14 December 2012

I'm polishing the trophy...

Winner's name to be inscribed in ballpoint pen 
on masking tape on the bottom...
for time immemorial!

The prizes are ready...

Winner gets to choose first.
Loser gets the reject.
That, of course, presumes there are multiple runners.

On-course hydration sponsorship has been secured...

The small bottles...
they're easier to hold while running and even fit into a hydration belt.

As has on-course fueling...

So much better than GU.

There will be pre- and post-race refreshments...while supplies last...

I'm even working on race shirt possibilities...



It's tomorrow.

Not local?

Enter virtually and run through Sunday. Send me a race report to link and be eligible for prizes! Oooooo...prizes!!!!!

Reports have already started coming in!


  1. Have a blast! I'll be running mine on Sunday :) Repping the New Englanders!

  2. What are the rules again? I got a run scheduled Sunday I'll run this thing. I want those Little Debbie donuts.

  3. Running mine tomorrow. To truly be hell, I will be running our treadmill's 10k "fun run" twice to get my long run in for the weekend. There's nothing fun about it- last time I tried it, i quit after a mile because it's got such awful inclines! Wish me luck!

  4. Woohoo! Looking forward to it, and to FINALLY meeting you!

  5. I am doing it virtually (and only 5+K or so) and it will be hell...first off because it is not going to break 38 here tomorrow and possibly snowing, and secondly because I have not run in months...I am sure my laughing will come as I realize how crazy I was to agree to do this...LOL. It was supposed to motivate me to get out and train and instead, I am going to be doing it cold...figuratively and literally...haha...but maybe it will be the spark I need from here out! I will post a recap as soon as I can feel my fingers.

  6. My race report is up! The treadmill won. I am not worthy.

  7. Oh I have time to enter!! I'm actually running an Ugly Sweater 5k so can we double dip?! :)

  8. It was pouring rain here this morning... so we had to postpone our group run to Sunday.

  9. Is there race-day registration, depending on how a runner handles jet lag???

  10. Email sent with recap link...hope you enjoy the read!

  11. I'm putting my recap here: Toys for Tots Reindeer Run 5k (Austin) Showed up to find a smaller that usual crowd (apparently a huge 5k the night before, whoo hoo this will give me the advantage I greedily think. Then NAtasha my friend is a kicka$$ pro triathalete shows up , dang. She claims she's out of shape, HA, this is hard to believe. Race starts, we take off together chatting . . . . about 1/2 through I decide I'm throwing it all down and take off. Ugh, tough to make my move so early, worried that she is catching up in last half mile (sneaking backward glances), give it my final I-might-puke effort and take the Overall Female Win by 7 seconds -- take that you 30 year old professional athlete. Plus, I ran is a Mrs. Claus costume, she showed up in her pro gear -- who's cooler? ME I think. GIVE ME MY POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS!

    1. You are WAY cooler...in fact, probably the coolest EVER. You get donuts. And if you went under 19, you get a bonus. Email me your prize mailing address: xlmic.tio(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. 9 miles on the somewhat plowed snowed over trail ( evil laugh included). Thanks for making this virtual too! The weather on friday was wonderful for a Minnesota winter too!

  13. We had another great JBH in Peoria, IL!

  14. I ran. I turned my ankle and fell on my arm hard enough to get a big bullseye bruise. I did go about 5K. It was hell in that I was really huffing and puffing to keep up with Lukas and was in a fair bit of a pain the last 0.5 mile or so. It wasn't hell in that I was running with him (and got to hang out with Superkate for a bit afterwards). But I didn't take a single pic and though I thought about JBH, I didn't really make it anything official. I'd consider it a weak entry at best.


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