24 December 2011

Life in the Bike Lane

Today was my Merry Christmas Eve bike ride. It was not so much fun as I had not worked out in a full week. In fact, it had gotten to the point where I was almost afraid to work out because I knew it would hurt, and I am no longer accustomed to hurting. I have been stretching and icing my hip and back in the hopes that I'll be running this coming week...and it's looking good at the moment.

So back to the bike ride...

I'm really working to embrace the bike. I know that cross-training is critical to staying healthy and strong and on an improving trajectory with regard to running...especially given the fact that I only run three days a week (I am hoping to push that to four in the coming months, though I really must be cautious). But the bike is literally a pain in the ass. And I just can't seem to make the thing go at all fast. My legs are weak :( And I get bored. And it always feels like there is a cross-headwind and like a flat road is uphill. 

And yes, I would like some cheese to go with my whine. I could use a good holiday party.

Alright... shifting the focus to the positive...

It was a glorious day. Except for the wind :P I had a good, solid hour to play with, and my husband was baking cinnamon rolls to be ready upon my return :) My kids were happy. All of my Christmas shopping was done. I have my health. And as I easily threw my leg over the bar to head off, I remembered how hard and painful that simple action had been back in June when I first started riding my bike again. How far I have come! 

The trail I was riding on is pictured here... 
the three super skinny lanes closest to the water and rocks is the multi-use trail.

I saw three rats on my ride. They were dead... and that's better than alive from my point of view. Traffic on the paved multi-use trail was sparse, which makes for easy riding (someday I'll venture out to ride on real roads when I'm braver and faster). There were no mean people accosting me, no dogs running out in front of me, and no cars almost crashing into me... win, win, and win! Most of the fellow riders I encountered shouted out a hearty and friendly, "Merry Christmas!" which I happily returned.

I have to admit that despite my kvetching, the ride did me good. With the exception of when I was seriously sucking wind in the last 15 minutes, I was smiling a lot more than grimacing...which is a very good thing. 

Having a pleasant ride is such a great way to kick off the Christmas weekend :)

Wishing you all love...

...and joy...

...and peace on earth.


  1. Way to get out there and ride! I stay off the roads since there are so many people texting and driving (and I have miles of bike paths to ride).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love the hand picture. Little hands and feet are so cute.

  2. Love the pics. Way to get in the bike ride. Merry Christmas!

  3. Nice one. It takes a minute to get used to riding but once you do i promise it's greater than gluten free sliced bread.

  4. Nice job getting out there today! I need to get back on the bike as well! Hope you have a great Christmas!

  5. Great job on the bike ride! Merry Christmas!

  6. I love how riding my road bike makes me feel! I feel like a kid again. Great cross training workout. Good luck with your injury. I had to take 3 months off this summer. I know how frustrating it is! Hang in there.

  7. I know biking is great XT, but I haven't swallowed the start up expense to give it a try.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. I've been doing spin class the last week or so trying to give my feet and Achilles a rest. Can't wait to start running again but I have been enjoying the cross training. Good for you for getting your ride on!

  9. Good for you! I think getting in a good workout is the best way to kick off the holiday...and all the eating that goes along with it.

  10. Great ride! Good for you for getting a workout in this weekend... cinnamon rolls and happy kids, doesn't get much better than that!

  11. good job on the ride! And I love the hand pics!

  12. I love the idea of a Xmas Eve bike ride! The dead rats? No thanks - dead OR alive! (-: Maybe it had to do w. some kind of rat version of A Christmas Carol...? (-:
    Love the hands photos. Hope you had a nice one.


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