26 November 2012

I'm pretty sure I looked something like this...

...when I was winning that big race last Thursday ;-)  So joyful!

Yeah, I'm bringing that up again. Roll your eyes and click out if you must, but I'm going to revel in the glory for just a little longer...

Okay. Long enough.

What's next?

Jingle Bell Hell, that's what! Who's in? It's free! And there will be prizes :) Virtual and in the flesh... I'm hoping I won't be running it alone again...except, of course, for random strangers who jump in and unknowingly end up winning :P

I'm not sure if I'll let Miss C run in it. While she's pretty quick and seemingly tireless, she invariably craps out at the most inopportune times. And toting 35 lbs. of squirming preschooler on my back while finishing up a one-third of a marathon run is not high on my list of 'must' experiences.

Be sure to check out the Jingle Bell Hell information post! Join in...any distance 5K or more...

Do it with friends! Do it alone!
Do it singing loudly! Do it talking on the phone!

What great potential for 'hell'...running in December,
A super-duper suffer-fest you surely will remember!

You'll definitely be hurtin'.
Yes, the pain is certain.
Though rain may fall and winds may gust,
Our smiles prevail and laughter's a 'must'!

Whoa...lame poem.

Alrighty then...


  1. I am doing it (Jingle Bell Hell) for the first time. My personal hell will not only be that it will be December but that I haven't run in months...and so this virtual race is my way back to motivation and consistency...LOL. I did my first training run/walk today...only a two miler since I was on a tight schedule but hope to at least walk the route I picked out tomorrow or the next day just for giggles...

  2. I will run it. Anything I do that day will likely be painful even 2 weeks post marathon. Can that count as my hell? :^)

  3. I'm in, but still trying to decide how to make it the most hellish - weather being a big variable that might change the stakes.

    1. It might be as simple as opening the door if the weather is hellacious ;-) Yay! Glad you're in :)

  4. Nice poem.

    IN! This year I'll be able to run further than 3 miles! yahoo! now, how to up the hell factor....

  5. Carrying 35 lbs of toddler would definitely make running more Hellish!

  6. nothing wrong with reveling in your glory!! :)

  7. If I won a race, I'd be shouting it to EVERYONE. Revel!!

  8. We can take turns toting her. And dude, you will be too busy winning other races this year to revel in this one for long. Do you have your eye on any 10ks?

    1. 10K freaks me out. So I guess that means it's time to do one. I don't think I've ever raced one... Maybe I'll do one of those monthly Lake Merritt ones next year.

  9. Alrighty then. First off, congrats on the win for the Turkey Trot!! VERY VERY COOL! That don't run, run faster plan is magic for sure.

    Second, I've put the 15th down -- not sure how I'll be feeling but what the heck right. I'll confirm as it gets closer.

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