02 December 2011


When I was a kid, I read this book. It was about good luck going bad and then turning back to good again. Right now, I feel like I am living that book. And y'all are super lucky... this is the second day in a row in which I share a really gross picture :)

Fortunately, I figured out that sticking my feet into baggies of grated potatoes would ease my chilblains, which are often a precursor to a migraine.

Unfortunately, the migraine materialized anyway :(

Fortunately, it isn't crippling, driving-me-to-my-bed bad.

Unfortunately, it makes me feel super nauseated, and I am running 13.1 miles on Sunday.

Fortunately, Sunday is three days away and my migraines tend to last only 2 days!

Unfortunately, one of those days is supposed to be a fun-filled day in Las Vegas (did I mention that I am running in Las Vegas?).

Fortunately, I will be able to relax with my headache alone in my nice hotel room...without my kids demanding on me!

Unfortunately, I will actually miss them.

Fortunately, we found something really gross in Miss C's hair last night and I was still home to assist with it's removal...

did you just throw up a little? 

Unfortunately, I discovered last night that I am really squeamish when it comes to removing bugs attached to my very small child :P

Fortunately, my husband was game to perform the extraction while I held her... she was amazingly cooperative...which...

Unfortunately, leads me to believe that it was really bothering her :(

Fortunately, we are seeing no bullseye thing on her head or other signs of Lyme Disease. That's a really big 'fortunately.'

So there are no more 'unfortunatelys'... isn't that AWESOME!!!

I'm going to share a little secret now...

I have never been to Las Vegas. I have never wanted to go to Las Vegas...except to see The Strip at night. I was thinking that someday I'd take a road trip that would include a quick nighttime drive-thru of The Strip...that way I wouldn't have to deal with any of the other Vegas-y crap. Nothing I've heard about it or seen in print or film appeals to me. Maybe my mind will be changed when I experience it for myself in the flesh. I registered for this race because of The Strip at Night component...and because some of my fave Nuun buddies will be there...I had a ton of fun with Jess and Tricia and Kim and Caitlin back in the good, ol' Hood to Coast Relay days :) Despite my indifference for Sin City, I am super-stoked to be going.

How do you feel about Vegas? Is your feeling based on actual experience or impressions?

Do you have a Fortunately/Unfortunately story to share?


  1. I've been to Vegas twice - once for a bachelorette party and once for a friend's 40th bday party when I was 8 months preggo - yeah, now that's a REALLY fun time in Vegas, right? It's not my favorite place - I don't gamble at all, but like you, I went to be with the friends who were going to be there. It is another world and a pretty crazy place to experience. I hope your migraine takes a hike before Sunday!

  2. I have been to Vegas many times...and I just really don't like it. Too many people, too much noise, just way to much input for me. BUT, the few times I have enjoyed it was when I was meeting good friends, it's all about the company!
    I really hope your migraine goes away :(

  3. I HATE ticks. They gross me out more than any other bug. Yuck.

    I've never been to Vegas. I'd like to go, though more for the cool outdoorsy stuff in close-ish proximity. Gambling isn't my thing, but I think it would be cool to people watch.

    HAVE FUN!! Migraines, chilblains, and any other negative ---ain(e)s begone!!

  4. We've been to Vegas a few times. We now avoid the strip at all cost. It is nearly impossible to avoid all of the nude calling cards being handed out and dropped all over the sidewalk. My kids have said that they never want to go back there EVER unless we go play at the resort only. The rest of Vegas is very nice and there are some great places to visit. The weather is beautiful and there is some great shopping but too much skin, drinking and gambling for me!

    Good luck with your race! I hope you're headache is gone by then and you can enjoy your trip. You'll do great!

  5. I've been there at least 50 times. 40 because I've gone to a trade show 2x a year for 20 years with I'm guessing another 10x thrown in for various other things.

    Don't check bags if you can help it - LAS has the slowest baggage service on the planet.

    The cab line might be long. Just grin and bear it.

    Once you are at the hotel it will be fine. There is usually enough to do to keep you occupied right on the property, even if you don't want to gamble.

    I already told you about the good restaurants in your hotel.

    If you want to wear your silver space blanket long after the race is over no one will notice and you will in fact remain better dressed than most. The days of the Rat Pack are sadly over.

    You will also see at least 10 old ladies sucking down cigarettes while dragging a cylinder of oxygen around. That's a promise.

    Keep an open mind.

  6. Went to Vegas in 2009 with a bunch of friends. By far, the company was the highlight. Second was a trip I made with a few of the friends to Hoover Dam - way cool to this engineer geek. Very worth the side trip! Third was seeing a Cirque show at the Wynn (La Reve) - absolutely fascinating display of artistry and athleticism. Also went with friend which made it even better as we chatted afterwards about it (staying so late having a couple drinks that I nearly didn't go to bed before leaving for the airport early the next morning). I also enjoyed the Freemont St experience (the music at the time was Queen which was cool). I'm not much of a gambler, but did plop a few coins and bills here and there - mostly while friends were playing. I found most things on the strip too expensive for my taste, but old town casinos and shops/restaurants there had good deals. Best meal was the $4 meat loaf I had downtown. I like that you can ride the bus for a whole day for like $7 or so. I hated that what seemed like "just the next block" was the equivalent of several blocks away. My feet were screaming from all the walking. I enjoyed strolling through the hotels/casinos and just looking at the architecture and interior design. The M&M store near the MGM Grand was cool and I still have a few souvenirs I bought there that were a big hit with the kiddos. I was on a super tight budget when I went so I did as much of the cheap/free stuff as I could. Some worth the time and some not as much. I wish I had been able to get outside the City more to do a hike or something, but it was pretty hot so I figured another time. Trying to figure out if I am going to try the rental car thing when I go the end of Feb for a conference I'm speaking at.

    Hope your migraine abates quickly, but enjoy your kid-free time regardless. (((HUGS))) and Good Luck on your run!

  7. I have never been to the real Vegas.
    I have no desire to go.
    Unfortunately, I have been to the 'Vegas of the north' twice. Come to think of it, that's a bit of a fortunately / unfortunately story. Thanks for putting the idea in my head. It will arrive on my blog sooner or later.

  8. Oh take me back to the good old days!!! I feel the same way. I don't have a huge drive to go to Vegas....but running buddies are very tempting. HAVE FUN!!!

  9. I have never been to Vegas, but am super curious to go. I have heard that the race is really fun.
    Uhhhh Ticks. I hate them. Being in NH we have a really hard time with lyme disease and deer ticks. ( I don't think that was a deer tick was it?) My 10 year old was treated 3 years ago when I pulled the tick out from under his arm and he had a bullseye. Really stressful, but he was put on antibiotics right away and is fine.
    good luck in Vegas. try to relax and have fun!

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  11. I did a very similar post a few months titled, "You Never Can Tell".


    I've never been to vegas either but I might have to go next year. Twice. (for work conferences). Enjoy your trip!

  12. I did not know that ticks were that big! I just want to go to Vegas to take my own photos of the "Welcome" and "Leaving" signs! Hope you are well enough to enjoy yourself!

  13. Unfortunately, I do not have any first hand experience with Lost Wages.

    Fortunately, I have no desire to correct that.

    Unfortunately, my kids will never know the joy of that book.

    Fortunately, my school library had a copy of it that stayed in my possession for much of my first grade year. I feakin' LOVED that book!

  14. I think running the strip at night is the way to do it... you'll have a blast. Sorry about the migraine... they really such, hope it goes away soon.

    Unfortunately, I have had more than one run in with ticks when I was growing up... we went camping a lot. As soon as we got home, my mom would line us up and check us out. It never failed, I always had one of the nasty parasites. Yuck!

    Fortunately I've never had Lyme disease.

    Good luck this weekend. Hope it's epic.

  15. I hope your migraine subsides quicker than 2 days so you can enjoy some great blogger meet-ups! I've been to Vegas many times, en route to Southern Cali. Not my favorite place...I think it's pretty nasty dirty, but the lights are pretty cool and I bet it will be really neat to run at night along the strip. Have fun, girl! Will be thinking of you (as I race my half in 10" of snow and wind - yay!). Can't wait to hear all the details!

  16. Of all the cities I have visited and there's quite a few. Las Vegas is maybe the one I dislike the most. It is so not for me.
    plus my MIL lives there.
    tell her I did not say hello if you see her.

    have fun
    run fast

  17. Is that a wood tick? You guys have wood ticks in California? See, I'm totally fascinating by that and would have enjoyed assisting in its extraction from your child's head.
    As for Vegas, I've never been, never wanted to go, EXCEPT FOR NOW! Knowing you and the wild bunch will be there makes it seem like THE place to be this weekend. Hope the migraines eases up in time for the festivities!

  18. My hubby and I went to Vegas once many years ago. We were there for 3 days in August. Not the best time to visit! It was 106 degrees outside. I'm not a gambler, so after two days I was ready to go home. Now that I've checked Vegas off my list, I have no desire to ever go back.

  19. Ugh, stupid migraine. :(

    I have never had any desire to go to Vegas for any of the stereotypical reasons, but I've been told there is a LOT of good eatin' there, so I could probably be persuaded for that reason. :)

  20. You're running Vegas? I had no idea...lol!

  21. Sorry to hear about the migraine and the tick. Eww!

    As for Vegas... I loathe that city, but (for some crazy reason) I still really wanted to run the marathon this weekend. Fortunately or unfortunately it didn't work with my travel and work schedules, but I'm looking forward to post-race reports!

  22. I'm indifferent to Las Vegas too. Sure I would love to go there just to travel, but it's not on the top of my "must visit" list.

    I don't do well in crowds so that is probably one reason Las Vegas isn't as appealing to me.

  23. I used to live in Vegas, I'm not sad I left. It's a lot of visual stimulation. It can be a good time, you're going to be with other good people, so I'm sure you'll have a blast! I do hope your migraine is short, short and super short!

  24. Ticks are GROSS. My dad was a big hunter and fisherman when I was little so I was used to having them on me. Gross. Gross. GROSS. So glad you found it and were able to remove it without a ton of issues.

    Vegas is a place I haven't ever really cared to go. I love travelling everywhere, but it seems too commercial for me. I'm interested to know how you feel about it once you get back!

  25. Hello fellow Team Donner!
    Just followed your blog and am looking forward to reading. I've only been to Vegas once and I think I might have been ten. I would love to go back now that I'm an adult. It would be even better if I could run a race there. Have fun!

  26. Ugh, that close-up picture really freaked me out. Thanks. lol

    Oh, I love Vegas. I know, it sounds so shallow, but I honestly love it! Been there multiple times. Despite not liking gambling, I enjoy all the Cirque du Soleil shows and just the blinking lights, I guess. hee hee.


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