03 June 2012

Believe me...you aren't as sick of it as I am.

Many thanks to Gary Larson for the following image...

Okay...so this is partially a lie.

My PT thinks that I am actually not injured anymore. I hurt because things get overworked and then they tighten, which causes pain. But there isn't an injury anymore.

And that's a good thing, right?

The fact remains:  Running seems to produce more pain now than it did last fall...and definitely more than it produced last summer.

The advice handed down from on high my PT: get thee to a trainer.

I have a big imbalance in leg strength (evidenced by functional strength tests and amount of muscle mass). I need to do lots of one-legged stuff with someone watching to make sure I am not compensating. I have a slew of exercises to work on...but I need to make absolutely sure I am doing them correctly...which is super hard. Not because I want to cheat but because the right side is soooooo weak that it shuts down really quickly.

The good news is that (according to my PT) all the cardio work on the elliptical and the stairmaster and the bike is NOT making anything worse, and I should keep doing it so that I continue to build a cardio base and keep my endorphin high going so I don't slide into a deep depression about the fact that my hip still starts hurting after all this time. It's been a really long time, people. *sigh*

Being honest with myself, I have to acknowledge that I did too much too fast. Trying to go from cripple to a sub-2 hour half-marathoner in one year's time was pretty ambitious. Time to chill. I'm still planning on running the San Francisco First Half-Marathon on July 29, but I'll be doing it with no time goal. I'll probably have a target pace I'd like to average, but the primary goal will be similar to Bay to Breakers...finish without hurting myself and feel strong and confident about that.

Even if I'm slower than I used to be, being healthy enough to remain active is a 'win' in my book.


  1. I hear you. As I was running today and felt some twinges in a new place, I got so frustrated. I've been having issues for almost two years. So over this. I need to just slow down and do what I can and accept that some running is better than no running.

    Hope all the exercises work for you.

    1. Thanks. I'm really working on 'optimism'...which isn't my strong suit :P

  2. I feel your pain. Trying to get back from an ankle injury and it is taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! Same advice given to me - must work on strength and flexibility imbalances. Trying to figure out how to make that task sound better than poking myself repeatedly in the eye..... Good luck with your training!

  3. This is the first time I've stumbled onto your blog and I just have to say Hang in There! I was out for four months with a calf tear and I thought the pain would never end! Stick with the strength work!

  4. Oh my goodness....I think we are twins. Not the Wonder Twins. The Injury Twins. "Form of.....a tight piriformis!!" "Shape of.....one-sided weakness!" I definitely hear more than blah blah blah, I promise.

    Just think how patient and chill we are going to be when we get through this time!

  5. ha! love the comic! and you know I understand...oh how I understand. stick with the strength work and x-training...will be good in the long run.

  6. So many people try to do so much, right now. This season. It's like they think they'll be old or something next season. Patience is a virtue. Do the exercises. Think of something else for a little while. You'll be fresher and happier coming back to it later. Yeah, I know, it's like trying not to think of a pink elephant. Good luck with that. And besides, it'll be many years till you're old.

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm right with you ! On the way to getting my foot fixed, we found back problem and fixing back problem hurts. If it isn't one thing....gah. I decided against the SF Half -- I just didn't feel like I could do it and honestly right now I can't.

    You do sound very optimistic -- so that is good. And if a trainer helps keep you honest in the exercises, it is all good.

  8. Being healthy enough to be active is a Huge win! Have fun doing a half with no time goal. Maybe try to high five all the kids you can or encourage first timers.

  9. Two words: turmeric powder.

    Pain from inflammation of muscles, spoonful of turmeric everyday alleviates so much. Plus, it takes a total badass to choke a spoonful down.

  10. I'm sorry that you're having so much pain! But yay for having an answer as to why and a plan for working on it. And double yay for still being able to do cardio and get your endorphins to keep the dark away (my lazy ass let it creep in a bit when I just decided to sit on my ass like a lump...)

  11. I can feel your frustration. Patience is one thing but enough is certainly enough. I hope you get back on track soon. You are right about being healthy enough to remain active.

  12. Love the graphic. Some light and easy unfocused runs through the summer may have you all tuned up for a focus race in the fall.

  13. Throw away your watch. That thing lies to you worse than the bathroom scale, and you know that SOB hasn't told you the truth since you stopped believing in Santa Clause. Run for F.U.N. You aren't paid to run, just to blab about it. Go for a run and just see how slow you can be...AT THE END!!!! Not DURING!!! I only check the times if I remember to after I finish a run.

  14. Well not being injured is a GREAT thing...but cross training and getting strong is hard work! AT first it really made me sad that it hurt so much to run, but I really tried to embrace the strength workouts, and now I am much stronger runner, and it's not hurting as much.

    I don't think I could have done it by myself though. I just didn't even know where to begin and how to have good form, etc..
    I hope you can find a trainer to help you.

  15. when you figure out the doing the half with no time goal, CALL ME!!!! i am so far ahead of where I was a year and a half ago, yet so far when i WANT to be. I may be crazy. But a 215 (or lets even say 220) hallf mara has to be in me even if my best posted time is 228. right?
    i may have to try the throwing away my watch thing. i cant afford a garmin, so maybe that is a bonus right?

    well still. we can run. and its good. And every step counts. ANd i love reading you blog (and all the other awesomeness out there in the interwebs!) so life is good. Keep reminding me of that, ok? xx

  16. I think you have the right attitude. You can run. That in itself is a miracle. If it's as fast as whatever your current goal is, that is bonus. It's hard to back down when we know that we are strong, but sometimes it's for the best. Run this one for fun, for the views, for the swag (like you used to) and then see where you are at that point!

  17. I have the exact same thing! A small right hamstring strain resulted in a high hamstring tendinopathy and ischeal bursitis. During these months, without me really noticing any of it, the strength in my right hamstring/leg dissipated. When my PT first had me try to stand up from sitting while using my right leg only (left foot raised off the ground), I was absolutely shocked when I couldn't do it. It was really easy on the left side. My MRI is pretty clean, because the strain has healed, but there is definitely some residual pain from the general weakness in my right leg. My right knee also falls in and doesn't cooperate when I do squats, etc. So I'm also really careful about making sure that I'm doing the PT exercises with proper form and strengthening the right muscles. I don't want to continue this pattern of letting all the muscles around where the strain was overcompensate and do all the work while my hamstring refuses to get stronger. I'm hoping this "injury" experience is going to make me more aware of keeping all the important muscles in my body strong and healthy and make me a better, smarter runner for many years.

  18. I think that is a win, too! I'm sorry you are in pain, but I'm glad you have some help. This talk about running time reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday who is going to run the Chicago and New York marathon this year. She suggested that I read a book by, well, dadblastit, I just forgot the name. ACK! I want to read it, too. Can we forget I brought this up?

  19. :( I don't like this--running is causing you pain. So, do you have to be extra cautious about balancing your training? GET BETTER!!! And, then eat those Berkeley hills for lunch!

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