14 November 2011

Rewarding the Faithful...

One year ago, I wrote a post.

One person commented.


The Great Lady of the Treadmill was my first introduction to "fitness" blogging. I didn't know there were genres back then. She was one of my first followers...I have NO idea how she found me. The post was simply that I was super excited about closing in on 1000 pageviews. Woo hoo, right? :P

Fast-forward to today, I have held onto 500+ followers for a little over a week. Surprisingly. I'll be the first to admit I have a weird blog. One day it's pictures of my kids at the zoo watching the otters at feeding time, another day it's about running up some insane hill, and then there was the day we played the boobs-to-bloggers matching game. So, yeah... it's weird. But that's me :D

The parenting/mommy bloggers get bored by my running posts, and the runners get bored by my parenting/mommy posts, and the boob fiends...well, they quickly realize that the boobs featured on my blog are fully covered (except the scary boob-scarves) and go on their merry way.

Back the the 'reward' part of this post...the point of it...

I mentioned a few weeks ago that when I hit 500 followers, I would have a super weird cool giveaway. (note: the word order is important...not a super cool weird giveaway). I've decided that Emz gets a prize for being around and regularly commenting (even though she has not been lately... a-hem...but ummmm... living in the glass house, I don't get to throw stones) for pretty much the whole time I've been at this.

Everyone else who is interested can enter to win the prize.

What is the prize?

It's a mood-lifter, an ego-stroker, a reassurance-giver...

Who wouldn't want one of these?

I have one. It's at the top of my stairs. I wanted to bring it to Long Beach and whack it after every mile of that half-marathon...but I thought "nah...that'd be really obnoxious." Then I found out the Dead Jocks Van 2 had one at the Hood to Coast Relay...so definitely obnoxious but also cool :)

The buttondude's semihuman/robotic voice puts me at ease every time I whack the button. The most stressful and difficult of situations suddenly becomes, if not easy, at least relaxed. There is something about being calmly informed,

That was easy

that makes those words feel true.

So Emz gets an Easy Button. She can put it on her treadmill, and when she hits 20 miles, she can give that sucker a whack.


The rest of you awesome people will be competing to win your very own Easy Button, as well as a brand-new Nuun water bottle, a tube of Nuun (you can pick the flavor from my selection), a $25 Foot Locker gift card, and a $10 iTunes gift card (not pictured).

This part will not be a random drawing. The contest winner will be chosen subjectively by me based on responses to the following question:

Where would you likely be using your Easy Button?

That's the contest part.

Here's the giveaway part...

  • If you don't want to get creative and all you're interested in is 'easy'...simply leave a comment saying "That was easy" to let me know you're interested in winning just an Easy Button. 
  • These lazy easy people will be pooled with those who didn't win the contest, and one person from this pool will be chosen at random to win an Easy Button. There might be some extra goodies thrown in, too :)

Are we understanding this? There are two things ... a contest and a giveaway...you can enter one or both. Got it?

You needn't be a follower to enter either the contest or the giveaway.

Contest ends and entries for giveaway close Friday, November 18, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Good luck to all!!!! And thanks for following :)

Disclaimer: the Nuun was a gift from those awesome people :) and the rest of the prizes are provided by me as a way of thanking all of you! And if you really want 'easy,' you can go buy yourself an Easy Button right now at Staples for $5.99+ tax.


  1. I want the EASY button so when Team Cholla Chicks are running the DEL SOL RAGNAR ULTRA we can push the EASY button after each leg(s) we do!

    I know I totally took the idea you threw out there... you might as well just put me in the "easy" pile ;-)

  2. Wait wait wait. Was that one of the Nuun bottles I gave you to give to your kids?!?!!

    (By the way, I have some more if they want them -- but I better not find out you're giving them away.)

    I'll take banana nuun. Okaythanksbye.

  3. ok, so I totally just went into the kitchen and pushed my easy button. Yes I have one. That you are GIVING ONE AWAY just makes me love you a little more. :)

    how would I use it? I think strapping it to myself some kind of way for my next marathon would be obnoxiously hilarious. maybe on my hat? I totally think I could work that out, and then I'd get to smack myself in the forehead once a mile for 26+....

  4. How could I NOT enter...I'm as LAZY (read EASY) as they come. Or is that the other way around? Anyway, I want in.

  5. I would use the EASY button while taking the CPA exam. I sit for the first section in January and I am really stressing out about it.
    I would also use it whenever I am running because I have been battling different injuries for a few months now. First, my horrible shin splits came back, then I rolled my ankle while in the park with my dog, then the other night while I was half asleep I kicked the bricks of the fireplace with my barefoot. (Yes, I am a klutz). I would like a few months without an injury so I can run my first half like I want to in March.

  6. I

    Day. Freaking. Made.

    I'll stick it on my tm then take it to Vegas & stick it on my bum. Need to remind the pita after our Elvis wedding that... Easy errr worth it.

  7. I'd keep it in my car so I could push it after I got through running up crazy assed hills with you ! That is, once I sat down. :)

  8. I want the easy button so that I can strap it to my spin bike and hit it every time the instructor says "here comes a 10 minute climb."

  9. Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary :)!!

  10. I would put the EASY button on the shelf by my back door. It is the door I go in and out of for my runs. I would go on my run, come back and hit the button - it would remind me that I put all the hard work in already and now it was time to refuel and take it EASY to recover.

  11. So.....would it be bad to stick an easy button on the headboard?
    (what? goody two shoes did not just say that....)

    For now, I'd stick it in Aaron's backpack to get him through this quarter and next. Then come next May, I would take it to the best place ever. I can't say it out loud, but can you imagine the looks on the faces in the room after THAT and I reach over and smack the easy button? hahahaha That would be talked about amongst the staff for at least a week. maybe longer. :P

  12. Maybe I love your blog so much (and am a follower) because I'm aspiring to be as awesome of a mom and a runner as you. I never get tired of either set of stories. And your quirky humor goes a long way too.

    I would put the Easy button on my nightstand so that each day I would get out of bed and go "That was easy" - and now on to the hard part (the rest of the day). I've had plenty of times in my life where I just didn't want to get out of bed and face what the world was throwing at me. Sometimes I need to remember that the first step is never as hard as I envision it to be. Each morning I have the chance to start fresh and I need to shake off the weariness of the day (and night) before. I just need a little courage and to remember that getting out of bed is the "easy" part.

    I've never had any Nuun so I would rely on you to send me whichever flavor you think I'd like best. :) I have no long sleeved running shirts so I'd probably see if FL had any with that gc. No idea how to use iTunes, but I have kids/nieces and nephews that could figure it out.

  13. That was easy.

    (I'll be back. Creatively. I fee inspiration coming one. You have been warned.)

  14. I would stick the easy button on my own self. My Huz would walk by, smack it and say "heh heh" "that's what she said" or some other mature thing. Clearly, I am very mature to think of such a thing!

  15. I'd put the EASY button on my nightstand, and every time I "convinced" my husband to have sex I'd hit it (the button).

    And I don't really care for Nuun (gasp), at least the kinds I've had, so WHEN I win (that was easy...I hope) you can give my Nuun to someone else. :)

  16. Part 1.
    I would totally take the button to work. My office roomie is leaving the office, the floor, the company, the building, the city, and the province. Pretty well all at the same time. So it doesn't matter if I annoy her. (I am merely a speck in her plans for world domination.)

    By having the button in my office, and using it regularly, I stand a better than even chance of not getting another roomie. Word will get around. "That jerk Keith hits that stupid 'that was easy' button every time he answers an email." If you knew how often one particular team member (not the one going away at the end of the month) sends out email, you wouldn't consider this lightly.

    Bear in mind that I love email. I like getting it. I like responding. I'd rather do email than talk to people, if there is the remotest chance of needing to document the conversation. (Unless of course, she is really pretty.) But this guy forced me to turn off my email notifications. All of them. In fact, sometimes I even turn off my email entirely, just so I can get some work done. I have been tempted to write an Outlook rule to do something creative, like an auto respond to him, saying "Thank you for sending me this carefully crafted and thoughtful email. I will consider it fully, taking into account the current state of our work process, my various deliverables and priorities, all the other items you have sent me today, yesterday, and the day before, to say nothing of what I expect to arrive later today and tomorrow, and in the fullness of time when all the relevant data are known and evaluated in line with the established metrics and procedures laid down and approved by the established authorities, I will consider the various elements that would be required for a response consonant with the gravity of the email you sent."

    So if I left my email on, you can see where this would rapidly become a tool of office aggression, in a passive sort of way. Which is the best form of aggression in an office, because anything too aggressive tends to attract undue attention, and may be a career limiting move.

    But then, one must consider I don't have a career there. My current contract expires at the end of 2011. While there have been rumours of renewal, I believe nothing till I see it on paper. Or in an email, subject to the considerations of the previous paragraph.

    So really, as far as I'm concerned, there is no downside. I might even leave video running, or at least the iPad running in record mode, to capture the various forms of verbal feedback. As as side note, nobody would attempt physical feedback, since I'm bigger than everybody else on the floor. And our team admin sits far enough away that it wouldn't annoy her personally, and God knows, I wouldn't want to annoy HER. I'll mess with a manager's mind all day and twice as much on casual Fridays, but never an admin. They know too much, and are too useful.

    In fact, "don't mess with your team's admin person" is a rule right up there with, "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Now, where was I? No, not Australia.

    So, clearly, I should get the Button, given that I'm the one most likely to put the resulting "feedback" up on my own blog. Of course, I would come here and leave a comment for you, so you'd know to visit. I like to share hilarity.

    Stupid Blogger and character count limits!! See part 2.

  17. Part 2.
    But wait! There's more! My office roomie knows everything there is to know about music, and I know nothing about music. I still think of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as new and dangerous music. It would make her week, perhaps even her month, were I to tell her that I had $10 to spend on iTunes, and I would trust her selection of music she thought was good. She'd probably be orgasmic if she actually saw me consummate the purchase. (And here you thought nobody could use the words orgasmic and consummate in the same sentence in a non-sexual context. Shame on you all with your dirty minds!) How can you deny me the opportunity to share so much happiness?

    But wait! There's still more! I am out of Nuun, and my rides in the basement are building in duration and intensity. Fairly soon I will be at the point I'll be looking to add Nuun to my water. Did I mention I was out? (I'm a big fan of Tri-Berry.)

    But wait some more! A Foot Locker gift card! Imagine that! I have never in my life been in a Foot Locker. Ever. I know for some of you, this seems hard to believe, but it's true. I am a Foot Locker virgin. Now, I just did some looking, and there is a Foot Locker store in the big mall nearest me. See how simply you can relieve me of my virginity? I can promise to document the experience and put it up on my blog.

    So, given all that, how can you possibly even consider someone else? I confidently await your reply.

    PS, I am the only person who finished responding to a comment, and put off watching your bra video for a few moments. Dedicated to my art, that's me.

    In spite of artificial limitations on the medium by Blogger. Who would even think of such a thing? The difficulties I have to put up with. Sheesh...

  18. That was easy.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  19. I could SOOO use an easy button for crazy morning mayhem. Trying to get the kids ready for school, get them to school on time with matching socks, shoes, teeth brushed, hair brushed, NO TANTRUMS, snacks packed, lunches made(sometimes), Tuesday folders in backpack, library books on library day, homework log signed...see? I need an easy button.
    P.S. I love that your blog is a little of this and a little of that. It makes it interesting because like Forrest Gump said, "You never know what you're going to get". :)

  20. I would use the easy button to conjure the strength needed to endure reading about another Nuun giveaway.

  21. I'd take the EASY button to work. It would be a welcome addition to the other wacky things at my desk (such as my "Mr. T. in your pocket" keychain complete with six of his famous lines). And one of my co-workers has a Darth Vader Helmet that emits sound effects. The button would fit right in at my workplace!

  22. Well I would take the easy button to the hospital with me when I have this little guy early next year. Obviously, my labor will be super duper easy and last all of 5 minutes... At which time I will cuddle with my cute little boy and whack that easy button!

  23. I would love to use the easy button for some thing to make my life easy, like push it and gobs of money appears, allowing to me to retire and do what ever I want to do, need money, just click the button. At least I am honest

  24. I'd love to win the easy button - but my creativity is infrequent, so I'm just going to leave the basics of a comment. I love your blog and how you reach out to so many other bloggers.

  25. I would put the Easy button on my desk at work, and every time someone asks me something that they can easily answer via a Google search, I will do the Google search, tell them the answer,and then push the Easy button. OK so maybe my boss wouldn't like that but in my head I would be pushing the Easy button.

  26. LOVE those easy button things! My dental hygeniest has one, which my kids love to punch. Hmm...kids...that's the thing. I think no matter where i would put it, i can totally see my kids trying to take off with it! I think I'll stick it to the dishwasher. Hate washing dishes, love having a dishwasher. But then I'm so spoiled and ungrateful that i spend my time dreading UNLOADING the dishwasher...really how hard is that!? Yup, that's where it's going -- and it's an easy (get it?) place for the kids to play with it too! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  27. that was easy! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  28. That easy button is definitely needed for my 5am bootcamp classes. I've never tried Nuun so whatever flavor you like best I'm sure would be great. I really enjoy your blog!

  29. I want an easy button. I'd use it every time one of my kids throws a fit, and trust me, with my mix of kids, there can be some REAL doosies! Or to clean my always messy house. Kind of boring right? It's not like I'd use it to get fit (hey THERE'S and idea!) or anything like that. Just to stop the fits from happening, honestly they are THE. WORST. PART. OF. THE. DAY. I don't even know what nuun is. Is that sad? I did read your post about the sports bra, and I gotta say, if I was a runner (which I so am not) I'd want one of those. hell, if I worked out in any way that really required boob movement I'd want one, which I don't. Now I'm hungry so I'm going to go get something to eat. I'm thinking Bugles and Cottage Cheese.

  30. Bedtime! With a 3.5 year old and twin 18 month olds, bedtime around here is atrocious! I really need an easy button for that!

  31. I would love to win anything I could, I'm unemployed and feeling a bit disheartened like I'll never find work. So winning something would make my day!

  32. I like this...done in pure XLMIC style! So--I want an easy button to push and get me back into fighting shape after 10 effing months of no running!

  33. That was easy! I want to win it all! Thanks for blogging! And, i'm one of those "weird" followers that loves it all :) Keep on bloggin' Cheers!

  34. I'm confused. I'll take anything except that Nuun stuff. But, I don't really want an Easy button. Can I get a Starbucks card?

  35. I totally need the EASY button right now!!!

  36. I'd use the easy button with the upcoming holidays... Gotta love family that's just as nuts as I am...

    I love your blog- its always a must read!

  37. That was easy!

    That is hilarious that you have an easy button at your house, haha I would probably put it at my house by my desk. Shoutout to Patty T above who is studying for the CPA exam, that exam sucks to study for! It took me taking each part twice in order to pass it.

    And Portland is indeed awesome, I didn't see the water fountain across the city block you were talking about, I wish it was still around!

  38. I would use the easy button to have someone clean the house and rack the leaves so I could workout (or go to happy hour).

  39. OK, if I could attach a picture to this comment I would. I have a freaking easy button in my office. My smart a$$ coworkers gave it to me when I promoted to management, lol. It get all kinds of action up in here.

    For instance, when I see someone heading toward my office that I do not want to speak to, I pick up my phone as if I just got a call. As they walk away as to not interrupt me I hit the easy button. HA! I am totally admitting that. I know I am not the only one who fakes phone calls to avoid people, LOL! Or am I? If not this comment never happened...

  40. OK-So on Friday night I'm going out with some friends to party like there's no tomorrow BUT on Saturday morning I need to drive with my parents to my aunt's house to celebrate her 65th birthday-2 hours away! Ohhhh how I already know I need an EASY button to get me through that car ride!

  41. Ok, for the contest:

    I will use it on Saturday, August 25, 2012 near Seaside Oregon. I will be running hood to coast for the 15th time. I will be running leg 11.

    Four years ago I ran that set of legs. The third leg of the set, when you are already running on fumes, is the longest of the 36 legs in this crazy relay. In 2008, I was mentally and physically exhausted when I took off, hoping to hold a pace that would not embarrass me or hurt the team. Then, lo and behold, a camera crew for the documentary pulls in front of me and starts shooting.

    So, for four years, I've been able to look at myself in one of my most trying running moments. This year, I'm returning to the scene of the crime. And when I finish, I'm gonna need that Easy Button.

  42. I would like to use the Easy Button on my 2.5yr olds recovery from having her tonsils and adenoids removed! It's been 3 days now and it gets worse now before it gets better. I am having a major detour week from my first full marathon training...and feeling sorry for myself about it...but then feeling guilty because of course my daughter comes first. So I'd like to use my Easy button to make her feel back to normal so that I can resume my training! I'm supposed to run 18-20 miles tomorrow...not gonna happen :(

  43. How can I compete with Keith?

    You know how they say the hardest part of doing morning runs/workouts is getting out the door and down the driveway?

    I'd put my button at the end of the driveway so I could condition myself in thinking that getting started is actually EASY.

  44. I would take the EASY button to Crossfit with me and hit it after doing 50 unassisted pull-ups, 200 double unders, more box jumps than I can count, or enough burpees to make you puke {and rally}

  45. I'd use my EASY button to make my blog half as interesting and successful as yours. Then I'd take it to my doctor and have him use it while telling me to start hitting the road and building miles again. Then I'd take it to the pool, swim 2000 meters like it was nothing and say "that was easy!"

  46. Taking a fake Christmas tree out of the box and spreading the branches to make it look real...hate this!

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