12 August 2011

Boobs I Follow...

"She has a great personality."

What do you think when someone describes a woman to you thusly?

Often, one cringes.

How shallow.

Each of these blogging women I have chosen to feature today is fabulous, engaging, entertaining and intelligent. Each has... nay, is... a great personality.

They are charming and sexy. Energetic and daring. They take chances... they give themselves to the world. They welcome challenges... seek out challenges... thrive on challenges.

Maybe a being described as having a great personality isn't such a bad thing after all!


D.                                                                               E.


In addition to being great personalities, these women all have something else in common... they are as strong, fit and lovely in body as they are in mind and spirit. Their inner selves shine through and are manifested in their outer selves.

This brings us to today's game...

match the rack!
1 >

< 2

3 >

 < 4

5 >

< 6

7 >

< 8

Can you match the face with the boobs? And then can you match the person to her blog from the list below? You can even use the links on the list to help solve the puzzle. All pictures were lifted from their blogs... with permission :)

All of the correct matchings that are put into a comment will be eligible for some sort of randomly-selected prize from a random selection of prizes... so you want to play so you can win... plus it's fun!

Submit your guesses by Tuesday, August 16th. Answers will be posted on the 17th along with the randomly-selected winner or winners of the randomly-selected prizes.

Disclaimer: all featured women consented to being objectified. No boobs or feelings were harmed in the making of this post. We're keeping it that way. Any and all comments that are not friendly and PG will be deleted by me... yes, censorship. Fine. Apologies in advance to those this may have offended. To them I must counsel... lighten up.


  1. I am freaking cracking up.

    Best. idea. ever.

  2. Lol, this is hilarious, but I cant play along, if a woman plays along, its funny, if a guy does, we will be viewed as pervs

  3. AWESOME! Yeah, what BDD said above. And, like, I am going to need to print out each picture to try and match the heads with the bodies. Going to be a very scientific process going on up in here. Be back soon with the results. Or not.

  4. X3. I'm outta here. Going to waltdisney.com probably.

  5. hahahahaha! This is hilarious and those are some "GREAT PERSONALITIES"!!!


  6. Okay, you are clearly B and number 8. That crazy body builder body is probably Absolutely Narcissism. All others will require research :)

  7. This is great. I'm actually kind of concerned that I'm pretty positive that I know the answers to every single question, without checking the blogs... should I be that familiar with all of your racks?! Here goes:

    A,E,3 - all SUAR
    B,6,8 - all you, all the time :) - very lovely melons
    C,2 - Jess, Blonde Ponytail
    D,H,1,5 - Absolutely Narcissism (by process of elimination... never actually been to her blog, that's about to change, or maybe not, does that make me sound kind of freakishly weird?!)
    F,G,3,6 - the lovely Emz

    what a funny game... you are soooo cool. :)

  8. *pouting bc I have great boobs*

    ...maybe it's the personality part I need to work on... :D

  9. too funny!

    Beth a and e go with 3 and 6
    Emz: G H go with 4 and 7
    you B and 8
    Jess C2
    AN DH 1 5

  10. How about I agree with BDD and just say ditto to Laurie's guess this way I won't get into any kind of trouble!!!!!

    Does that work?

    This is great, but please don't do one with ThermoJocks.....please!!!!!

  11. Next up thermajocks. It's only fair.

    God my boobs look great.

  12. boobalicious.
    I tried to take the test, but got confused and gave up. They're all nice, though :D
    Inside...and out.

    I'm nervous about Kate's next post...

  13. I wish my boobs were on the internet...

  14. A6, D5, F2, H4, G3, E7, B8, C1

  15. This is like a train wreck, albeit a hot one. I had to come look again.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Now this is the BEST blogging contest I've ever seen, I'm signing up to follow ASAP!

  18. Brilliant Marjorie! :) Love ya! This is awesome!

  19. I am digging rack #8. It would fill out my bra far more efficiently than the kleenex.

  20. You're a genius.


  21. it's funny that I can identify most of the "racks" you featured?

    Great post :)

  22. great idea!
    OK, here are my answers:
    1. = H
    2. = A
    3. = G
    4. = B
    5. = D
    6. = E
    7. = C
    8. = F

  23. Suar is def #3! 2 is the Blond Pony tail. & is Emz... You are #8 and Narcis goes to 7.. Woohooo! Fun idea! LOL

  24. I would love some boobs if anyone's offering ;D (To wear, not to fondle ;D) Nature has forgotten me!

    What a super sport - spot the rack! Lol! I couldn't tell if I'm honest - no idea. I guess I lost this game ;(

    Hopping by and following from Crazed Fan Weekend


    Shah X

  25. Brilliant and fun. Thanks for the giggles.

  26. LMAO! That is funny and yes people should lighten up. Its all in good fun. And the women consented....so all is good! Love his idea! Giggle giggle! :)

  27. I'm gonna go with #1 being Sandra at Absoulutely Narc. (H.)

    The others I have no clue. :)

  28. D is Sandra at absolutely narcissim. although i think that is ironic since i don't think hers are a D! And her non size D boobulas are #5.No doubt. I'll take my prize, please.

  29. #1 & #5 - Sandra!

    The rest I have no idea hehe.

    Awesome idea for a post!

  30. Wait...what? I can't think when I am looking at multiple racks!!! Man's mind does not think in parallel. It functions in serial fashion...so when its one rack after another there is no room for any other input (to say nothing of output) I'm just gonna babble here in stunned admiration...ok?


  31. All I'm sure of is 1 and 5 are Sandra's.

  32. ---I honesty have no idea....but this was fun as hell. :)

  33. Ummmm...okay, let's see..

    #1- D (Sandra)
    #2- F
    #3- G
    #4- A
    #5- H (Sandra again?)
    #6- B
    #7- E
    #8- C

    I failed, didn't I?

  34. I had to come back and see how your readers did on the RACK REPORT!!!

    Might need a HOOD TO COAST rack report! ;)

  35. Love that so many guys are staying "hands off" on this one! Too, too funny. I can most of them, pretty sure!


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