01 January 2013

We're getting down and dirty this year.

So... bring it, 2013. 

I am ready.

Today began my training for the Oakland Running Festival half-marathon. I think announced some day several days ago as the beginning, but that turned out to be a lie. And this was my first run since Jingle Bell Hell three weeks ago, so yeah...start of the training cycle. 

Who knows if I'll make it to race day, but I'm operating as if. The power of positive thinking :)

This morning I was lolling about in bed, thinking about running but being completely non-committal about when... which was not really working for my husband. He's smart. He knew that my non-committal-ness was not a good sign. And he had agreed to help keep me 'on task' with regard to working out for the next few months. Yay, husband :) So he got to work...

We are going to go to the park this afternoon as a family...and you will run your favorite loop while the kids and I go for a hike.

Statement of fact. Not a question. Boom. 

This afternoon we went to the park as a family...and I ran my favorite loop while he and the kids went for a hike.

I was greeted by this...

Running in frosting...with puddles.

I slipped and fell...

...on my ass.

But I'm A-okay.

All that white is reflected light off of water, which means mud.

Do we need any more pictures of mud?
I have more if we do.

So all of that to write a post about a slow little 3.5-mile run. But it was the first run of 2013 and a training cycle. But since I was smiling the whole time (for real) even in the mud and even when I fell on my butt, I'm taking it as a sign...an auspicious sign:

I'm going to have a happy new year...for the whole year. Even if I wind up dirty and on my ass...it will be with a happy smile on my face, mark my words.


  1. haha, yes!! I had a muddy run like this just days before CIM. It was downpouring too. I was soooo afraid of falling and killing myself.

  2. Question, how did u keep your right shoe remarkably clean when compared to your left? Wait, you hopped 3.5 miles, didn't you?

    1. This is why my right hip is so weak...it never does ANYthing.

  3. Lovely! Dirty on the trails is the best! Have a super 2013!

  4. Holy crap!!!!! That mud is horrifying- you are one brave lady :-) I would probably die running in that, I'm such a wimpy little girly girl... Happy New Year!

  5. How did you run in that?! And come out with both shoes still on feet?!

  6. Holy mud!! You should've come with me to Redwood Regional -- much less muddy. Actually, I don't mind the mud, but my current shoes would be the worst because of the tread and the mesh upper. :P
    Oh, and YAY OAKLAND!!!

  7. Oh yuck, that mud!! I love trail running but I'll admit I avoid it when it's
    "frosting" mud. Glad you got out there and good for your hubby for encouraging you!

  8. Sometimes having mud on your ass makes for the happiest times! Good job slogging through the muck. Now I'm off to read your 2012 post....catching up at last.

  9. i’m such a sissy i wouldn’t have run in it. too clumsy! can’t wait for 2013 and to see how your race is. i can guarantee you are going to surprise yourself. and stay healthy to do it! xo

  10. You are a rock star as always and I love this attitude! Kick ass and take names throughout 2013! I'll enjoy the pics of your muddy butt along the way.

  11. Yay training plans -- and finishing them! See you in Oakland!!

  12. From my vast experience as a trail runner (aka one solitary run), I think grinning the whole time is a prerequisite!!! I'm running Oakland too - pretty excited about it!

  13. I love this. Your husband sounds pretty damn great :) I can't wait to hear about more joyful runs like this!

  14. I know all about your down and dirty! You did your own mini mud run! WOW! There's no way I would've attempted that on the Don't Run, Run Faster plan! :)

  15. Love that - "frosting with puddles"

    Have a fantastic 2013 with a smile on your face and mud on your ass :-)

  16. So awesome! I kind of want to play in that mud.


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