12 June 2012

A Kick-Ass Weekend Was Had

*warning:  there are lots and lots of pictures*

At the end of my last post, I swore I was going to have a kick-ass weekend. Seems like often when one makes such a proclamation, things blow up in one's face and the kick-ass-ness turns into an ass kicking. That did NOT happen this weekend. I did, indeed, have a kick-ass weekend :)

It wasn't anything exciting or earth-shattering or extraordinary...just hanging with my kids.

Friday after school we went to an end of the school year party. Same amazing place as last year... remember? Only this time Miss C wasn't drinking white-out; she was stepping in dog crap :(

View from the pool deck.

The little side pool next to the big main pool.

Miss C was enchanted by the enormous freshwater fish tank...
she did leave her shitty shoes outside, of course.

On Saturday we went to the Albany Waterfront Park. Once upon a time, this place was a dump. Literally a dump. There are remnants of this everywhere...huge slabs of concrete slapped all around, piles of busted up mortar and bricks, rebar sticking up here and there in the path. It's a kind of dangerous place. But it also has offered itself up as a canvas of sorts to artists. It's a fun place to take the kids...as long as they are mindful of the jutting rebar and broken glass.
 These photos show the main path, some of the concrete slabs, an amphitheater created from broken stuff and the little beach that is more or less safe for swimming...especially if you're a dog.

 The "Big Art Show" might be the scattered works of art that line the main path...or that might refer to the big structure at the end of the path. I'm not sure. But the path itself is marked by hearts!

The "theme" of this structure changes from time to time. The last time we were out it was painted up like a deck of cards...hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. This time it was just psychedelic. The kids love climbing in and on it. It creeps me out, so I just observe from the side.

Then, after three days of no formal working out, I was able to squeeze in 100 minutes of sweaty-awesome cardio at the gym before hanging out at the pool with some kids and then chilling in the backyard with the cutest three-year old I have ever known...

"Let's play kitties!"

"This is my kitty face..."

"Can't catch me! Can't catch me!"


Trapping (stufffed) kitties and then letting them go.

Nothing earth-shattering, no compelling storyline, just life. 

Which just so happened to be pretty kick-ass :)


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Great photos. And your daughter is a real cutie.

  2. Life is pretty great sometimes isn't it? I love good weekends with my girls. I felt like this weekend was pretty kick ass with them as well. Lots of swimming and lots of mommy daughter time. Loved it.

  3. She's got that kitty face down! I use that face when I want hubby to give me a back rub. Works for the kitty, why not for me?

  4. That certainly does look like one kick ass weekend! Hooray for you! That sweet little three year old looks just like you in her kitty photo!

  5. Kickass life, indeed! YAY!!!!!

  6. I have to say,that's some pretty cool repurposing of that park! Sounds like a great weekend to me.

  7. Miss C gets prettier and prettier. I remember you going to that pool party last year and wishing I was friends with those peeps. :-)

  8. Definitely looks like it was a kick-ass weekend! And, oh, those blue eyes! She's adorable.

  9. That DOES kick ass. I had a similar weekend (with in-laws in the mix, so dates with the husband gave it extra pizzazz). I think the former dump looks so fun!

  10. What a wonderful weekend! :) I LOVE that kitty face picture. She's just adorable.

  11. Sounds pretty kick ass. And I would have to agree that you daughter is one ADORABLE 3 year old!

  12. hahaha I love kids. They are so great and Miss C's eyes look great with that blue dress ;)

    I love all the graffiti art. Super cool. Looks like one heck of a weekend!

    PS: I used to work at an aquarium and I love fish!

  13. Oh my goodness! Is she not the most adorable little curly-haired thing ever?!?!!

  14. Awesome you had a kick ass weekend. Love the kitty face picture of your daughter. Very sweet pic.

  15. Wow, gorgeous scenery, and those blue eyes on your daughter, double wow!

  16. Totally bad-ass weekend! Loved that you included all the pics, especially the one of the kitty that looked suspiciously like your daughter :)

  17. I could eat that face on her!!! all your kids have that same face! Great weekend...glad you felt it ;)

  18. The graffiti art structure thingy is totally creepy! And holy smoke, Miss C's eyes are huge! (in a good way).

  19. Now I know when you got your new video idea! Last weekend, eh?


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