22 October 2010

Master Procrastinator

That is what I could be for Halloween.  I could dress like a rap star or a d.j.  Or a sort of super hero.  Except Halloween is usually about stepping outside of yourself and dressing as something you are not.  So I should go as Miss Punctuality 2010... maybe with a sash and tiara?

Back to my mastery of procrastination...

This year my kids knew pretty far in advance what they wanted to be for Halloween.  They made the decreed-final decision in mid-September.  They had cool, creative ideas that necessitated mom-help and some clever craftiness and the potential for unusual engineering.  I figured that a month plus lead time was perfect and do-able.  You always walk that line teetering on the brink of "stale idea" when you plan ahead for Halloween.

My kids go to a different kind of school.  At their school there are LOTS of days off (which presents the opportunity for a separate blog entry).  They always have a week off right around Halloween and their school parade is the Thursday or Friday before Halloween... so that costume needs to be ready early.  It also allows for the costume-inclined to have an outfit for the parade AND for real Halloween, which is the route my kids have often taken.

Sooooo... with a month's advance notice I, of course, waited until Monday to begin costumes for the parade today.  I finished them.  Grandma helped. And they came out spectacular... in my humble opinion ;-)

Q-man's required no work from me... Harry Potter.  Thank you for being so easy, Q!

Consignment store and hand-downs!

Big G went classic horror.  He wanted to be The Blob.  Here it is:

Big red t-shirt with balloons stapled to it covered by a clear plastic shower curtain with red plastic wrap taped all over it.

The balloons underneath give it that sort of gelatinous jiggle.

Baby X was the show-stopper...  a peacock!  

Poster board, tape, ribbon, and a whole lot of feathers.
Below you can see the beginning of the construction.

Miss C was still in her jammies for the event.  The jury is still out on what she will wear for Halloween.

So given the craftiness and engineering genius and fact that the costumes were completed on time (!) maybe Master Procrastinator gets to be a super hero after all!


  1. wonderful ! very great job !!!!!!

  2. This was a cool post! So, was the Blob costume re-usable for Halloween or did that have to get re-done?


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