15 June 2012

Nuun All Day

For times when you are not needing electrolyte-replacement but want a hydration-alternative to plain water, there is a new product out...

Nuun All Day !

Nuun All Day does not have the sodium content of regular Nuun and so is ideal for maintaining one's hydration while sedentary. For those of us who find it a challenge to keep drinking our water throughout the day, the pleasant tastes of Nuun All Day might make it a little easier to remember to drink up! And it contains vitamins :)

As a Nuun ambassador, I received some product samples last week... and I am loving the Tangerine Lime! It's not overly sweet and the flavor has a slight tartness to it that is very refreshing...especially when chilled. Here is a review of the product by Triathlete Magazine if you want another opinion. 

If you want to give Nuun All Day a try, or need to stock up on regular Nuun, you can use the promo code bloggerslovenuun to save 15% on your next order!

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