06 October 2010

Making It Happen

Last month I decided it was time.  Exercise.  Running, to be precise.  So I dug around in the closet and found the most recent pair of running shoes in the house... a 5-year old pair of Asics something or other. I had bought them shortly after the birth of my third child, thinking I would get fit again.  HA!  A funky hip foiled that plan.  So I just wore the shoes around until I felt the need for making a different fashion statement, and the Asics wound up being moved from house to house to house, unworn and forlorn.

Resurrected, they worked just fine for my new little regimen.  Can you call a jog/trudge/walk/hobble for 15 minutes a "regimen"?  Every other day for the month of September I went out and jogged/walked forward/walked backward from our gate up to the playground and back... roughly a total of a mile and a quarter.

While it may not have been much, it was a start... it IS a start!  It is giving me a whole new perspective on things... and I LIKE IT!  One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.... making it happen.

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  1. I predict that some day you'll work your way up to a half marathon but then have to take a huge dump during the race at a Cracker Barrel. Or maybe a Denny's.


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