13 November 2011

Lake Chabot's Bad (B)Ass Trails

Yesterday's long run was done on the trails of Lake Chabot. We ran the course of the Bad Bass Half-Marathon that is run there on New Year's...there is race on the Eve and another on the Day. The scary-looking red line is what we did.

I ran with Aron who writes Runners Rambles and Tricia of Running, Life, Etc.
Sorry, ladies. We look pretty dorky, 
but the one-take wonder is more time-efficient and probably more honest ;-)

Tricia and I are training for the Eugene Marathon together, and Aron just entered an insane 50-miler that will take place April 7, 2012. Two things I must admit to: 1) we only ran 12...somewhere, my awesome map-reading skills combined with our shaking quads to leave out a side loop that was part of the official course and 2) we did walk parts of this trail that was more than a "beast"... we'll call this Grendel. (If you don't know who/what Grendel is, you'd better click that link).

Are you checking out Mile 3? Are you?

Here is what we saw as we made our way up...
It is always so disappointing to see pictures super hard hills...
they never look at all bad.

The reward when we got to the top was pretty amazing!
I LOVE this view... LOVE!

Such a gorgeous place to run... and none of us had ever been there before.

Here's Tricia running across a very cool bridge in the early going.

This would be a random part of the lovely trail...uphill, of course.

We had a great time tackling this trail. Lots of great conversation (which I probably monopolized :( sorry, ladies...I promise to let y'all get a word in edgewise next time...I'm just so thrilled when I have grown-ups to talk to that sometimes I can't shut my mouth off). The pace was as comfortable as it could be given the hills and the super slippy mud! I know I can't wait to do this crazy loop again :)

Maybe next time we'll do some fishing, too.
...not a bass...but those are there, too :)

**Many thanks to Aron for being our team photographer! **


  1. I could swear there is an ultra (50k or 50Mi) that goes somewhere around Lake Chabot....

  2. Love posts with pictures. I should really take a camera with me more often. Beautiful view! Too bad that wasn't a BASS in the last picture. Oh well - big blue catfish are pretty yummy fried up too.

  3. What a beautiful trail!
    PS: You "only" ran 12??!
    PSPS: Was that bearded man and fish on your run? Awesome...!

  4. Wow, what a great trail! And even though the hill pictures don't show very well, the view from the top does! And man, that's a gigantic fish.

  5. wow looks beautiful but that hill there ..I am pretty sure I would be dead. I am a wuss remember

  6. hmm maybe i can try this on my next san fran trip!

  7. WOW, love the view! How fun that you have some ladies to share your runs with! Looks like fun, and you guys don't look dorky at all! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  8. Wow! That's gorgeous and the scariest hill ever. I'm glad you had the view for a reward, nice. 12 miles of that... impressive.

  9. Wowza, your love for running never fails to amaze me. And seeing how ripped all of you were in that photo... glowing and healthy, yo! You probably knew by now that I'm not a runner, not even that sporty by any measure. But that pictures of the trail... simply beautiful! I live in a busy city, so seeing that kind of view really is a rarity. So breathtaking!

  10. LOVE Lake Chabot, I mean, I've never run or even trotted on the trails but I've walked kinda fast once or twice :)

  11. Oh my gosh what a beautiful butt kickin' run! Way to go your three! AWESOME!

  12. I think we should name that hill. Super fun and ready to go again -- name your time.

  13. There's something about that map graphic that makes the run look like a bona-fide entry from the pages of "Mr. Pogalu's Epic Adventures" series. Probably 'cause it's white - like y'all ran across the frozen tundra.

  14. You three would have been awesome. These activities just inspire me a lot. Keep up your fitness.


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