13 August 2011

The Postman Rang Thrice...

Actually, it was the postman ringing once...

The UPS driver ringing once...
And the FedEx guy ringing once.

I knew what was coming... and I was so excited when it came!

If you've been paying attention this past week, you know that my husband left me.

He went to France to work with an amazing photographer... on the beach... at a naturist place. He says he's coming back. I wonder, though. He did leave me with a pile of money and a credit card... for emergencies, he said. But possibly, quite possibly, it was hush money. Leave the wife home feeling secure and financially taken care of for just long enough ... so as not to arouse suspicions. Hmmmm.... I hadn't even thought of that until I started writing this post... 


He often buys things without checking in with me. Starbucks, a burrito here or there, a new wallet... a really nice camera... or two... or three... and all the crap that you need to really use a really nice camera... or two ... or three. Oh, and in the old days... all that film processing and developing and printing that went along with creating an awesome portfolio and shareable body of work. Right. 

Me... grocery shopping. New school clothes and shoes for the kids. Toilet paper. Those are the things I buy without checking in. Until this week.

Remember what I said the last time he went away?  While the husband's away, the wife will play. Only this time it wasn't playing = working out.

This time... I bought stuff.

a super sweet new camera!
A new running bra!
and a new Garmin!!!

aka the Juno bra from Moving Comfort
...in green!
I liked my blue one a lot... 
still plan to write a review of that awesome support system :)

tiny, waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof, takes good pictures and video...
perfect camera for a running mom on the go!
my doodoo phonecamera will have to deal with 
its neglect issues on its own.

timing, GPS thingy to let me know how far and how fast...
no more piecing together distances with google maps or by driving around in my car...
no more gauging my pace by how fast I went from my mailbox to the lightpost 
halfway around the development...

unless I want to do it that way... 
which I might :)

Add to those super cool arrivals, my silly game from yesterday that became my all-time, second most-viewed post in less than 24 hours, skyrocketing me to fame and fortune for all of 10 seconds, and it was like Christmas or my birthday or something. 

And I'll tell ya, after getting my goodies and some attention, I feel a whole lot better about holding down the fort. Even if the attention was super contrived :P

Have you gotten anything fun recently? Do you have any of these things? How do you like it?

Remember to enter my giveaway for the Hood to Coast Movie DVD... contest ends Monday!

And you can still play the Match the Rack game from Boobs I Follow... that one ends Tuesday. There will be prizes for the correct guessers!


  1. Wow-It's like Christmas!! Awesome new fun toys!
    I have become so Garmin dependent it is ridiculous. you will love it. :)

  2. That camera looks pretty sweet. Plus you are going to LOVE your garmin! I have the 405 and actually shed tears the other day when I thought I broke it. I love tracking all my data and seeing my progress! Now you just need to take your new goodies out for a test run!

  3. Wow he did leave you with a pile of money! Fun stuff. You will love and adore your Garmin and running will never be the same!

  4. Awesome stuff! I need my hubs to leave for a few days now, I could use some new goodies too, haha!

  5. Mmmmmmmmm, hush money. Sweeeeeeet.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That running bra is sick!

    I don't know much about Garmins, what do they do?

  8. awesome presents to yourself! You will LOVE your garmin!

  9. That's the same color Juno that I got. I'm thinking that I can only have the pink and the green ones. ;) Maybe I'll get a white or a black too. But they have NICE colors! :)

  10. Oh I love getting stuff in the mail!
    I have the same watch
    I love it.
    I have the Fiona bra of same brand and I love it.
    Today I got new shoes in the mail. Bigger mizunos! Hopefully less black toes and blisters!

  11. AHHHH I AM STOKED YOU GOT THE GARMIN!!! K, I think I need that sports bra!! YAY for buying stuff for yourself:)

  12. I totally want a waterproof camera.
    So jealous.

  13. Anything fun??hmmm Jason over at cookeattrain sent me a half IM sticker. That's about the most fun I get from the mail man!

  14. Ooh, those are my kind of packages!! I've thought about getting a Garmin, but was afraid it would be too big on my wrist. From the looks of it on yours, I would be fine :)
    P.S. Love getting new running bras ;)

  15. I don't exercise outdoors without my Garmin. I have the exact same one. I love the website and tracking all of my running and biking. You'll love it!

  16. How come you have boobs? I would think you would have run them off with all the cardio you do?
    I'm going to post about your match the rack game right now!

  17. i found you because of the narcissist and i stayed because i saw french. you're on my blogroll, one not to be missed!

  18. I have the Juno bra and the Garmin 305. Love them both! I've used my Garmin so much I've become a "Garmin slave." You will too....

  19. Nice work!

    I am a HUGE fan of Moving Comfort -- their Alexis bra is my absolute favorite. They make great stuff.

    Also, I have to say that my Garmin 305 was the best running money I ever spent. It changed EVERYTHING for me (no more wearing a stopwatch & separate heart rate monitor, guessing at my pace, & relying on Google maps to know how far I ran). I know you'll love it!


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