20 December 2012

Things Thursday...

Where do I put these things? Oh, right...that's why I have a blog!

The cake eats the fruit. I eat the cake. 
By extension, I have also eaten the fruit.

I got some new shoes.
I've worn them once...at Jingle Bell Hell.
They were comfortable even if all that soup was not.
And no, the soup did NOT work.
For Christmas, I really want my body to work well.
I want to run freely in these (and other) shoes.
I have learned so many lessons over these past dozen years.
I really have. So many lessons.
I'm good with lessons now.
We can now resume our regular program of...
body working well.
Thank you.

I started getting stressed that I hadn't really done any Christmas shopping.
All I've done is what you see in those two white plastic bags.
Then I remembered the world might end on Friday.
I've decided to wait until Saturday to continue shopping...
if the whole Christmas thing is still on.

This is the house in our neighborhood that decorates.
There are some others that put a string or two of lights out.
A few others have those white lighted reindeer statues.
But these guys always have a huge hideous inflatable something.
Last year, it was a carousel.
This year, a waving Santa...
or maybe he's a fascist Santa.
I've bagged the idea of decorating outside our house until Saturday...
for the same reason I'm waiting on the Christmas shopping (see above).

I found this more disturbing than my husband waving at an inflated Santa Claus.
This is why some kids scream and cry when forced to visit Santa at the mall.
This is Scary Santa.
Don't pout.
Don't cry.
Here's why...

Dude is watching you.

Now back to important things...like what should I feed the cake next so that I can eat more cake?

What do you think of my new version of the food chain? How is the holiday season treating you? Do you also find that garage-trapped Santa creepy? Have you ever seen other creepy Christmas decorations?
–holiday season...holiday season...hmmmmm... O, right! That's why we have that pretty tree in the living room ;-) This was the first truly creepy Christmas decoration I've ever seen. It's not a picture...it's actually a stuffed, life-size Santa in there...I snuck up and peeked in. Sooooo creepy.


  1. Creepy Santa or not, I'm super envious of the Hokas.

    1. Got the Hokas at http://www.leftlanesports.com/Events.aspx for $75 including shipping. I kind of felt like I HAD to try them.

  2. The fascist Santa is hilarious. I sniggered.

    I don't at all think the world will end tomorrow but I'll be glad when the day is done...and if it DOES end, I'll deeply regret all the hassle I've gone to for Christmas 2012!

    1. I'm totally working the "minimum hassle" angle this year!

  3. world isn’t ending. for sure. it didn’t in other parts of the world. you best hit the mall! :) hope you are feeling better! love fascist santa. that is hilarious!

    1. I drove the kids around the block tonight when we got home. Poor fascist Santa was flat on his back. But Creepy Santa totally freaked them out. Thanks for your kind wishes :)

  4. I think the little elf that people are buying to watch their kids is really creepy looking. I like your new version of the food chain but it would not work for me or my weight loss goals...LOL. Cake is still cake...haha.

    The holiday season is going okay...no one has any money so we are all just trying to get by on what we can and not overdo it. I am missing someone very much and that always makes the holidays harder but it is what it is. Trying to focus on fitness and things that are actually in my control...LOL.

    Hope you feel better and have a great holiday season (because yes, I believe that the world will be continuing tomorrow...sorry).

  5. Yeah, good call on the Santa. You really don't read this in too many history books (and I myself didn't know about it until I found an English translation of a Finnish WWII history book while back-packing through Europe in 1989) but the Anti-Comintern Treaty was actually signed by Germany, Italy, Japan AND The North Pole.

    During the war, the North Pole didn't commit any troops to the conflict, but a lot more kids in the US and Great Britain got coal in their stockings even if they'd been good all year. Psy-Ops, really.

  6. Fascist Santa is hilarious. Garage peeping Santa is scary for sure. Have been in denial that Christmas is coming. Guess I'd better get it all figured out this weekend.


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