10 November 2011

The chicken didn't work, but THIS did...

I've been in a funk for several days now.

If you are prone to 'funks' (or depression or PMS or stuff like this) then you know how crippling it can be. And if you are not prone to 'funks' and wonder why the heck we don't just choose to not be or talk ourselves out of it or stop making excuses, well, those of us who are prone have a few choice words for you...or perhaps just deep sighs...depending on where in the 'funk' cycle we might be.

Yesterday, I resorted to the chicken in attempt to toss this 'down' biz to the curb. It didn't work. However... my 12-year old watched the video over and over again, laughing like a hyena...it was kind of freaky... he could have gone into the garage and played with that dang neglected chicken toy in real life, but he preferred to watch the video. This made me sad, and I started fixating on the poor neglected chicken.

All day long things were off. Mean people driving... hey, if the freeway is ending and someone has their turn signal on trying to merge...you know what? LET THEM MERGE! Getting every red light while driving cross-town. Dropping almost everything I picked up. Burning food. Gah! It was so hard being me! I wanted to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head. Instead, as soon as the kids were fed, I passed the parenting baton off to my husband and went out to ride my bike in circles in the dark until I no longer felt like screaming at everyone and everything.

Forty-five minutes later, I felt remotely rational. And I decided what I needed to do to climb out of my rut.

And today after dropping off the kids, I did it. And it worked. I know, though, that the timing was key. I couldn't have done this two days ago.

My initial plan had another monster climb in it and an additional 2 miles, but I felt sufficiently 'cleansed' after this :)

I know that for me, sometimes I need to just let the crappy feelings ride for a bit before kicking the trash out of them. Other times, I can attack them right away. It is so hard to exercise that patience when I know they are needing to hang out a bit. I am so glad they are gone now :)

Do you ever feel 'down'? What are some of the ways you handle it?

Do you like running up hills? Down hills? Viewing the hills from a veranda with a nice glass of lemonade in your hand?


  1. I totally and completely understand what you mean. I went through a funk last weekend myself.

    I'm glad the exercise worked for you! (That's usually my go-to tactic, too.)

  2. I was just telling a friend that running is the only thing that's saving me from being in a rut or a funk. Whenever I feel it coming on I know I need to run...to just think and clear my mind and like you said...it just makes you feel cleansed! I am so glad you went out there. Hills are especially good when you are upset, at least for me. Have a great night.

  3. Irritated with my husband so I ran. Came back not wanting to commit a felony. Works every time!

  4. I am having a total down day today. Ugh. Running saves me. and hugs from my kids but sometimes I really just need the run.

  5. I feel down a lot ....lol well more than I'd care to admit, but I'm usually pretty good at getting myself out of it. One, I get high....just kidding :)

    seriously though, I think running is great when I'm ANGRY!

    Having a hot bath is BEST when I'm sad

    Curling up /w my man, or a good book or watching disney is great when I'm depressed

    and allowing myself to cry like I'm a 2 year old is best when I don't know what to do about what I'm feeling

    I also like to bake, eat or dance!

  6. Today was a better day (more productive than some other recent days), but I am definitely prone to "down" days (and downright pissed off at the world days). I've found my swings to be higher and lower than they were a few years ago and that seems to mostly be tied to my cycle (went off the pill when hubbie got the V and am much more hormonal now). Exercise sometimes helps - sometimes not. Sleep and food sometimes help - sometimes not (and I've definitely over-comforted with food in the past). I DO NOT like hills, but I know they are a necessary evil. But given the choices, a nice hard lemonade on the porch sounds awesome! (((HUGS))) to you to continue to feel better.

  7. I definitely get my down spells, but far less than I did before I started biking and running. Sometimes I have to give myself permission to just wallow for another couple of days.

    Running or riding hard DEFINITELY help, I start off in tears, and before I know it I'm thinking just about how much the running sucks and not about what's upsetting me (which often is nothing but I'm still feeling rotten).

    Running up hills...yes, once I'm at the top. Running down hills...eh, if they aren't too steep or too long. Lemonade on the veranda with a good book...check.

  8. I usually have a couple major melt downs a year and they usually come to a head with a huge emotional outburst late at night in bed with my sweet husband listening to my "I'm not good enoughs and the I should do so much more....." as the tears flood the bed. For my normal down times I do find the fresh air to help. I just have to go out on my own and clear my mind. I usually get on the bike and ride 5 miles or run 3 miles. You are blowing me away with these huge climbs. You are amazing!

  9. Just wait till you hit menopause... 'nuff said. :(

  10. I know about funk....I dont like it..the worst part if knowing you are in one and not being able to snap out of it.
    it drives me nuts.

    to get out...exercice helps...not always...but most of the time it does.
    Hills...I am a wuss...I dont like them...going up...now going down I do if it is not too steep!

  11. I get that "funk". In fact, perimenopause had me hitting it several days at a time every couple of weeks. Not fun.

    Exercise is my antidote. If I'm not running enough, I can't seem to pull out. And every once in a while, I need to do a "balls to the wall" run or race to reset my inner happy button.

    Glad you are feeling better now.

  12. XL's got her groove back! Glad you are feeling better!

  13. Glad you are feeling better :). Funny you should bring this up. My son had a horrible day yesterday....complete with calls from teacher. After he got home and we talked, I sent him out to run a couple miles. He didn't want to, but he sure felt better when he got home......I tell you, running is the key to mental health!

  14. I hear you 100%. Running has saved me from all sorts of mental issues - namely anxiety and depression. I am my most balanced, clear headed, happy and patient self when sweating it out regularly. Running is my favorite way to restore and "de-funkify" myself but I also love yoga and spinning too. Glad you're out of your funk! :)

  15. Does this mean the pity party is cancelled? Shit. Ive been baking gluten free breads all day and my bags are packed.

  16. You know what's funny? I used to despise running. Then when I embraced running, I hated hills. then I moved to California and I love hills. I run them to punish myself and to get all the bad out. When I conquer those hills, all is good in the world again. At least for a few minutes anyway.

  17. I can totally relate to every word of this. I finally got a run in last night... it definitely helped.

    I love hills. I hate and curse them when I'm running up them but I love having run them. : )

  18. Oh.....the funks I had during my injuries were crazy but luckily running lately has helped me with those times. GIRL.....holy elevation climb, you are my hero. I like flat, really flat.

  19. You know I have this problem. For me one of the things I like to do is go to the bookstore and plan to spend a couple of hours there just wandering around. I set a price limit and try to find something I like, even if it's just something that looks nice that I will never read. I also like to go and sit in the coffee shop with a cup of something bad for me and look at 10 or so magazines. Somehow this just chills me out. I wish I could do it more often.

    And when begain reading the questions at the end, my very first thought was "I like LOOKING at hills..." SO I pick that option.

  20. I fall in the prone to funks category. And like you said sometimes it just has to pass but most often running or a totally-push-myself workout does the trick.

    Isn't it such a feeling of relief when you decide what you need to do. It's all about the timing.

    Hills? Until this year I avoided them. Still don't like them uphill or downhill but I'm getting better at running them.


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