08 June 2012


I know you're dying to know what's been happening at my gym, especially since I haven't really posted about working out since my Bay to Breakers recap and my labyrinth walk at the end of last month. While I haven't been lying on the sofa reading all this time, I haven't done much running...maybe about 8-10 miles a week. It just isn't feeling super good to run right now. I'm hoping that will change soon since I do have a half-marathon on the schedule for 8 weeks from now!

In the meantime, here's what I've been up to over the past 18 days:

  • 1 bike ride for 30 minutes
  • 1 hike for 90 minutes (Labyrinth hike)
  • 1 run up and down Moeser (where I actually ran all but a very short bit) for 32 minutes
  • 3 easy runs for a total of 100 minutes
  • 7 ET/SM (not extraterrestrial/sado-masochistic but elliptical trainer/stairmaster) workouts for a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes
  • 6 climbing sessions totaling just under 8 hours
  • 5 days of doing nothing
Grand total of time spent working out equals 22 hours over the past 18 days (13 if you subtract the 5 days off). 

It hasn't all been nose-to-the-grindstone, blinders-on, ultrafocused. Probably only my 40-minute tempo workout would fall into that category. For some reason, that is the workout I struggle with the most ...most likely because it's ...ummm... hard. I hope it is supposed to be hard to hold one's heart-rate at >80% for an extended period of time because, for me, it is.

On to the fun stuff...

Smells in the gym are the worst. Who's with me on this? After being nuked by a fart from someone on a treadmill in front of me on a hot night when the fan was not turned on (why did no one else wilt from it? this, I do not know) and then being trapped next to the super STINKYPIT guy for 40 minutes while in the middle of an ET workout (with no other machines to move to...busy night) and then finding myself choked by cologne steamed up by the increase in body-heat and -moisture of the make-up lady on the adjacent stairmaster, I have concluded that intense physical effort heightens one's sense of smell...and compounds the power of odors exuding from one's body. Sort of a 'lose-lose' kind of thing. Short of wearing a gas mask or breaking into the gym after-hours when no one is there, there is no real way around this if you work out at a gym, so I must suck it up.

Tarzan now goes to my gym. And we are climbing partners...at least for the moment. I went to the gym to meet a new potential climbing buddy, and saw this guy with long flowing hair, somewhat chiseled features and a semi-vacant expression on his pleasantly smiling face. "Tarzan" was what instantly jumped to mind. He was who I was meeting. So we climbed a bit, and during the course of conversation he asks, "Hey! So did you ever see the Disney Tarzan movie?" I had. He then launched into this comparison of the Disney Tarzan and rope climbing with the kind of excitement and exuberance I often see in my 7- and 12-year olds. It was sort of endearing...in a really odd way. Anyway...watching him climb reminded me of Tarzan on crank. Where Tarzan is smooth and looks effortless, my climbing buddy works really hard and looks like he is working really hard. But he is quick and strong, using very little technique to get to the top of a wall and relying solely on speed and brute force in a desperate, panicky, survivalist sort of way. Quite impressive although not so pretty to watch.

Big Fro Guy was there, too. But I didn't see him climbing. And he didn't have on a shiny purple suit. I have noticed that the really interesting people hanging out in the climbing areas of the gym are usually doing that and that alone...hanging out. Unless they are sneaking in a route when I'm not hawking them. Again, still feeling too awkward to pull out my camera and take my own pictures of these people. It would be rude, wouldn't it? I should heed those feelings of awkwardness...

And now the best stuff...

New shoes!!! I've been renting climbing shoes for the past 3 months. I've probably spent the equivalent amount of money as I would have on a decent pair of my own shoes. When I walked in to the gym on Tuesday (to meet Tarzan) my climbing instructor was there working the desk. I handed her my money and asked for shoes and a harness. She looked at me sideways and mocked the fact that I didn't have my own shoes yet. Then she said, "OOoooooo...we have shoes on sale! OOoooooo...look at theeeeese.... Bandits!!!!!!!!! Ooooooo...." (She sometimes reads my blog, and I will bet she is laughing at that...because she really, really did say "ooooooooo" a lot in that one-sided conversation). Less than half-price. I would've been a fool not to buy them.

New climbing buddy :)  When I tried to schedule a climbing lesson, this conversation took place:
Instructor:  So...do you want to just climb?
Me:  Well...I really like what you teach me. I always learn so much.
Instructor:  Well...do you want to just climb as friends? I can still teach you stuff.
So I now have another new climbing buddy. This is a win/win. She gets to climb and I get to learn without paying any money. Watching her climb is like watching the real Tarzan...smooth, effortless, inspiring.

Not gym-related but pretty awesome nonetheless...

VOTY Honoree

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The best, best stuff I've saved for last...

I plan on having a kick-ass weekend. Not really sure why it will be super kick-ass since there really isn't anything kick-ass on the calendar, but making it kick-ass...or allowing it to be kick-ass...is my mission.

Wishing a fantastic weekend for all of you :)


  1. Great post! The Tarzan part had me laughing out loud. And congrats on the BlogHer award! Well deserved!

    1. I'm thinking the resemblance and the interest-level might be related ;-)

  2. I really hate smelly people on the cardio machines. If you stink of sweat and you're lifting weights, no big, but if you reek like an ash tray or a Perfume-o-Rama I'll probably end up dry heaving.

  3. Congrats on the BlogHer award.

    So many funny-isms... 'nuked by a fart' is the best.

  4. the best climbers are smooooth as silk. congrats on the award!!

  5. Gym smells....GACK! The worst ever was from a man on a spin bike directly in front of me, who didn't smell until he raised his butt off the seat to do the standing stuff. The most god-awful smell in THE ENTIRE WORLD wafted from his butt to my nose. Holy crap -- literally!! When he sat back down, the smell faded. Trust me, every time we had to stand, I turned my head and stuffed my nose in my own arm pit. It smelled much better there.....

  6. Too funny!! I am lucky. I have the WORST sense of smell. I have no idea why but nothing bothers me.

    Very nice about the climbing friendship. Climbers who can do that so effortlessly amaze me. It is much harder than it looks!

  7. There's a lot of fun stuff in here. My favorite is: "You want to climb as friends?" So awesome!! Plus, any day you get shoes on sale is a good day.

    I could totally picture Tarzan climbing. Your Tarzan, not the movie one.

  8. Congrats on the award!! I read the post itself as a cautionary tale.....

    The in-laws are here this weekend so I'm planning to go for a walk with my husband....with NO kids. It'll be like a date! Do we know how to party hearty or what?

  9. Aweeee, new friends are the best! Happy climbing, my "old" friend. :)

  10. I find big round fro hair really awesome. I have no idea why. I'm pretty sure I would look ridiculous with a huge afro but I just love them. Maybe it's my affinity for the 70s era.

  11. Great stuff! How fun would it be to swing through the jungle like Tarzan..freaking awesome. Oooo Nice shoes! Ooooo I love them!

    Congrats on the BlogHer award, that was a pretty awesome post!

  12. I don't know how you could keep working out next to stinky pit guy. That is the worst smell ever. You are strong! It has been humid here lately and when I walk into my gym it smell intensely like stinky feet and urine. Yuck! Yay for a new climbing buddy and great job on all your climbing. Sounds like fun!

  13. Yes the gym smells, and when we sweat we smell, but it does feel great when you really work up a sweat. An exercise routine is so important to feeling and looking great. I found a lot of great workouts that help me to stay in shape.

  14. Hey! Congrats on being Voice of the Year for BlogHer! Such an honour! Does that mean you'll be in New York? I am so broke, but I'm hoping next year I'll make it to BlogHer (I'll be gainfully employed by then!) And congrats on the new climber buddy, that's awesome that the teacher is THE BUDDY! How cool are you that everybody wants to be your friend! AND just have to say, farts in the gym are the worst...their even worse when I'm the one who has farted but is trying desperately to pretend it's the guy on the treadmill in front of me.

  15. oh man I wish I was at the gym with you as you are making this observations! HA!

  16. I started laughing so hard at the tarzan story and then follow up photo and couldn't read the rest of this post due to the tears falling from my eyes LOL (!!) I love it.

    ps: I don't work out at the gym but that fart sweaty treadmill description made me sick :P

  17. I hate people who wear perfume to workout...it has to be the worst!!!


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