15 August 2011

legs, legs, and more legs...

and toss a little core in, would ya?

Going with mixing it up this training cycle was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And again, I really can't thank Patrick and Big Daddy Diesel enough for their urging me in the bike direction. It has saved me. Riding my bike has integrated beautifully into my training regimen.

Keeping my fitness level up while recovering from the few mishaps I have had over the last couple of weeks has been easy, largely due to the bike and P90X. While my running miles have been cut, my bike miles and plyo hours have increased, and my overall fitness and strength has not been compromised.

I love the P90X Plyometrics workout. Must be because I am a mother... and it IS the Mother of All P90X Workouts ;-) It is an hour of jumping, leaping, hopping all with quiet, cat-like landings. You sweat like a mother. And you wish your mother was there to pick you up off the floor and give you cookies when you're done. Or maybe a big glass of that recovery drink stuff my husband swears by but I have yet to try.

In addition to the Plyometrics, I have been using the X-Stretch workout a ton. After my physical therapist practically ripped my hip capsule open the other week, the X-Stretch has helped further the range of motion in that joint. Finally... it moves! My PT also prescribed core work, so I have turned to Core Synergistics... also part of the P90X series. As my core has gotten stronger, I have finally added in some of the resistance parts of the workout. The B-Lines® resistance bands are working better for me than hand weights at the moment. I just need to hide them from my kids. They enjoy snapping them at each other... which really can hurt!

These workouts are all intense... as Tony Horton says... "this is P90X, boys and girls... the X is for X-treeeme!" I do what he tells me to... I do my best and leave the rest. While I am not fully up to speed with all parts of each of these workouts, I find them manageable and infinitely enjoyable.

I did do these workouts for awhile when I was pregnant with my fourth baby, but when it got too intense, I switched to the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp series... until I was huger than a beached whale and could hardly get my socks on let alone work out :P I am simply amazed at how some people (myself included during in my other pregnancies) are able to work out pretty intensely (or at all!) for their whole 40+ weeks of being pregnant. Just wasn't happening at the end there with Miss C.

On Saturday night, I did my first longish run since the beginning of the monkey-wrenches... 6.27 miles in one hour. While it didn't feel effortless, it wasn't at all tortuous either. It was even and very consistent (thank you, new Garmin, for telling me that!)... though at the end I swear I must've looked like a Baby Huey-esque, 3rd-string high school football player trying to muster some speed for tackling drills or something. I am seriously crediting my biking and my dates with Tony H and P90X for how well it did go...never mind that last bit about Baby Huey!

Bring it.

If you do P90X, you get that last part... it's kind of an inside joke :P

Today is the last day to enter the Hood to Coast Movie DVD giveaway. Click here or see the sidebar for the link to enter. This is a great movie... even if you aren't a runner. I can't believe it is less than 2 weeks until I will be running in the Hood to Coast Relay myself!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my Match the Rack contest. Click here to see if you can figure out which boobs are whose? There will be prizes!


  1. I don't know much about P90X, but people seem to love it. Still, I miss Richard Simmons.

  2. I really enjoy p90x also. I try to do the yoga at least once a week. I have only tried the yoga and plyo....guess I should take a look at the other one's :) Plyo is a great workout though! I have the hurt butt walk all the next day :)

  3. I have only done the ab ripper X of P90X, but was surprised to find my hip flexors sore the next day!

    It's been about a year...I should do it again :)

  4. I love P90X! Every workout does the trick for me...I just wish I was better at at-home workouts!

  5. Happy to hear your running is picking back up - yayoyay!! And the hubby is home tomorrow...that's a quad yay!!

  6. Never done P90X, but I'm a big fan of the bike as you know. Glad you've got stuff working to keep you in shape while you get back to running.

  7. I have heard so much about P90x. I should borrow my sister's tape. Listen to me. I said "tape". I meant DVD! I am so impressed that you have 4 kids and can fit working out into your schedule like you do. You rock!

  8. Hmmm! You LOVE the plyo workout. I HATE it. It's tough and I feel very uncoordinated! I used to use that workout a lot. I'm a slacker as of late! I do use the core synergistics and abripper somewhat frequently Nice work on mixing it up!

    OK-just read over your mishaps.

    I'm so behind. New Garmin? I also just read your boob post! That was funny! I needed that laugh this morning! I will have to go match the rack here!

    OK-keep up the great training. Nice job on the 6.27 miler!!

  9. I've been curious about P90X. I've even thought about trying it. But then I remember that I'd probably die, and I kind of like my life right now.

  10. You make me want to break down and try PX90. I like to think I'm so big and strong with my heavy weights, but I'm so competitive, I'm reading and thinking, "What? She can leap and land catlike! I want to do that too!"


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