Vecchio Venerdì

Daughter of the American Revolution  3/3/2012  (paternal great-grandmother, c. 1900)
Gibson Girl  2/17/2012   (maternal great-grandmother, 1902)
Quadruple Scull   2/3/2012   (a visual on the origin of XLMIC...with Marin Rowing Assn., 1998)
A Big Family Legacy  1/27/2012   (GCL's Clan, c. 1914)

Head of the Schyulkill  9/23/2011 (Vesper lightweight men, 1990)

Sr. Wmn's 4+ Nat'l Champs  7/23/2011  (Bachelors Barge Club w/ Coach XL, 1989)
Sideburns became a beard! 7/15/2011  (paternal great-great-grandfather again)
Sideburns   7/8/2011  (paternal grandmother's maternal grandfather... late 1800's)
Liar, liar...   7/1/2011  (second marathon NOT wearing a Hefty bag, Dec. 1997)
The Olympian   6/24/2011   (winning double, Canadian Henley, August 1989)
Four baby bumps   6/17/2011  (a series of Baby X, Q-Man and Miss C pregnancy belly pics)
Head of the Charles 1986  6/10/2011  (lightweight women's 4, October, 1986)
That center-spread in a popular magazine...  6/3/2011  (me in People magazine, Aug.1991)
Better things to do... 5/27/2011  (Big G picking his nose, March 2005)
President of a college  5/20/2011  (GCL as a young man, 1889)
My hippie mama    5/14/2011  (my mom, 1972)
WonderBaby!   5/6/2011   (Baby X as Wonder Woman, 2004)
A future plumber?  4/29/2011  (Big G with tools in his pants, October 2002)
Easter 2005   4/22/2011  (Big G and Baby X hunting eggs, March 2005)
The last time we were in Paris   4/15/2011  (Q-Man in the red spinning cup, April 2005)
les Pyramides...  4/8/2011   (Big G at the Louvre, April 2001)
My first trip to Paris!   4/1/2011  (Me by the Seine, March 1996)
She would be about 160... 3/25/2011  (Great-great-grandmother, circa 1900)
Born in the caul  3/18/2011  (Miss C's birth, March 2009)
Picking a winner...  2/25/2011  (Q-Man, age 3, May 2008)
Baby as Carry-On?   3/11/2011  (kids in overhead bin)
L'Italiano    3/4/2011   (Grandpa Lindow, circa 1941)
My Daddy   2/18/2011  (My dad and me as a baby, November 1963)
Giant Pregnant Belly   2/11/2011   (me, February 2009)
Hugo and the Indians   2/4/2011    (Grandpa Hugo, circa 1912)
A Father and his Daughters  1/28/2011   (Grandma as a baby, 1910)
Flower Child  1/21/2011    (me, 1969)
College Graduation and the Sicilian Window  1/14/2011  (me, dad, S, June 1985 and Baby X, May 2006)
Canadian Henley in the Winning Double  1/7/2011  (me and TZB, August 1989)  and nursing in the amphitheater in Taormina, Sicily (me and kids, May 2006)  same page


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