03 February 2012

Vecchio Venerdì... A Quadruple Scull

Just in case you didn't believe me when I said I was small for a rower...

I'm the small one.

Sitting bow was great...not only was I responsible for steering the boat, but I also got to tell everyone what to do. Very 'in charge.'

eXtra Large Marge In Charge

Now you have a visual to go with the joke :)

*photo from 1998 when I was 34*


  1. Love this photo! Definitely makes the XLMIC seem even funnier!

  2. Isn't there someone who doesn't even row but just sits on the very tip, looking like she'll fall out any minute shouting orders?? I would love that spot.

    1. Right, I thought that was the job of the coxwain and she didn't have to row. What are you doing rowing and giving orders? You multi tasker, you! Found you at finding the funny.

  3. Love it. I remember meeting lots of Naomi's rowing peeps and yes, they were big! But strong.

  4. Ah! I've always wanted to row a quadruple shell but we didn't have one in our boathouse! I (almost) always sat bow, but we had a coxswain. We annoyed the crap out of the other girls in the boat because Ann and I could talk back and forth using sign language, even when we put out an 8. lol

  5. as I'm straining my eyes trying to decipher which one you are.....such an idiot ;) the small one....makes sense!

  6. I love watching rowing. You guys work hard! I lived in Victoria when Silken Lowman was training for the Olympics and it was very cool to see her out training. Go Canada!

  7. I get where XLMIC comes from and putting the picture with it makes perfect sense now!

  8. Tiny. Almost like Lord Of The Rings and the woman in front of you is the wizard. Shit.

  9. Love the pic! I've never rowed, but the woman two in front of you has the look I can imagine I would be thinking if I rowed. Crap, this hurts.


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