24 January 2013

Following the plan...

Here's a disjointed blog post, but I'm gonna do it. A grand experiment...the Don't Run, Run Faster Plan will be tested like never before!

I have not run since the first week of the month. I have, however, been using cardio machines and biking, doing strength work and stretching. I've walked up and down my favorite monster hill a few times to get some "impact" (albeit low) and real time on my feet.

And Race Day is 10 days away.

I might run this weekend. Depending on how that goes, I might run once or twice next week. But other than that, Hey there, Mr. Race! Be nice to me! I have no idea what to expect from you :)  That's not entirely true. It will be hard. My feet and ankles will be full of twinges, my calves will get super tight and sore, and my hip is bound to hurt. But...my lungs and heart can handle it! This I know.

I just wish had this super easy, free running ability...

She really is a natural.
And can you believe it's January?

Throwing now!
Maybe she's a budding heptathlete?

As we were on this family walk at the park we visited the other day, I was reminded of how good I have it. How good WE have it.

The kids and I passed by these benches and decided to sit there for our snack. Turns out they are memorial benches for local youth killed by violence. The kids were mesmerized. They started asking all sorts of questions...why did they die? how did they die? why would someone do that to them? how could someone kill someone's daddy? how could someone kill a baby?

I did my best to answer the questions with compassion and truth. Sometimes being a parent is really tough stuff. *sigh* But I've got it good. Better than most. I have to always remember that.

Then they ran off and played...

And the sun went down...

 And everything was beautiful...


  1. I have the hardest time explaining violence and death to my 5 year old, especially when it relates to other children. I want so hard for him to believe that everyone in the world is good and kind, to keep him protected and innocent, just for a little longer. But he's so inquisitive, I can't lie to him when he asks about the tough things. Being a parent is hard. But I too have it so much better than most.

  2. I have faith that your running not running plan will be fantastic. What could possibly go wrong.

    Kids are resilient, man, and the things they are able to take in and live with is amazing. I wish I had that kind of capacity.

  3. Don't run, run faster. I believe in your plan. I believe in YOU.

    Yes, trying to explain terrible things that we don't even understand is HARD. Especially when you'd (I'd) really prefer to wrap them in a soft blanket and lock them in a vault to keep them safe.

  4. I think I am doing the virtual Jelly Bean thing on Jess' site...but I am not sure if I will do through all the sign up stuff or not, or if I will just do it "unofficially" to motivate myself. We'll see. Looks like it was a gorgeous day, and you will do great on the run!!

  5. Beautiful photos! We're having warm weather here too--it's getting a little weird, but it sure makes running easier.

    I can't wait to see how the "no run" plan works out!

  6. OK it's official, I'm moving to your town. It looks warm and beutiful (yeah, I'm a jealous pouty New Englander!!)
    Wow, those benches don't exactly inspire warm and fuzzy conversation, do they? Lots of hard reality on a park bench, tough stuff....

  7. It's tough to be a parent so much of the time *sigh*. You are such a great mom!!

    What race are you doing next weekend? I have no doubt you'll do just fine...and in the process, have a great time. That's what you do! :)


  8. Must be hard to answer questions like that as a parent. Your kids sound like they are already on the path to being compassionate people, the fact that they were asking things how they did shows me that('how could someone kill someone's daddy?').

  9. Golly, the difficult questions. We can only do our best and to see them as teaching opportunities. But mine's only three - the difficult questions are to come.

    Yeah what's the race?? You'll rock it! I'm doing a 10k in the UK...can't wait! Medal please!!

  10. gorgeous!! i can't imagine having to explain that stuff to kids-i like your approach.


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