09 December 2012

Getting properly decked out...

This weekend kicked off by kicking me squarely in the head about as hard as a mule who's been doing his plyometrics consistently. That means I had the mother of all headaches...or one of the mothers of all headaches because I seem to get this same b*tch with some regularity. I decided today, as it was finally lifting (after having me literally at its mercy for 50 hours), that I am good with that experience and really do not ever need to have it again. *Sigh* I wish it were that simple.

After spending all of Saturday in bed with the covers over my head because the ambient light in my dark bedroom was more than I could handle...and missing my daughter's favorite concert of the year at the Dickens Christmas Fairby lunchtime today I was finally feeling 'normal' enough to stand upright without holding onto anything, take a shower and put on real clothes. And I was itching to get outside.

Conveniently, the kids were climbing the walls. It is so awesome when their "needs"...even if they don't realize it  ;-)... and my itch dovetail so nicely!

Time for a family bike ride!

Sounds fun, doesn't it?


Well, it was...after the major attitude adjustment session that occurred less than a quarter of a mile into the experience. What could anyone possibly complain about? Seriously? It is almost mid-December and it is warm enough to ride a bike along the SF Bay in short-sleeves and shorts! There was almost no wind. It's flat. We were only going slowly for 30 minutes. Seriously...what is there to complain about?

I still haven't figured out what exactly the major hissy fit was about. But it was major. The fact that I didn't blow a gasket over the pettiness is a sure sign that my headache was gone. So I was focusing on being thankful for that :)

Post-attitude adjustment...
almost having fun at this point :)

Fortunately, we were properly decked out for the activity...

Crocs with Buzz Lightyear jibbit.

Cut-off jeans shorts...
comfy...or not so much :P

We made it to the turn-around and back home without incident...miraculously. And once home, we proceeded to engage in some truly seasonal decking... this somehow involved NO fighting and NO broken ornaments...a familial first, if I'm not mistaken.

Overhead view of our Christmas tree...
Miss C is in pink at the 12 o'clock position.

Things are kind of thick on the bottom...but that's understandable when the decorators are all under 4 and a half feet tall and the tree is over 10! 

We hope to get the star on top working 
but have yet to find the end of that last string of lights
into which we must plug it!

Next up...slathering the outside of the house with as many strings of lights as we can scrape together!

How's your weather lately?
–We had some heavy rain (remember CIM?), but lately it's been glorious.

Do you like Christmas decorations? On your own house? Or on the homes of others?
–I like decorating but don't do it so heavily that our energy bill skyrockets. I like seeing other outrageous light displays...but am glad none of them are across the street from us!


  1. OMG so crazy to see pictures of shorts and crocs in mid-December!! Our weather has been totally weird too (in Chicago). Yesterday morning I was running and some cold rain started (lovely) and major geek that I am I spent have my run worrying about global warming! I know, super nerd. But it is NOT NORMAL to have RAIN in December in Chicago! (Although one plus is I have only had to scrape ice off my car twice...)

  2. Ah the family bike ride! We've never managed one, but my poor parents had a heck of a time getting me and my brothers to go. Most of our tree decorating features at least one fight. :(

    My husband is very into his Christmas decorations, inside and out. I think he might be Clark Griswold's younger brother or something. ;-)

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I'm slowly on the mend. Lovely tree. My decorators are getting taller and now we had the trouble that they both wanted to put nothing at the bottom. LOL

  4. Ugh, so sorry about your reoccurring migraines. Hope you find out what's causing them soon and weed them out of your head forever! The bike ride sounds great though and I'm glad you didn't have to commit a murder somewhere along that ride! :)

    I hate decorating the tree and crap because it's just so time consuming, but I do love how it looks. Can I just hire someone to do it for me? Ah, bahahahha...maybe in another life.

    Your tree is gorgeous!


  5. Headaches are awful, I totally feel you there. I get one monthly like clockwork and it knocks me out. So atrocious.

    It was 75 here todayl....75!! So weird but I loved it.

    We were just normal Christmas fans until we had kids and now we go to the extreme. My husband turned into Clark Griswold the first year our kids were old enough to "get it" and we now have the lights and huge lawn ornaments. We get a huge tree every year and we watch Christmas Vacation 100 times. I LOVE it! So yeah I say we like Christmas decorations, ha ha.

  6. It was 80's over the weekend and 50's tonight. Weird!

  7. Wow! Where do those killer headaches come from and is there anything you can do, but suffer through them?

    It has been perfect winter temps here, frosty at night/morning and then sunshiny in high 40s/low 50s by afternoon. Was able to get some yardwork knocked out before the shade took over and temps started to drop again. We are expecting rain for a couple of days but then back to the crisp and clear!! I would like to get a bit of snow...it would be fun and I am within walking distance of anything I might need so no need to drive and risk some crazy person running into it....LOL.

    I like holiday decorations, and I too, like to look at decked out houses but have no desire to do it myself or to be living near one that does. I have a couple of houses on the street that are little over the top, but fortunately they are all nice and turn off their lights around 9:30pm.

    I am gearing up for my Jingle Bell Hell this week sometime...

  8. You need to close those gaps on the pace line.

  9. Geez, that comment above me....the spammers are getting more clever.

    I love Christmas--I OD'd on it this weekend thanks to our annual cookie exchange party. And our tree is heavy on the lower-down ornaments too, though they get a little higher each year.

    I do hope that's your last headache like that of the season.

  10. love your tree
    I decorate inside but no lights outside...no snow, no light..that is the deal...
    i do like to look at other people crazy lights

    I do not love the migraines..I used to have them...nasty, nasty

    hope you are well

  11. Those headaches sound awful. Love the tree! I'm going to try to get my run in tomorrow, running before I teach spin, so I'm getting up extra early which is the hellish part for me. :)

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