16 January 2013

Time for a little patience...


High school apps are in the mail. Our work is done. Time to wait.

The awesome thing is I get to model patience for my son. He must be patient as he awaits decisions; I must be patient as I coax and guide my body back to health.

After a few stutter-starts to my training plan, I think I'm finally starting for real. The plan is unconventional, as is my wont, but I think it will be effective for my purposes.

I was going over my training logs from a long, long time ago and was struck by how much cross-training I did and also by how frequently I did strength work. This was true both of my rowing logs and my old running logs. Stronger, faster, almost never injured...and of course, younger, but I'm thinking there is a reason why we keep hearing these words, "Want to prevent injury? Cross-train and strength-train and get some good body work done on a regular basis!" and "Oh, bummer you're injured? What have you been doing for cross-training and how often do you incorporate strength work into your routine? When was the last time you had a massage?" Many of us would truthfully have to say, "None and never and what's that?"

I'm going old school. Which is also smart school.

About two weeks ago, I started seeing a new bodywork guy who is awesome. Yesterday, I returned to my trainer to recommence strength-training after a 6-week hiatus. Yesterday, I also returned here...

You've seen it before...
blah blah blah...big hill...blah blah blah...

Sunny day made for awesome, leggy shadows...
I really am not picking my butt. And I do have clothes on...
even though I look like a pot-bellied naked person...
with a headphone cord.

I saw some spectacular sights...
See the hawk about to take flight from the top of the street light?

Whoa, whoa! Before you raise your eyebrow too high and wonder, "Isn't that a bit overambitious if you're taking it slow?" I didn't go long or hard for any of this. It was all chill and a beginning. And it felt really calm and really good.

My plan calls for running a maximum of three days a week, cross-training a minimum of three days a week, a little bit of strength work every single day, and bodywork (massage/chiro/ART) once or twice a week. All of this will ebb and flow...except the running part. MAXIMUM three days a week. For my body, I know this is where it is happiest. At least at this juncture in my athletic life.

As I sit here 2+ weeks out from my first race of the year...a sweet little 5K...I am excited to see where I can take it at the moment it is occurring. I am eager to see what a little patience can bring.

How is everyone else doing? Is training going well? Have you raced yet this year? What's coming up?


  1. My training has been slow post-CIM, partly because I've been sick three times since then (two colds/flu things and one stomach virus). Yesterday I had a run where I finally felt good again, then it was back to mediocre today. Like you, I am trying to be patient! It pays off.

  2. Sounds like a Solid plan. Now it's just execution (I hate when people say that, like it's easy). :-)

  3. Thanks for re-posting this blog; I have been working with WordPress for awhile now and always seem to need a little extra help with customization.

  4. I have been baaad about running. This thing called skiing is getting in the way....... (but it's a very fun thing!)

  5. Yeah, what Prescription Designer Glasses said, but with "is" spellt korectly.

    I'm going through a rough patch. This no wheat thing is awesome, but fueling sources have changed and I'm not getting it right yet.

  6. excited to see where all of this takes you! 2 races/runs in-not going so well. MRI today to make sure my hip is okay. then probably back to PT. the story of my life.

  7. Sounds like a really solid plan with advice we could all use. I know I'd be in much better shape if I followed a plan like this. Consistency is key even if the distances and speeds are less.

  8. As I get ever older, I am convinced that I need more strength training. Doing a little Crossfit now, in fact, to see if I can build some muscle. Hope you are back to 100% soon!

  9. Sounds like a great plan! I think cross-training is SO important. It's also really easy to get wrapped up in a running-only mentality. I've been stretching and rolling like crazy recently, as prescribed by the PT, as well as doing leg strengthening and balance exercises 3-4x/week. I'd like to go to ART weekly, but can't really afford it right now. Anyway, best of luck with everything -- including the high school applications!


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