14 August 2011

Barefoot Running... in pajamas

There's been a good deal of talk about barefoot running. Some people mock it, others embrace it, and still others preach it. And yeah, there are a whole lot of people filling in the cracks and even falling outside of that spectrum on the topic. I tried it. It wasn't really my thing.

Miss C loves to run. She runs everywhere and anywhere. Clothed or naked. Shod or unshod.

She's a born runner...

The warm up...

I swear if she had a bigger attention span she would've chicked that guy!

Here's where she finally focused and got some quality work in...

Let's hope, that as the youngest of 10 kids, there's a track scholarship in her future. Maybe that's too much pressure to put on a 2 year old?

What's your stance on barefoot running? Trendy, stupid, awesome, useful... what?

Did you go to college? Did your parents pay for it? 


  1. I've read a book about it, and it made great sense.

    However, when I ran on my minimalistic shoes I got all kinds of aches and pains. Which is to be expected I suppose, because my body has to get used to it. But then I thought: 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'

    I have no problems running in my Sauconies, so why risk getting hurt by going barefoot.

  2. I loved "Born to Run," but barefoot running scares me. I don't like germs and I'm afraid of stepping on stuff. I find Vibrams uncomfortable (and they gave me a black toenail), so I think I'll stick to my Brooks.

    I have my BS. My parents paid for housing and food, but that was only because I agreed to go to the free state university instead of NYU.

  3. Barefoot running: to each their own, not my thing.

    College: At my first school, my scholarship covered everything but room/board and books, all of which my parents paid. I went 3 years under those terms before quitting school after my second son was born. When I went back, I paid my own way with a combination of grants and loans from the good people of Illinois.

    I have one starting college this year and one (hopefully!) next year, and what we contribute will be minimal.

  4. My parents generously paid for my college payments while I was attending, but I paid all of the student loans post-grad. I had a decent scholarship though--otherwise my parents made it clear that I'd have been paying a lot more of the bills or going to a cheaper school!

  5. Barefoot running is not my thing, but if you are into it then I think that is great too! My parents paid for most of my college, but I did have to get a Stafford Loan. Was glad that they could help me anyway they could.

  6. Ya know I'm a proponent even after getting injured from it. That said, I try not to preach too much--to each his own!

  7. Since I stopped taking acid years ago the only way I can find Lucy, the sky and diamonds these days is through barefoot running.

    But in all seriousness, I really believe that many people make a real (dare I say) spiritual connection with barefoot running. I've got no problem with that at all, in fact I think it's awesome. It's just that my goals as it relates to running are different. Not better, just different. So I personally have no use for it.

    But I'd like to officially state here that I have an OPEN MIND about it. And all you barefoot runners, please read the last sentence again, especially the words in caps. Because this message seems to be missed a lot when I talk about barefoot running. Just because I'm irreverent about it doesn't mean I don't respect those who partake.


  8. I've never tried barefoot running--well, seriously anyway. I've run around in sand, grass, etc. barefoot just having fun! Nothing against it, a lot of people seem to have great success doing it.
    I got out student loans for college, and worked full time for food/housing, etc. But my parents bought me a plane ticket home once each year for christmas!

  9. I love being barefoot! Unfortunately, the last time I was barefoot in a public area, I learned the hard way that not everyone cleans up after their dogs. Shoes in parks for me, from now on!

  10. Miss C is a cutie!

    You know what I cannot stand about the barefoot thing? The use of the word SHOD!

    Is it really necessary? Can't we just say with or without shoes?

    Paid for my own college by bartending and waiting tables during the school year (met my wife at this restaurant). Then in the summer I worked crazy hours in a glass factor that made Rolling Rock and Gerber baby bottles. Those summers paid my entire tuition and then some. Hard ass work but worth it!

  11. I just got some barefoot running sandals sent to me that I feel obligated to try out now. Uggh. Not really my thing...going to just have to say no when people want to send me things to review that I don't dig. But I think there is a place for it surely. I did go to college...once for my undegraduate and again for my masters. my parents didn't pay but my grandparents helped me with some of my first degree.

  12. No real opinion on barefoot running. Being an "Athena" triathlete doesn't seem to jive with having no cushioning under my toes though.

    Some scholarships and a lot of hard work (at one point 3 jobs - T.A. for Calc II at 7:40 AM every weekday + intern at Soil Conservation Service 2-5 PM every weekday + video store clerk about 30 hours +/- a week) with a very small amount of help from dad (paid for one summer of school - $1000 - and paid my $100/mo lot rent at my crappy trailer park) to get my B.S. Occassionally allowed me to raid his pantry and fridge, but I ate a lot of ramen noodles too.

  13. Honestly, I think that it's a trend that gains momentum until people get injuries, then it swings the other way. I do like running in shoes with a lower heel, but i like foot protection. I can't run 65 MPW on a rubber track or a grassy field!

  14. I must return to say that your kiddo has a nice forefoot strike with good bounciness!! Much like my Levi :)

  15. Hey, it is supposed to be better for you than shoes. But then again, there is no way I am going to be that person who shows up barefoot at the gym. And wasn't is a great feeling running like when you were little. More power to the little pj jogger :)

  16. I'm very skeptical of the barefoot running trend. Very. K-ster used the vibram foot fingers and swore they were THE BOMB but then he had a broken bone in his foot and just had it removed, so......yeah. He swears it had nothing to do with the foot fingers. Ummmm, no cushion, big, tall man, tiny little joint.

    Yes I went to college and we won't talk about how it was funded. I also got my Master's and I fully funded that one.

  17. Cute!

    I run minimalist. I'm too scared of glass(and who knows what else in my urban neighborhood) to run barefoot. It takes a lot to get used to it, but I find that my form is better barefoot than in real running shoes.

    My parents paid for college and my husband paid of my grad school loans. Yeah, I was a lucky girl. ;o)

  18. I run barefoot on the treadmill. I love it but my feet do get pretty beat up. I don't know if I would do it outside.

  19. What's up with the barefoot running? Is it a trend? The only time I did was when we were camping on the beach in Indonesia. It made sense to go running along the beach barefoot, but never thought of doing it any other time.

    Went to college 5 years. Parents paid for quite a bit (not all of it). Took out like 5 loans. Had to work crummy part time food service jobs from age 16 - 20 until I was lucky enough to swing a part time office job for my last two years of college. Got married and still had college debt and he had it too, but we officially became debt free about two years ago! It IS possible.


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