22 December 2011

Random Musings of an Semi-Injured Running Mom

This could be titled "Four things before Friday," but it's not.

I'll be honest here... I am climbing the friggin' walls.

Following RNR Las Vegas, instead of jumping right into hardcore marathon training for my late April marathon, I was sick for most of the week. I ran once. I was excited to run up a storm the next week (last week) but only ended up heading out twice due to a migraine and assorted family obligations. After my great run at the memorable Jingle Bell Hell, I was really looking forward to jumping into marathon madness full-bore but did a quad stretch on Monday night that *pinged* something.

So here I am. Climbing walls ... in my mind... and not running.

I know it will all work out. I know things will be fine. I'm not so much worried about the training for the marathon part, it is the sanity factor that I am missing...especially since it's Winter Break and I have four kids underfoot :P

Things in my hip and back are feeling alright, and I was given 'clearance' by my PT to run this weekend, but I've decided to wait until next week. I am playing it safe. There are some advantages to being older and wiser ;-) In the meantime, I'll ride my bike a couple of times starting tomorrow, do my glute strengthening exercises, stretch (but NOT the same quad stretch!), roll on my roller, stick with my Stick and butterknife the heck out of the tight spots. I want to be ready for this.

Staying physically healthy throughout the training cycle will be the challenge. My hip is definitely my weak link. Putting in the mileage without hurting it will be tricky. Cross-training will be key, and for this I'll be pulling out my dusty rowing machine in addition to using my trusty rusty bike. I'll be incorporating some P90X for weight work, plyometrics and core. And I've asked for a pass to the local Bikram yoga studio for Christmas.

What am I missing?

Right! Christmas!

I have kids and we celebrate Christmas, so there's that.

We're going minimalist this year. Even though we went with the mondo tree that screams 'Commercialized Christmas' at the top of its lungs, we are not 'going big' with presents. On Christmas morning, I am certain that someone will cry about how unfair something is and someone will lament how she didn't get anything on her list and that's fine. Join the club, kids :P But then Grandma and Papa will show up in the afternoon laden with overflowing bags of gifts, and all will be right in the world.

Like these kids need any more stuff. And this is just one bedroom. The others are the same.
Not to mention the toy room, the garage and the living room.

What else?

Oh, yeah...

I'm sure many of you are on the edge of your seat regarding this issue... I've decided to keep and wear my fancy sweatshirt even after reading this article that pretty much creeped me out. I think this might make me a hypocrite. Or something bad.

And finally...

This video is a big part of why I don't shop at Whole Paycheck Foods...

Yep, that's our local store.

Not that the store I do go to is really any different. Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite activities. It always seems like either I get in trouble or my kids do.

I'm not even going to end this post gracefully. Except to say...

Happy Holidays :)


  1. Oh, boy, the STUFF thing... I feel my life looks like your kids bedroom. I requested no, I demanded no presents for me this year. I have a numbing suspicion that nobody listened.

  2. Your commitment to running and understanding your body is so inspiring...I just can't figure out what it inspires me to do...goodness knows it isn't to run!

  3. I fear there will be "no fair" tears for our kids too even though they don't need a darned thing. But there will be no grandparents to show up and save the day. Our son is getting a $300 hunting bow, but not a lot else. While he is 10.5, he still believes in Santa and I think when he sees the presents he gets - he'll know it has been mom all along that has done the shopping. Our budget just couldn't hide it this year (though we paid for the bow with credit card points at Bass Pro). And my daughter didn't really ask for anything too big this year so there isn't anything under the tree that is "over the top". I splurged on a couple Paper Jam items that she seemed enamored with (though I fear they will be broken within the week). Otherwise, she is getting piano lessons that start in Jan and a lot of clothes. Hope you feel better soon. (((HUGS)))

  4. Dang, hope you are feeling better soon. Doesn't your quad know you have plans???

    That room cracks me up. My kids NEED absolutely nothing either.

  5. That article was creepy. Don't worry, our playroom looks very similar to yours. I will declutter after the holidays (hopefully). Hope you are up and running soon:)

  6. 'Tis the season, right? Survival mode!

  7. We have way too much STUFF too! It's crazy! I told myself I'd go minimalist this year and didn't, ugh! Hope you have a great Chirstmas!

  8. I was so well intentioned to get rid of stuff before Christmas this year. We did make 2 trips to the goodwill and handed stuff down to various relatives and friends and STILL I feel like it's overwhelming. I also have the mother-in-law who will send (literally) 15+ presents for each kid, so I know it's only going to get worse. Upside is that we hardly buy them anything... :)

    I so hope your hip feels better and completely relate to the climbing the walls aspect of it. I think my family wants me to get back up and running as much as I do just to get me out of the house!

    Hang in there and Merry Christmas!

  9. My kids are already a little peeved with the low-key-ness of our Hanukkah this year. They're not wanting for anything, what else do they need?

    That's what grandparents are for, right?

    Hope your quad holds up so you can run!

    Happy Holidays!

  10. That video! Pretty damn funny.

    You are being so smart and you won't be any worse for it. You know this.

    And yeah, that Lulu murder...nice, huh?

  11. Hey- just saw your comment about the easy button. Haha! I'll email you, merry Christmas!

  12. My kids have so much junk also...and J's bedroom looks much like your picture! He does love his legos, though, and so do I as long as I'm not stepping on them. I'm trying to cultivate a "less is more" attitude in our house, though my husband is of the "if it's a bargain I must buy it" philosophy. Hence the ridiculous amount of toys our youngest already possesses. On the other hand, last year I think we spent $50 total on his gifts because 98% came from Goodwill or thrift stores.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. From the Friday Fitness blog hop...My house is taking the minimalist as well this year! We focused more on weeekly Christmas activities (drive through light display, christmas play, cookie making etc) and being together as a family than the material things. Thankfully my daughter is only three and will believe this is the norm...until she gets to middle school! LOL And like you mentioned, that's what grandparents are for! Gma and Gpa will surely have a nice lot for her this year!

    Happy Holidays!

  14. I know the climbing the walls in my mind feeling all too well. You're right it will work out but the not running thing sucks. I could go on and on about older and wiser ;) You're being so smart about your training.

    Love P90X! Have you considered P90X2? I'm starting on Jan 2. It's time for a new challenge!

  15. the STUFF gives me a headache

    I hope you are better soon my friend!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. I'm laughing out loud so much!!! Hahahaha!! That was one awesome video. "It's getting weird in the Whole Foods parking lot. Can I playa even get a parking spot?" That is awesome.

  17. That is really a normal look of the room of a kid.


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