08 November 2011

I want roadies.

I know Oprah has roadies... but she's huge.

I was fine and not even thinking about roadies until my friend Sandra brought the topic up. It all started because of this post she wrote about The Bloggess...not to be confused with the blog hags...although I am sure The Bloggess has her fair share of blog hags or some version of that...but don't we all...or aren't we all sort of in a way?


The post sparked a conversation between the two of us (me and Sandra...not The Bloggess, who, even though I comment on her blog all the time along with five or six hundred other commenters, still hasn't noticed me...). So Sandra and I were giving each other pats on the back and compliments about what a great person, friend and blogger the other is... and then she said that I was a rockstar. This word gets thrown around a lot in the blog world...but what does it mean? And when I said I wasn't a rockstar, but if I could get the aforementioned megablogger to participate in Boobs I Follow Round 2..well, then...

And Sandra said, "Then you'd be a rockstar with roadies."

Examples of Roadies

This one's not too burly, but given his background he's probably helpful with the kids.

These burly roadies could really help me clean out my garage.

And these guys, with their prior roadie-ing experience, 
have the potential to provide limitless entertainment.

You seriously have to click the source links...you'll get some stories behind the roadies.

So I was whining about mentioned this lack of roadies to Kelley over in her Break Room later on that day, and guess what I found out? Kelley has roadies! 

Of course, Kelley is a Tweetstar (@KelleysBreakRm), so of course she has roadies. She probably also has Blog Hags.

So I've been thinking about this roadie thing... it would be so helpful to have some. Roadies work. They lift stuff and fetch stuff and move stuff around and run errands and do sound checks... They are way better than groupies, who are too wrapped up in adulation to get any work done. I think generally-speaking guys are more interested in having groupies, and housewives are more interested in having roadies.

So, yeah, I want roadies.

But since I am not as funny as Kelley or The Bloggess nor as rich and powerful as Oprah, I'll probably need to settle for carnies.

In an attempt to grow beyond 'carny status' and perhaps gather some groupies or roadies or, at the very least, blog hags, I am linking this post up with Lovelinks :) Come check out the awesome writers who've also linked up over there :)


  1. Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't know about blog hags or roadies or anything. I'm just happy I can get a blog post up once a week! :) Sorry I'm so lame.

  2. I don't get it either. What's with the roadies stuff? Now carnies, I can appreciate. They don't have to floss b/c they have no teeth.

  3. ...ahem...I'm pretty sure I was the one who started the whole "You're a rockstar" in the blogging world...and you can do way better than carnies. Actually I have an old boyfriend who looks like the first roadie in the picture. Maybe I can get him to carry your heavy shit, k?

  4. WTF? How come Kellie has roadies but I don't?


  5. I'm with most of these peeps here, I don't get it..

  6. Not really sure what roadies are for, but from reading your post here, yeah sure, I want roadies too! But is it too much to ask if I specifically want hot-looking, eight-pack bodied, 6 foot or over tall, roadies only? If they're useless, could always serve as eye candy? LOL

  7. I think my own personal paparazzi (or, heck, I'd settle for a single lonely paparazzo) would be fantastic. I'd ALWAYS have pictures for my blog and would no longer have to drag my iPhone around in a baggie in my bra for impromptu during-race shots. If you get big, hook me up. :)

  8. Many many years ago in another life when my band was popular for 15 minutes I had a guitar tech for a couple of tours. Overrated. He ended up taking home more money than me (a band essentially being a partnership where I got a 25% distribution after expenses which was always less than his salary).

    Anyway I don't know how many times I stepped on stage to start the set and my guitar would be out of tune. And if that isn't bad enough, his farts were smellier than all the rest of ours - COMBINED. And overall personality wise he was generally kind of a douche.

    That said I must admit that it was kind of cool that he would make an "x" with duct tape on stage so I knew where to stand - completely unnecessary but cool nonetheless. I think he did it because he thought he was supposed to. I also liked it when he would use his huge flashlight to guide me on and off stage, regardless of the amount of available ambient light.

    That's all I got.

  9. You are absolutely HILARIOUS, so I definitely disagree! This post made me laugh! I WISH I had roadies! I try to make my 2 sons my roadies but they have a REALLY hard time fetching stuff. They throw stuff around a lot, too. Little farts. I don't even think I can get carnies. I'd take a carnie ANY DAY, if it meant free help in my kitchen! So, yeah, it's just me, my husband and my sons most days. No roadies. Now, toadies...that's something different. My kids like to pick those up. Did I say toadies because it rhymed with roadies, even though toadies isn't a word? I'm so stupid. Stupid people don't have roadies. You totally deserve some. Love you long time!

  10. Roadies in the endurance world are people who ride road bikes.

  11. Oh I just loved this post! Now I want roadies too but since I tend to attract highly dysfunctional people I'm sure I'd end up with carnies and that well - it scares me. So I'll just do it all myself. (-:

  12. Dying!! Just make sure your roadies know ART and you're set. :) Also, I think groupies would be fun. Most of the time. I have groupies, 8 of them. Granted they will be a tad bit more fun in some situations when they are all self-sufficient and potty trained.

  13. If I ever do an Ultra Marathon, I'll need some roadies. But since I'm a guy, as you point out, I'll take a few groupies too. (I'll keep you in mind) (No need for a sarcastic response)

    I too read The Blogess ever since I read her post about the 3 foot chicken she bought that went viral.

  14. FYI: Carnies Smell like cabbage and have small hands. Didn't know if you knew that. ;^)

  15. Okay, so first, how did that guy get the same tattoo as me? And also, I want roadies. Either that, or I want to be a roadie. No, nix that. I want roadies.

  16. Too funny. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that men need groupies and women need roadies.

  17. From my parts, roadies are drinks on the road... beers in a red plastic cup while you drive to the next drinking location. I always want those. Your version seems pretty awesome too though!


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