21 December 2011

What's the haps?

I'm hurt.

So don't expect much today.

I didn't do anything stupid, in fact I was stretching gently and thoroughly when it happened. My quads and hamstrings had been feeling tight and sore since running Jingle Bell Hell on Saturday. Foam-rolling, Sticking, stretching, and butterknifing with regularity was helping. On Monday night I took my foot in hand to stretch my quad and *ping* ... I knew instantly I had done something unfortunate.

My right leg went dead except for the shooting pain sensation running from my iliac crest to the sole of my foot :( The fact that I had zero strength in the leg and a ton of pain led me to the conclusion that it was an alignment issue and not a muscular one. I tried to rectify the situation on my own, following directions I had at one time gotten from my physical therapist. I could feel it trying to go back to where it needed to be, but it could quite get there.

I tried to get my husband to bungle his way through performing some half-assed, untrained ART (don't try this at home!) which was successful on a micro-scale. Then I was afraid we might hurt me more, so we stopped.

I was on my hands and knees for the rest of the night. Tuesday, I could walk by dragging my leg behind me. I started having serious fears about returning to my life of limping...that less-than-a-life I was living for 8 years. Before I vaulted into full-on freak-out mode, I put the call into my PT at SOLPT, who is always booked seriously months in advance. She crammed me in. I love my PT. Love her. To pieces.

It was alignment. She did a bunch of stuff and then threw her entire body weight into the point of her elbow which was placed into my gluteus medius and surrounding tissues. I screamed. I writhed. I contorted. I almost passed out. But she got it. Everything is still pained and inflamed... but it moves! Ice, heat, rest, rolling, massage... and keep doing my glute strengthening exercises. No running for a few days.

Lesson to take away from this: Don't screw around with injury. For me, that means get seen right away. Be the squeaky wheel. Be dramatic if necessary.

To celebrate my return to semi-mobility, I took the kids to Children's Fairyland to see the Fairy Winterland lights display...

When I was a kid, the Old Lady in the Shoe house was also the box office...
the opening is about 4 feet high and adults had to super duck.
Now it's just a feature at the entrance, and they jacked it up so you don't have to crouch so low.

The big Winter Wonderland deal is that all the fairytale features are covered in Christmas lights.
They have a brown Santa, 
which seems to cause more 'concern' amongst some kids than one would hope :( 
He hangs out in the chapel above where kids queue up to sit in his lap.
He wished my friend's son a "Happy Hanukkah"...which kind of tripped the boy out. 

I wish they'd repaint Snow White's face.
She looks so unhappy surrounded by those dwarves.

The Crooked Man's Crooked House is Miss C's favorite...always.
Interestingly, it was my favorite as a child, too.

Christmas lights everywhere.

I'm thinking 12 is getting a little old to enjoy Fairyland in the manner to which it aspires.
All the kids and adults really had a great time, though. 

XL and family *hearts* Fairyland :)

Lesson to take away from this: Children need to experience more diversity. A brown Santa is super cool and shouldn't be viewed as anything else. Christmas lights all over fairytale things is pretty cool, even to a 12-year old... for a while anyway.

Happy Holidays to all :)


  1. Youch! But I'm so glad everything seems to be on the mend.

    And Christmas lights all over everything is cool at EVERY age...

  2. Whew! Glad you nipped it in the bud right away..sounds like it will save you.

    FWIW--I have pretty much given up stretching and my body seems happier. I do yoga, but no stretching after running any more. I got the whole notion from my miracle NC doc...you can search his site and read up if you want. Just my two cents!


    Feel better!

  3. O'dear!! Injuries are so scary! Hope you're up running again soon.

  4. Thank goodness for PT! Glad you got everything popped back into place:)

  5. ouchy....
    I hope it gets 100% better really fast...

    Christmas lights all over is always a bonus!

    We are headed to a crazy street near us where they go way way over the top with lights...I like to go see them, I would not like to get the electricity bill that comes with it!!!!!!!!!

    Joyeux Noel!

  6. Sorry about your injury but very happy you got it fixed so quick. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  7. Dangit!! Hope it's nothing serious and you got to the root of it quickly!

    The "shoe" reminds me of a place when I was a kid called 'Mother Goose Land'. It's long gone, but the shoe was the ticket office and I thought it was the coolest place on the planet. It's still there (but not the zoo anymore :( ).

  8. Oh dear! I hope you recover quickly. Fairy Tale Land looks like a dream for my little girls. So many super cute pictures! Try to take it easy a let those adorable kids of yours take good care of you. Merry Christmas!

  9. Ouch! Glad your got some help from the PT so fast! Here's to quick healing!

  10. Youch...sorry you were hurting and that the cure was almost as bad as the injury. It's the almost that gets you, though.

    Looks like a fun trip to see the lights. :)

    When my older boys were little, almost everyone I worked with was black or Mexican, so they were the only white kids in my friend circle. One day, we were at Burger King or something and they were all flushed and sweaty from the playland. I told them, "You're all red!"

    My friend Faith looked at me like "watch this" and asked them, "Am I all red?" What she was waiting for was for them to say something about the fact that she was black, but D. just looked at her, said "nope", and ran off to play. It made me happy that the color thing didn't register for him at all, and it made me a little sad a few years later when, after moving back to this area, N. mentioned something about his "brown friend". I guess they can't be colorblind forever, but it was really neat while it lasted.

  11. Hope your butt feels better soon! Cool light display!

  12. Oh so glad you will be able to run in a few days. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to read what the outcome was.

  13. Here is to a fast recovery! Way to handle it - many of us are not so wise!

  14. Good luck with your recovery! That fairyland looks awesome!

  15. I hate when you know that second something is hurt. Glad you are on the mend and I love christmas lights, glad you posted them. Sounds like a fun little trip!

  16. My hubby took the boys to fairyland tonight. When they got homeiaskedthem how it was,they said great! They then told me they saw Santa, but not th real Santa. I asked how they knew Santa was not real. They told me it was because he was brown. They have never seen a "brown" Santa so I guess it made sence. I think it was pretty cool that they met a Santa who was different from the rest.

  17. Ouch! Glad you're moving around again! Have a great Christmas : )

  18. I hope you recover quickly! I hate injuries, I have been dealing with one for awhile and I think it's starting to go away but whenever I feel something not quite right I panic.

  19. You got this injury handled, not to worry.


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