03 August 2011

Just in time for a nuun-er...

Team Nuun Platuun now has a logo, thanks to Captain Obvious!

I am getting more and more excited every day about this upcoming race and meeting all these fun people I will be riding in a van with or rooming with in a hotel or running beside on the course... it is going to be a


Tying into the Hood to Coast Relay excitement and the good people at Nuun who are getting me there, I have two announcements that you may or may not have read about in the past few days...

  1. Nuun is offering a 25% discount on all online purchases when using the promo code "nuunplatuun" at checkout! So order up here!
  2. I am very close to hitting 400 followers on this blog. Once I get to 404, I will host a giveaway in which you could win your very own copy of the Hood to Coast Movie! This is what the L.A. Times had to say about it, and you can view the trailer here :) So if you are reading and not following, now is a great time to get on that GFC bandwagon! Anyone you know who might enjoy Taking It On? Coerce convince encourage him or her to become a follower as well!
To see all the lovely and talented ladies who are a part of the two Nuun relay teams, head on over to Tall Mom on the Run. Mel has created an amazing intro post with bios outlining these amazing women and a photo of each... really a startlingly pretty group (some of whom will be appearing on the Today Show tomorrow... lol... had to giggle at that).

Here's a refresher on what's been happening around Taking It On over the past few days...
  • received the Blog on Fire Award... leading me to divulge some pretty deep stuff... not all sunshine and rainbows... oh, and that fugly hat...
  • did the Industrial Athlete Tour of my neighborhood and saw the endpoint of the Transcontinental Railroad... among other things...
  • went to spectate at the San Francisco Marathon and should have brought my white cane to go with my dark glasses 'cuz I didn't see ANY of the people I wanted to :P
  • Miss C got her dress-up groove on and metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly!
And that about wraps up this nuun-er... whew... just in the nick of time! 

It's now 12:30 :) 

Time to get back to work.


  1. this is so freaking awesome.

    I'm so excited for you and the hood crew!

  2. Great picture she has of you! Sounds like it will be tons of fun!

  3. I follow your words XLMIC!!! Hollar! 400 is approaching! 7 lucky individuals will figure it out soon enough. Gonna tweet on your behalf NOW!

  4. I follow you -- good luck hitting your milestone! :)

  5. Soo incredible! Just like Emz said.. Freaking awesome!

  6. I'm a follower


    and I shared on FB(but I sounded like an idiot when I did it,hopefully that doesnt reflect poorly on you hehe)

  7. Thanks for the link Love!! We are a pretty group :)

  8. Woohoo, it's coming up soon!! :)
    Of course, I'll be doing a relay before you....maybe I should blog about it. Nah. I like the spotlight on you! :)

  9. I love the logo!!!
    Ok I must use that coupon...
    8 more followers and you are there!!!

  10. I got 6 people who said they'd follow you. You owe me $60 bucks. That was the deal, $10/head. Pay up, because I need to kick back $5 to each of them before they fully commit. Do you need my Paypal email again or do you still have it from the last time?

  11. That is so cool and exciting!

  12. You are very close to your number for the giveaway. Have fun in the race!

  13. Good luck reaching that magic 400 mark! Hope to see you and the Nuun Patuun at H2C. My team's start time is 11:30 am and I'm running leg 6.

  14. ooh, you're at 403 now... I'm tempted to set up a fake account just to help you get your number. :)


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