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Running while partying

Hood to Coast 2011 w/ Nuun
nun-running nuun application video
on the nuun team!
team line-ups...  anchor leg!

Creepy Guy in a Hoopty Car:  2/13/2011
Racing the Drunken Bum: 1/2/2011


Bad Bass Trail Run 12-miler   11/13/2011   Lake Chabot
Pulling out of the funk by running up Moeser   11/10/2011
Running with Sarah    11/7/2011      inspiration point
Accidental 1/2-marathon trail run  11/1/2011    alvarado park to inspiration point

Tempo run that became a 5K PR  9/22/2011  (25:20)
Boring long run 9/19/2011
Finding a physical and mental groove 9/15/2011
Another late-night run  6/30/2011 
picking up the pace...but should i?  6/28/2011
Long and hilly with SYTO 5K tossed in  6/26/2011
My first 'brick'... and the guy who ate it   6/23/2011
Chafing at 6 miles   6/23/2011
Speed issues on the long run  6/19/2011
Tempo Tuesday   6/14/2011
10K training run  6/12/2011
Beginning of 1/2 marathon training!  6/11/2011
Tough "long" run  5/7/2011  includes pictures of the Einstein hair and armpit vag
Fabulous maintenance run   4/28/2011  with a funny kid anecdote :)
Struggling tempo   4/25/2011
A little bit o' running...   4/22/2011 my return after the trip to France
10 miles:  4/3/2011
mommy goed running: 3/16/2011  my return after nearly 2 weeks off
hilly drag-ass: 2/27/2011  (unfortunately, no mention of the scary cows who moo-ed at me, threatening to stampede)
ill-fated speed workout turned progressive run:  2/24/2011  ... workout part in second half of post
long run:  2/21/ 2011
running update:  2/19/2011
speedwork (400's):  2/8/2011  (includes how much I love my physical therapist)
tempo run:  2/4/2011  (includes new 5K PR of 26:56)
hilly goodness:  1/31/2011
like a metronome: 1/28/2011
running recap:  1/26/2011


2012 Zazzle SF Bay to Breakers  5/20/2012
2012 Oakland Marathon Relay  3/25/2012
2012 Kaiser Permanente 5K  2/5/2012
Timed Mile    12/9/2011                                        7:01.42
RNR Las Vegas Half-Marathon 12/4/2011     2:03:25
Turkey Trot 5K      11/24/2011                           24:01
Long Beach Half-Marathon     10/9/2011     2:01:xx
Hood To Coast      8/25-26/2011
Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K   6/26/2011         (28:43 as part of hilly 8-miler)
Timed mile   6/16/2011                                        7:24.31
2011 Zazzle San Francisco Bay to Breakers  5/15/2011
Bay to Breakers, Hayes Street Hill
B2B quickie update
Oakland Marathon Relay  3/27/2011               49:59
Just Felt Like Running Virtual 5K  3/1/2011   26:12
Turkey Trot 5K  11/25/2010                              28:52


San Francisco Bay to Breakers 12K  5/15/2011
Reflections on past B2B races
B2B Race Plan   5/13/2011
Super Lame-o Expo   how the Zazzle folks and the B2B really fell down on the job  5/13/2011
Big Plans for Summer and Fall 2011
Long Beach Half  10/9/2011
Long Beach race plan 9/14/2011
Hood to Coast Relay  August 26-27, 2011
The Training Plan for Eugene 2012  

More to come!


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