04 December 2011

I'm breaking all the Vegas rules...

What are the Vegas rules?

  1. gamble
  2. drink
  3. wear stiletto heels and impossibly tight pants
  4. smoke a cigar
  5. see a show
  6. avoid the creepy people handing out the 'skin' cards
  7. see and be seen...i.e. spend as little time alone in your hotel room as possible (alone being the operative word in that rule)
  8. and most important...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
I broke that last and most important rule last night when I mobily posted a photo of bloggers wildly dancing at a club. Instead of a pre-race shake-out run, a good number of us decided to go dancing last night instead. So if you follow blogs of other runners who are here in Vegas, you've already seen some of the pictures. But here are mine...

I know this isn't a super flattering pic, but how often do we really look as awesome as we feel when drinking and dancing at a disco?

Saturday was the first time I had ever met Page, even though she lives kind of near me. 
I consider myself changed forever.

And Janae
Not only is she truly as super sweet as she seems on her blog...
this girl busts some killer moves on the dance floor!

See? Alcohol. She's drinking and dancing. She isn't breaking the Vegas rules.

 So I didn't gamble.
And I didn't drink or smoke.
And I wore my pilgrim shoes to the disco and...
yes... the thigh-high maternity compression stockings.
I think my ankle could have been a stand-in for Michael Jackson...if my socks were sparkly.
And I left the party at 10 p.m.

I did not see a show but instead resurrected that favorite game...

All save one of our game's participants are in Vegas this weekend. And one of them did not join us for the disco fever. So you have to guess which three are pictured above. There will be no prizes, just your own personal satisfaction that you know boobs.

And about the creepy card-hander-outters...

I just started going up to them and asking for cards...however many they were willing to part with.
And I tried to get them to teach me how to do this super creepy little snap thing they do. Well, some of them do the snappy thing and others do this little flicking thing. And then there are some who are either new or uncoordinated or on drugs or a combo who cannot snap or flick and they just shake like they have DT's. So creepy... and so sad. And no, I will not be sharing those cards with you all... this is a family-friendly blog. Well...sort of :P

I almost didn't make it out of the hotel. There were these elves, see...

And then I almost didn't make it out of the cab... there was this wheeler-dealer trying to make off with my cash...

But I did think I was outside at one point...even though I wasn't...

These pictures are NOT outside.

I totally thought I was outside until I saw these little circle things in the ceiling. Yes... the ceiling. And I felt such a weird combination of awe and disappointment.

I am hoping to feel nothing but awe as I charge down The Strip tonight.

The wind has died down a bit, and the air is cool and crisp.

I think it will be perfect :)


  1. I want in on this round of guess the chest .... SUAR, your own rack, and Blonde Ponytail. Did I get it?

  2. Because SUAR has no rack, she had to stuff hers. So she is first.
    Nice downward self portrait of your rack for second.
    And finally, JESS gets number 3, but her hair, not rack were the big giveaway! :)
    Have fun! Can hardly wait to hear all the race reports!

  3. So wish I was there!! ha ha about MIchelle's comment.

  4. 1, Beth
    2 you
    3....hmm all the blond hair...Jess ,maybe...

    I wish I was there to break all those rules with you!

    have a good one my friend!

  5. I can't wait to hear how you did!!!!

  6. Lol...I love this post. Vegas is so unbelievably fascinating & horrifying at the same time. :)

    Glad you had fun Saturday night - hopefully the headache went away?

  7. There are lots of Vegas rules that should be broken. ;)

    Hope you're having fun!!!

  8. Hope you had a great race! :)

  9. I am SO SO jealous of the dance party/blogger meet up. I feel like you guys are the cool kids of the interwebs right now- I would have loved to be there!!

  10. I am with BHF, Michelle and whoever else guessed SUAR, you and Jess!

  11. AHHHHHH GIRL!!! Okay, I am officially obsessed with you. BIlly and I talked all about you on the drive home. You are so sweet and HILARIOUS and you've got some stellar moves!! So....when is the next meet-up? LOVE the picture of you with the elves!

  12. ahhh a blast for sure!! I hope you had a wonderful run! Vegas looks amazing! xoxo!

  13. I hope Vegas was good! Looks like great times!

    Isn't the Venetian awesome? That is probably my favorite hotel to walk through in Vegas. Possibly along with the Wynn, Bellagio and Paris.

    I got the Easy button in the mail, thanks a lot! I'll put up a pic of it on my blog soon! "That was easy!"

  14. No idea on match the rack but I am excited to read your race recap!

  15. I want to see more pictures of you NOT breaking the Vegas rules, girlfriend! And what is it with you and boobs? LOL

    MORE, MORE, MORE pics please!!! It's Vegas, baby!

  16. What a fun night! I am so jealous! I love your pictures and those compression stockings. :)

  17. I've got your six dollars and I'm holding it captive until I see you again! Muahahahaha (that's supposed to be an evil laugh).

    Also, I hope someone older than 18 found the special cards you left in the back of the cab...


  19. You caught us all in the act! That was seriously the best night, well actually this whole weekend was AMAZING. I heart you very very much and am so glad we got to hang out a number of times.

  20. Oh wow! you all had the "moves like Jagger"! LOL

    visiting from lovelinks

  21. This was really hard for me to read because I am so green with envy that I wasn't there...even though I'm not a runner/blogger...running blogger...anyway, I so wish I could have been there shaking my money maker with you all!

  22. The inside/outside deal is at the Venetian, right? I think I've been there. A long time ago.

    You're definitely a rule-breaker.

  23. Great shots! I'm off to Vegas in March but plan to do everything you didn't ;op

  24. You are random and I love everything about it! I'm going to Vegas in January!!!! ONe of my Christmas wishes coming true!!

  25. Sorry I'm just now getting by! Crazy week! :P

    Looks like you ladies are having a blast!! I love love love girls trips!!! :)


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