22 August 2012

Photo Bullets...

Today I flew into Seattle to meet up with all the Team Nuun Hood to Coast Relay runners. I actually got up extra early to run before I hopped on the plane. For real. Three-quarters of a mile. Just enough to wake my legs up and almost break a sweat. I know...hardcore. Here are a few scenes from the day...

*Which is bigger...the bag or the blogger?

Me on the way to the airport. 
I maintained a small carbon footprint by taking public transportation.
Go, me!
I seriously think a grown up person could actually fit in my duffel bag.
Packing light is overrated.

*Who knew a baseball cap could make a woman so happy?

It was sunny in Seattle today, and Nuun treated us bloggerrunners to a Mariners game.
I was not prepared for sun...it is Seattle, after all.
I had to spend my souvenir money on a hat.
Go, me.
That little sunny spot on the tip of my nose didn't even burn :)

*Why is this woman so happy?

You might think it's the beer.
But it's not.
We just finished groping each other.
Go, me and Jess!
It's hard when you only get to see a really good friend twice a year.

*Not only did Emily run about a bajillion quadrillion miles since she got here this morning, but she also demonstrated her skill at beer tasting...

I kind of miss drinking beer.
Go, Emily!

Okay...time for bed.

A bunch of the bloggerrunners are getting up early to go running and/or open water swimming. I need to get up early to heckle encourage these zealots incredibly disciplined and inspiring women :)


  1. Love it!! That bag is awesome!!! Have a great time catching up with everyone and this week for the race!

  2. I hope you have a fantastic safe time! You deserve it!!!

  3. Yay, you are in my neck of the woods! Glad the sun is out the Mariners are doing so well:) Have a great time and good luck this weekend! Woohoo!

  4. Have a great time! Be safe out there!

  5. Awesome - it looks like you guys had a great time! I'm trying to lose baby weight - glad I found you!!

  6. XL...I hope we might get to this year?! I'm running the glory leg like you - and I think we're supposed to get in around 6ish. If I don't happen to see you amongst the other kajillion runners, I hope you have a fabulous run!

  7. I love it!!! So funny!! have so much fun for all of us...looks like a great time ;)

  8. It looks like fun! I can't wait to hear more! Your bag is pretty big! I think that is the size I used for a 12 month round the world trip ;)

  9. I am only, what, a week behind in my reader?! I finally got a chance to read this and you seriously make me laugh so much! I can't wait to continue to read your recaps as they come!! I hope you are having a good little mini vacay with your family!


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