30 December 2011

Jingle Bell Hell 2011 Results... Finally!

Yay for the virtual version of JBH 2011! Yay for the awesome 19 entrants who all submitted a race recap...linked in my sidebar to the right...under the Grinch :)

The virtual turnout made me so happy... and so I've made EVERYONE A WINNER :)

The Grand Prize winner is Run With Jess. Her cemetery run with 18 friends was the event I had hoped to have in real life and totally made me smile! Jess, the following is yours: Lululemon, iTunes, and PFChang gift cards.

The close runner-up is SuperKate whose 25-mile bike race in a Mrs. Claus outfit with Team Santa undies on over her clothes (and the conversation she had with her child about this) had me in stitches!  And the fact that the race's aid stations featured egg nog and x-rated donuts add to the hilarity of the story. Kate noted that nowhere in the rules of JBH did it it say you had to run the event, effectively earning her the moniker Loophole Lady. She gets some reflective Yanks laces, some reflective stickers, and an assortment of fueling products.

Mike's Triathlon Journey was the only male entry. Not sure where all my guy followers were that weekend...oh, right...Mike's the only one :) His saga outlining 9.6 miles of sweaty hat-changing complete with a photo taken at each mile was prize-worthy, mostly because he was the only guy. He takes home reflective Yanks, a vanilla Hammer gel, and some reflective stickers. And Mike, thanks so much for participating. I know the estrogen level over here gets a little overwhelming sometimes and my hat is off to you for toughing it out ;-)

Laurie wins the crazy pregnant lady prizeThe (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom ran a 50K trail race while 16+ weeks pregnant! (yes, she had her doctor's approval for this) What I think she really needs is a 'Comfort Pack'... which would, of course, include thigh-high compression hose!

While those four really made me stand up and take notice, all the recaps were a ton of fun to read. And I have a bunch of parting gifts ranging from Gu products, Hammer products, Nuun, warm accessories, safety items, and more to divvy up amongst you JBHers, so if you want some goodies please do let me know...either in a comment or via email :)  

A Taller Order gets a special mention for running with Santa alternately down her pants or in her cleavage :) after a long, hard day dealing with a gaggle of kids.

From Couch to Ironwoman ran her fastest ever 10K during her 8.7 mile run with hills, hills and more hills!

TriMOEngr created a little movie and posted an awesome, leaping high-10 photo :)

The fact that she lives near where I went to college was a plus, and that she swam 1000 yards after her JBH made me sit up and really take notice of The Unexpected Runner. I remember running in December in that region!

MCM Mama ran fueled by red wine and Belgian beer :P

Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between realized in the middle of her Rudolph Run 5K that it was, in fact, HER Jingle Bell He**. She wanted to cry but laughed instead because crying made it harder to breathe. And she made it...finishing not too far off her PR :)

Just Keep Running drove herself and her friends insane with 6 flat loops to equal 5K, even including pics of the incredible monotony.

Jess and Harmony earned my pity. They had to listen to jingle bells on the shoe of a fiend friend for 10 miles!

Just Me and the Ones that I Love was the only participant who ran in the SNOW! For 10 miles + hills! I have a 'something warm' prize for you :)

Stepping Out went out and crushed her 5K.

Jill...fitness health and happiness endured 29ºF with hilly biz.  And was photograped by her as proof :)

Diary of an Average Runner braved muddy trails...which she hates :D

Family Fitness Food incorporated some long, steep stairs repeats into her run along the beach in beautiful SoCal.

My Continuing Quest for Sanity was chased by dogs and freaked out by a horse while obliviously enjoying her Christmas music.

From the write-ups, it sounded like everyone really enjoyed having this little "push" out the door during that weekend. I love how everyone turned a rough situation into something they (kind of) really wanted to do and had fun with to some extent :P 


Or were you all lying?

And if I somehow missed your recap, it was completely inadvertent. Do let me know so I can bestow goodies upon you and lavish you with attention :)

So now that all of you are winners, please let me know by email [xlmic(dot)tio(at)gmail(dot)com] where you want your prize to go.

Happy 2012 to all! Thanks so much for participating in Jingle Bell Hell :)

And if you missed my extremely cool holiday wish pictures, click here and scroll to the end to see Love, Joy, and Peace on Earth.


  1. These were fun to read -- congrats to all the winners (including me! However I don't need any prizes.) Yipeeeee!

  2. These were fun to read -- congrats to all the winners (including me! However I don't need any prizes.) Yipeeeee!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this! It was a lot of fun to read all the recaps! (PS...I'd never say no to more Gu if you have it :D)

  4. How did I miss this? I would have been happy to go head to head with Mike for a single gel.

  5. Thanks so much for the motivational push to do the 8.7 miles! It really was my best long-distance run yet!

    I'll send you an email right now :)

  6. So awesome! Congrats to all the winners and to you for hosting such a fun contest! I had way too much vodka a d cranberry juice at my husband's work party, so that's pretty much all I have for now. :)

  7. WOW! I wish I had been online and knew about this! these participants really went for it and gave it their all :D love it!!!!!!

  8. you are sneaky and super generous. I love that combo! Thanks for a fun event...and getting us all moving! Ring a Ding Ding!

  9. Love this recap!! Great job all you awesome grinch runners!!

  10. Phew, I'm glad Patrick missed this. He is fast :-). Funny I was the only male, I wish that would happen at a tri so I could podium :-).

    Thanks for doing this (and thanks for letting me run with all the women)! I had fun being goofy. I love Yankz laces too! I was about to order a new pair for the approaching season.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I'm a male follower. I'm just not up to running much these days. Maybe later. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  12. I enjoyed the recaps too. Thanks for putting them in your sidebar so easy to find. I am sad that your IRL race wasn't better attended, but glad you hooked up with people who didn't know they were racing - the pic of the guy with the trophy made me laugh. I'm glad you let the minimum mileage be low enough for those of us who are still working towards full on running. Thank you for encouraging all of us to get out there and move!

  13. This is cute! I need to start running so I can enter fun contests like these.

  14. Ha! So much fun doing something I really didn't want to do...who knew?!? You, of course! What a great recap! Thanks!

  15. Did you get my post? Perhaps I forgot to post it back to you or something? Oh well, I will participate in time next year, and this last year's post was a good warm up!
    Hope you have a great new year!!


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