19 June 2012

You'd think I was some kind of attention-monger...

Of course I am...I write a blog, people.

An announcement was made today...

We found out our specific teams and leg assignments for the Hood to Coast Relay...you can click that image to see who is running what with whom :)

Upon selection to the Nuun team, we were asked to submit our top three preferences of runner position (there are 12 possibilities...I actually submitted 5 choices) in the hopes that everyone would be accommodated. I am feeling incredibly fortunate for I was given my first choice!


Yes, the same as last year! I have the same sentimental attachment to this set of legs as I did last year...and if you missed that dissertation, click on the words...word?... Glam-O-Rama above and you will be taken to the story, in addition to an initial analysis of the legs I will be running.

Leg 12

Leg 24

Leg 36

Finding out what legs I will be running and whose lap I'll be sitting on for 30+ hours has definitely made it all seem more real. August can't come soon enough! I am beyond excited to be spending quality time in a van with a some new faces and some old friends while racing from the top of Mt. Hood to lovely Seaside, Oregon :)

Is it too early to start packing? Probably...

An awesome and hilarious evaluation of Vans 1 and 2 by Jason Effmann can be found here... click!
(Note: the click takes you to Van 2...because it's the best. You need to click the "hood to coast" label in the sidebar and hunt for Van 1 because it was squirrelly when I tried to link it...but that's Van 1 for ya).


  1. Looks like you got some easy legs! Niice :)

  2. Glad your legs are what you wanted--I'd want to go first to get done sooner. :^)

    1. I don't mind the wait...anticipation can make it exciting. Sort of like foreplay. Or something.

  3. Since you're running the same legs, maybe we won't have to read 10 weeks worth of posts after the relay? :) Kidding ya!

    1. I dunno...I was kind of thinking I could dissect each leg in quarter-mile increments...with diagrams and video. Perhaps some musical interludes and a few dozen costume changes. Of course, the hope is that I make it to the post-race party this year and THAT will probably need at least a month's worth of posting all by itself ;-)

      Nah...y'all'll probably get off easy this year :)

  4. Maybe I'll see you again in Safeway parking lot!! :)

  5. God hates runners. Especially ones who vainly dress up in sparkly running skirts and drink from the Devil's cup. Read your scriptures! In early German translations of the Bible the word "NUUN" translates as the incarnate of all that is evil.

    Do you not know that in a race all the runners run to get a crown that will not last?

    - 1 Corinthians 8:24-27

  6. Alrighty then....I don't have legs yet. I'm gonna take what they give me and run with it.

  7. Thanks for the link to the description of Van 2! I will also be in Van 2 on my HTC team.... don't know how the whole relay thing works as this will be my first, but maybe our paths will cross at an exchange?

  8. Bringing up the REAR with Runner #12! Love it! Can't wait to see you running to the beach.

    And it is NOT too early to start packing. I'm already thinking about different running top options...

  9. "of course I am... I write a blog people." ha ha ha love it!
    Congrats on getting your first pick :)

  10. I am glad you got your first choice! That's awesome!

  11. i'm running 12 too! Never run the glory leg before - but seeing as you're an old pro I'm sure to pester you for tips on how to be glamorous as possible. Thigh high maternity compression tights obviously are a must...

  12. well, after reading his definitions of the legs-i’m a bit nervous about leg 8 (well, 20 really) but super excited to be in the van with you!! and, i always love a challenge….should be fun!!


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