologically-mature Dead Jocks dudes (who, of course, in all their crass juvenility, were my personal favorites... and you know I want to meet them!). And we're not even mentioning the Bowerman Elite Squad... ooops, mentioned... who don't get to be called 'dudes' because they are not from this planet.  However, there will be some areas in which I will be like ALL three of those teams. Yes, we ALL share a few things...

I will run.

I will mostly likely meet the projections for time, though it won't be easy... but it isn't supposed to be.

And most importantly...


Several of the fun, fabulous and talented women on the two Nuun Hood to Coast teams have expressed concern over their abilities, not training enough, getting hung up on the "performance" angle. I know that part of it is pre-race jitters. And I know that we are a group of remarkably driven women. But I am concerned, too. I am concerned that their concerns about team "performance" and individual "performance" will overshadow the critical piece of being a part of the Nuun teams...


Plain and simple.

We were not chosen for our speed. Well, maybe some of us were. We were chosen for our creative applications. I keep coming back to this. I used to be an elite athlete. Doing stuff like this for fun is foreign to me... or was until less than a year ago when I was finally able to start exercising again post-injury. Eight years of pain and no working out gives you AMAZING perspective. I definitely fall into the trap of my old mentality. A quick bitch-slap rips me right back into reality...

I am a 9-minute miler... on a good day.

The reality is that neither Nuun team will be on a podium for speed. There... I said it. Whew... isn't that a relief? What we can do is this... our best. And we can have fun. I read all your blogs, Nuun ladies... there is incredible potential for us to be the envy of the entire event... because we are the most fun!

My goal for this race is to survive, feel good about how I contributed, meet some awesome people and have so much fun with my team that everyone around us is saying...

Mannn...I wish I was on THAT team!

So let's do it, ladies...

Let's show Oregon who knows how to give it what they've got on race day and have more fun with it than anyone!

That we can do :)


Now on to what you're really here for... who cares about XL's b.s. diatribe on HTC? I know, I know...


The official results for Match the Rack are in Caroline's comment. That woman knows her boobs... and the boobs of others apparently ;-) Caroline, I still don't know what prize to give you... as soon as I figure out a boob-related prize, I will let you know. I must have your address because you seem to win all of my giveaways :P

Thanks to everyone who played... especially Danny who was the only guy dumb brave enough to play! He got 3 correct... as did several contestants. And many thanks to all for making Boobs I Follow my second most popular post ever in less than 24 hours!


  1. that's a great way to look at it! Just have fun and enjoy the experience! I think the team is full of awesome runners and will for sure be the envy of all :)

  2. I love this. All so very true. :) Btw, I'm not so nervous about my performance, but rather disqualifying the team because I can't run 7-minute miles like the projection sheet says I will! Oh well. It will still be fun as we sit in the DQ tent?!

    And I knew you wouldn't wait to post about boobs until later tonight.

  3. loved this. YES! Fun! I can't bring the speed, but I can bring the fun.

    that was just plain cheesy. Expect cheesy :) one week!!!!

  4. I'm definitely more fun than speed! I've been in a bit of a running funk for the past 3 weeks, which has been the worst time possible. However, even if I can only hobble along after leg 1 I will still be smiling! :)

  5. As a long time Hood to Coast-er, I love your perspective on the race. It is SOOOO fun! My team has been running together for years - and we NEVER were fast....And let's face it, most of the team has gotten slower and slower (we ARE kind of like the slacker team in the movie except that we know exactly what we're getting into)...But we ALWAYS ALWAYS have fun. Hope you have a great time!

  6. So excited for your HTC experience! You're going to have a blast! And with the awesome taper you've had, I bet you have a good race, too.

  7. the dead jocks are my favorite too!
    for sure!

    you are looking at this HTC the best way possible. this WILL be great I know it.

    The white Oprah/Boob expert

    and thank you!

  8. Oh I thought I knew my boobs!!!(Nora)

  9. I cannot wait to see this movie AND I am so with you. FUN is my primary goal!! Of course, i don't want to let you all down with a sloppy performance (sloppiness will ensue at the beach) but I want us to have FUN more than anything!


  10. I haven't seen the movie. Part of me wants to and part of me wants to be clueless about what we are about to tackle.

    I agree with you that this is about fun. I fully intend on having a blast, but like A, I don't want to totally miss the mark on projected paces and DQ the team. I just want to do my best for the team. I feel like I owe it to everyone not squander this amazing opportunity.

  11. Can I get a heeellll yeah!

    I'm worried of feeling like death. While i can't run without killing myself in a race, fun is cheering and running our little hearts out! This is going to be SUCH a cool experience :)

    Can't wait to see you bring it in!

  12. I know when you enter a pace time to your relay and all the stats are computed and you've spit out a number on which to "perfor" - it's a little deflating if those numbers aren't reached....at least at first. Once it hits that you are not going to make your numbers, something releases and then no one really cares and the pressure to prove yourself is out the window. And then it becomes really fun. Unless you bring chicken, brown rice and broccoli and it sits in the car too long and starts to smell and your entire van is staring at you wondering what the hell that smell is coming from your bag. Then it becomes not so much fun! :)

  13. My wish is that HTC is as exhilarating and inspiring as my Lost Coast Adventure Run...I'll even dismiss that little 'dumb' slip of the proverbial tongue.

  14. Looks like Caroline get the booby prize!

  15. I already know that I wish I was on your team. You all are going to have such a blast. Hopefully I'll see you all on the beach. :)

  16. I think having fun is the best goal. You guys will rock, and come home with blogs full of stories. Enjoy!

  17. Great attitude here!!! Also, great job keeping up with cycling and P90X!! This HTC should be just a blast-so many people doing it and I'm so anxious to hear about how much fun everyone had, not how fast everyone ran!! I just laughed at Jill's comment. Yes, don't do that.

  18. Following you from Surfing Saturdays. Would love for you to check out www.thatshakerofsalt.com

  19. you are an inspiration...and a funny one at that. I've just started running (again). It's no 9 miles, but it' s getting easier! Good luck.

  20. Go have fun at HTC! And, yes, I'm one of the ones wishing I was there! I'm sure you will do great - but go make some memories!

    Found you on the blog hop!

  21. You've sooo nailed it! I ran the Napa to Santa Cruz relay twice, and while we worked hard and definitely pushed ourselves, there's just no way that those weekends would have been enjoyable if we'd been fretting about paces & times. We just went to have fun & do our best. :)

  22. I would love to run H2C or any 200 mile relay for that matter. Enjoy the experience!

    Oh and I love love love P90X!

  23. Sounds like you are having fun! :)

  24. HTC sounds like it would be a blast. Jealous!

  25. Love the movie. I so wish I were running H2C! One day! In the meantime marathons, an ultra and P90X2!!

    Your perspective is amazing and no doubt you will have fun. I look forward to reading more.

  26. HTC looks great! And hard! I bet the course is beautiful!


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