21 November 2011

That was NOT easy! Winners announced.

It was so fun reading the entries for my Rewarding the Faithful contest and giveaway! Thanks to all of you who played along and are looking to make life a little easier ... or at least get a good laugh when it's not.

I wish I were a millionaire and could get an Easy Button for everyone who played! Well, I guess I wouldn't have to be a millionaire...I'd just need an extra $239.60 + tax. And shipping. Okay, maybe I'd need to be almost a millionaire.


Announcing winners.

I have already explained why Emz is winning. So there's her.

The Grand Prize is going to SuperKate! And the Almost-Won-the-Whole-Thing Prize goes to MiddleAgedRunner! Ladies, tell me your Nuun flavor of choice... best to give me a few ideas because I don't have everything.

The Random Winner is Nelly! Whoa, Nelly! I have always wanted to use that expression. I'll bet you hate it. You need to go tell the world about your name woes over on this website. It's one of my new favorites :)

And I'm giving a button to Krystal.

And some Nuun to Sprout.

So all o' y'all, tell me where your goods are going...contact info in the 'Contact XL' tab up top.

And if you didn't win, thanks so much for playing!

You're all winners in my eyes :)

(did that make you want to de-follow me? remember, I watch Barney)


  1. Hurray!! I'll be emailing you soon!

  2. Crap! I mean, sigh. Wait till next time!

  3. congrats to the winners!

    Not sure why I hadn't been an official follower before...but I am NOW :)

  4. Sprout is stoked. Thirst = eliminated forever.


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