26 August 2011

Some Things Are Scary and Better Left Unshared…

A white Speedo on a relay runner is one such thing.

But I am all about the overshare…

Just be glad it isn't a front shot :)

Guess I could've stopped at "white Speedo."
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  1. I've seen some crazy things out there today! You're running along Springwater corridor into downtown @ what time???

  2. I love this! If I looked like that in my underwear I'd totally do that. Well, not really, but I wish I would.

  3. Everyone notices the guy, but what about the frontal shot of the girl in her white underwear?

    Is it that risque? I mean they both - him and her - have probably more exposed themselves in swimsuits at public beaches than they did for the relay. But then I guess its all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

  4. Guy Always Yelling. This is in code.

  5. Well, we should be thankful there were no apparent stains.

  6. Sexy. I typically roll my eyes at your "physical fitness" crap. Afterall, I'm sitting in my bed, braless, on a Saturday afternoon, eating s'mores and watching "Dance Moms" on TV. But this exercise-y post makes me happy. :-) I love a speedo.

    I've missed you this month. I just finished working a hellacious month where I was stripped of blog and twitter time. Absolutely devastating. :-)

  7. I am loving the white speedo. Loving it.

  8. not a fan of the white speedo....

  9. Oh my goodness, I know that team. "Speedo Wars, Return of the Crack!" My running partner was in van #2, she was telling me all about their ideas for costume and how she wasn't to keen on it. Awesome... some people have lots of guts. :)

  10. So I've been gone from your blog for a while...I had no idea what I was missing!!! I missssss you :) Thanks for the back of the tidy whitey shots : )


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