30 April 2012

101 minutes of fun...

It was nothing exciting...just 101 minutes of pleasant, steady cardio. And there's no way to make that exciting to a reader. I did a 20/12/20/12/25/12 series alternating from the elliptical to the stairmaster. Those are minutes. As boring as the workout sounds, I did learn something! The SM is way harder than the elliptical. WAY. But that's not why I only did 12-minute SM intervals...that was a pre-set block by the SM and I didn't want to spend the time figuring out how to adjust things, it being my first time on that particular machine :)

I haven't run since my brutal 10-miler a week ago. I overdid it on that one. Not wanting to worsen any twinges or shooting pains has driven me to the machines...and I am totally digging them. It's pretty amazing to just crank for over an hour, sweat buckets, step off sore and have no pain. I'd forgotten how awesome that feels. This week I'll begin re-incorporating running into the mix. The upside of the machines is I am getting a real ass. I only get a butt when I lift heavy (squats, dead lifts, cleans, leg press), do plyometrics regularly, or run stadiums...and now apparently with the elliptical. Baby don't quite got back...but at least my pants don't fall off anymore!

Boring. Boring. Boring. Unless my pants were to actually fall off...and that would be kind of funny.

Tonight I head back to the climbing gym...this time I will have the secret spy camera ready! Of course, tonight there will probably be no one in a photo-worthy outfit because it always works out that way.

I could bring my daughter.

Awesome longhorn boots...

...strap-on horse head...

...add cowboy hat and tutu :)

Climbing gym couture, for sure!

Here's hoping I successfully lightened things up after yesterday :) 


  1. She is looking at you like "Why are you taking my picture, and snickering like you just stole the last cookie, Mom?" Little does she know it's because you HAVE stolen the last cookie.

  2. Girl after my own heart! Both of you!

  3. Hmmmm...I'm very interested these days in building my own "back." So you think it's more the elliptical than the SM giving you the glutes? I think my PT may be more likely to say yes to the SM.

    I hope you manage to get a good picture at the climbing gym.

  4. she's so cute i could eat her...LOVE those boots...

    the sweat is an awesome feeling...especially when it's followed by no pain ;) How's your hip feelin these day? I think I'm being sent for another MRI again...ugh

  5. Love those pictures of your daughter, a girl after my own heart. My son had those boots in all black when he was two.

    Great job with your killer workout!

  6. The StairMaster is super hard! That thing kills me, rather run any freakin day. Your daughter is adorable!!

  7. Giddy up she is adorable.

    Wait, are you saying I can finally have an ass if I use our elliptical? For reals? Hmmmmm, and I could eat more candy each day maybe?

  8. Most definitely climbing attire. I would assume you will be sporting a matching outfit?! :)

  9. You can have some of my "back" - there is entirely too much going on back there.

  10. Classic outfit. And I liked yesterday's post. It was good for making you think. Well, me think. :)

  11. Thank God no more team competition posts :).

    I admire your dedication in the gym. I had no excuse not to go today other than I'm just sick of it. Tomorrow's a new day! And my ankle will be magically happy.

    Your daughter is just too damn cute!!

  12. Part of me really wants to comment on the strap on horse head but most of me is just jealous that there wasn't that type of thing when I was a kid. Yep, jealous wins. She's so cute!

  13. I am in love with your daughters outfit and agree 100% with the above commenter.

    PS: love all your workouts, I'm jealous and YAY for being a good role model. I suck :P

  14. LOL LOOOOOOVE the outfit, seriously nothing has made me smile as much as that out fit today, so thank you!


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