24 October 2011

Can I call this Manic Monday?

I have nothing planned all day. Knowing this, I rolled out of bed a little before 9 o'clock.


What's that you say?

I have four kids?

Right you are. And they have no school this week. In fact, they are off until November 2nd. Insane, I know. Just thinking about it is making me twitchy. And that's why I want to call this Manic Monday.

My kids seem to have less school than any other kids I know. I wrote about it last fall, and you can read it here.

So back to Manic Monday...

I did wake up early... remember, you reminded me already of the fact that I have four kids... and they are loud. But after the initial cacophony of morningness with four young kids, they simmered down, and I crawled back into bed. I am tired. I ran 11+ miles of hills and trails with my friend Sarah yesterday... and I'm milking that effort for all I can :P

The kids were quietly busy little construction workers... they made a house...

So glad I slip-covered these chairs.

The house under the dining table...
they will be safe if we have another series of earthquakes today.

The only problem... once the house was completed (a little before 9 o'clock), the fighting and screaming commenced. Of course. That's why I finally rolled out of bed. Peace was temporarily restored (because nothing is forever), and my husband, who was working from home this morning, suggested that perhaps I might want to feed them.

So I did.

Lest you think I am a complete and utter slacker mom, I will have you know I made banana pancakes...

And because I'm hip and trendy, they are gluten-free ;-)

What will we do this week to amuse ourselves and hopefully not go completely nuts? I have no idea. We don't need to go Halloween costume shopping...we're covered, thanks to another of their school's quirks. The Halloween Parade was this past Friday. We are set...

Jango Fett

The Invisible Man

A glorious peacock

The peacock is a repeat from last year. I made it then (click the link to see how), but she didn't get to wear it because it was raining. Miss C is still not so into doing what everyone else is doing. She screams at us when we suggest she wear a costume.

I think we will decorate the house. We have 3 tombstones, 2 dozen rubber rats, and some random rubber body parts with bloody stumps. The kids like to make it look like the rats are gnawing on the body parts that are rising from the dead. Yuck.

Perhaps we will carve pumpkins, though the knives factor with my unruly children scares the crap outta me.

Right now, the boys are 'play-boxing' and have an 'understanding' that hurting might happen and is okay. I wonder how long that will last?

We might go to the zoo.

Or maybe I'll make them run with me. I wonder who would hate that more... them or me?


  1. I am a little jealous of your sleeping in! My kids have me up at 6 at the earliest, though I know someday i will be rolling their butts out of bed. Karma :)

  2. I feel for you my friend...
    and do they get another week off at thanksgiving?
    yikes....me no looking forward to thanksgiving week.

    that peacock outfit is amazing!

  3. It's just another manic Monday
    I wish it was Sunday
    'Cause that's my funday
    My I-don't-have-to-run day
    It's just another manic Monday

  4. wow no school until 11/2? my son hasn't had school for the last 3 fridays in a row and I thought that was bad enough. I am jealous of your 9am sleep in though...

  5. Cam you find a way to lock them all in their house under the table for awhile? Or maybe that is where you could hide out!

    The costumes are fabulous!

  6. Do your kids go to school in the summer? They must have a minimum number of days? As a teacher I am always interested in how other schools do their years.
    Our students had one day off this October (last Friday) but the teachers none.

  7. I am fascinated that your kids get a week off for Halloween.

    I need to get me and the 9 and 11 yo a group costume for a Costume 5K this weekend ... any thoughts?

  8. Wow, you have a long fall break! Me and the kiddos are off this week, but we go back next. Thankfully. We were going to head to the mts. but a big storm is suppose to roll in so probably won't. Thankfully, my kids are pretty self-sufficient...a perk of being older I guess :). Have fun whatever you decided to do...you can always road trip to Colorado :).

  9. Haha!! That IS a manic Monday! I've had a few of those myself! Awesome costumes, though :)

  10. Houses / forts / tents made from furniture are the best! Oh to be small enough to get in with them.

  11. Now that would be a great meme , all the pics of the forts that have been built in our homes!
    LOVE the peacock!

  12. No school for the week? Are they off for a Halloween holiday? What a weird time to be off. Love the peacock costume, so glad you linked up!

  13. Thank you so much for linking up. I also have a peacock this year!

  14. Those are great costumes! The peacock is very impressive. Glad she got to wear it this year!

  15. Yes, this. I know Manic Mondays all too well! But the fabulousness that is those costumes? That's all yours! Love!

  16. The Invisible man is kind of scary! I love it, and the peacock is GORGEOUS.

  17. That peacock is wicked impressive! I'll have to remember that one in a few years... Y'know, when she's old enough to not kill herself in every doorway!

  18. I'm impressed with these costumes! How long did the invisible man last? I wouldn't have been able to stand that on my face, but he looks great!

  19. WOW! Love the costumes! Also, so jealous your kids are out this week. It's no fun to get kids dressed up, trick or treat, some candy, showers, tucked in (by 10:30 at least 1hr and a half late), and commence waking cranky kids on Tues morning.


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