17 August 2011

Badass {babe-a-licious} Blogger Meet-up!

So next week I am running in this thing... this relay. It's called the Hood to Coast Relay. Have I mentioned it?

I am running as part of a team composed entirely of female bloggers (except for 2 very awesome company staffers) ... a team that was chosen and is sponsored by NUUN... operation hydration ;-)  Have I mentioned this?

I wasn't sure... because there have been all these posts about boobs. Well, there's been one post about boobs... but it really overshadowed my entire blog since I posted it. Seriously, folks... put 'boobs' in your title and you suddenly become pretty popular. Have pictures of awesome bloggers' boobs and, well, for a New York second you feel like the belle of the ball.

But now that New York second is over and we can get back to the important stuff...

Hood to Coast and my team, Nuun Platuun.

Last night I got to meet two of my teammates in person! For the first time! We had ramen. Not like Top Ramen... like good ramen. Genki Ramen in San Francisco. If you're a ramen connoisseur and you are ever in the foggy city by the bay... Genki is all that. Go.

Here we are:
the mom and her daughter and her daughter's friend :P
I am seriously old enough to be their mom.
reporting for ramen.
pay no attention to our weird glowing eyeballs or my nearly-revealing shirt...
it was a wild time ;-)
Cupcake was the person I tried to spectate in the San Francisco Marathon last month... remember?
 The one I didn't see but who saw me? 
So we had been within 20 feet of each other before last night. 

It was an awesome meet-up. They were super fun and easy to talk to. They were really nice to me and said I look way younger than I am (they sounded wayyy sincere, so I love them) and said that I am totally not mom-like... which they assured me is a super-score.  :)  I am a weensy bit bummed that they get to be in Van 1 together while I am in Van 2... but I am excited to be in the "forgotten" van and running the anchor leg. 

Capt. Underpants blogs under the pseudonym The Faster Bunny. She is super smart, very cute and gunning for a 19:xx 5K... GO, UNDERPANTS!

Capt. Cupcake just ran the SF Marathon... with all its crazy hills... in 3:44 which was a huge PR and killed her goal time. She is also very smart and super cute and a ramen addict.  Her blog, Diary of an Average Runner, needs more frequent postings. I want to hear more about her.

Both of these fun women have are fantastic personalities... but both respectfully declined being featured in any upcoming personality matching-type contests ;-)  they are going to hate me for putting that in :P I think they'll also want to kill me for calling them 'babe-a-licious'... but I think they know me well enough now that I can get away with it without getting for real killed!


  1. Sounds like you all had a ball!! Have fun with the race, wishing you all the best of luck!! I think it is so cool when bloggers get to meet in person!! Always fun to visit you!

  2. So much fun! I would love to meet some fellow bloggers in real life one day ;)

  3. Love your blogger meet up. You are going to have a "wild" time in the hood to coast nuun team. Maybe you should wear your wild shirt?

  4. I am jealous! I'm just going to have to wait until next week to meet you guys. what a fun time!

  5. Haha! You are hilarious! I could never kill you for calling me a babe... and MAYBE (maybe) I'll write a post soon -- just for you. The truth is, I needed for you to post this so I could steal your photo of us looking drunk. Wooo Genki! Gone crazy!!


  6. What
    Must. Meet. You. One. Day.

  7. I will be in Van 2 with you, in spirit. Bring a whoopie cushion if you want to really believe I am there.

    Blogger meet ups are fun and sometimes awkward. Sounds like this was of the "fun" variety.

    Go SUAR boobs!

  8. I think we should have a Nuun Platuun boob pic. With shirts of course.

    Can't wait to see you pretty ladies in a week!!

  9. YOu guys will have an awesome time, without a doubt! And go right ahead and throw your age around--experience counts too, right? (says one old lady to another)

  10. I want to be in van 2 with you!
    I could be their mom as well!
    Dinosaurs runners bloggers united!

  11. Soon you and me will have a pic like this...with CK in the middle if he ever comes back to life

  12. As I was flying over SF last night I couldn't help but sense a certain aura in the air. Now I know why.


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