31 December 2013

How to define 2013?

The year can be boiled down to three pictures and three words...

yes, this is my x-ray...which I saw for the first time today

yes, this is my husband...who'd kill me if he knew I posted this

yes, these are my kids...who inspire me every single day

2013 was the hardest year of my life...but it finished up well, creating a nice segue into the New Year. I'm ready for 2014. 

May it grace us all with an abundance of joy and good health.



  1. that does look painful. At least the other two words were good! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year. Stay healthy & good luck with 2014 new challenges!

  3. 2014 is your year!! so glad that things have worked out. xoxo

  4. Ugh. *Enough* with 2013. On to 2014!!!

  5. Three words in response. Yikes! Hilarious. Adorable. Here's to wishing you a great 2014!

  6. Happy New Year! May 2014 indeed be a great year (and especially for you--you've earned it).

  7. i love those photos. the one word and the photo say so much. And your hubs looks adorable!
    Wishing you a wonderful year! :-)

  8. I'm not a doc so it's hard for me to tell, but your left hip joint in the photo above bone on bone? Looks like the right one is okay. I remember that you posted a while back that one of your hip joints is bone on bone. I hope that you still get to do some exercise. Glad that you are still posting. Maybe next year I'll make it out to Jingle Bell Hell run!

  9. May this new year grace you with all the joy, love and happiness you can stand, and then give you EVEN more. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being you. I hope I am as cool as you some day.

  10. I of course hate the part about the hip.....
    I do love to see the second picture though....
    Happy 2014 to you and your family

  11. Happy family! Happy valentines to all of you :)


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