25 April 2011

Granny's Gadgets #16


This is the very first time I have actually forgotten to do Granny's Gadgets! Space City over here :P  Must be the jet-lag... I am getting a lot of mileage out of that one ;-)  Oddly, today I received something in the mail that was completely related to gadgety goodness, and I still didn't remember I needed to pick a gadget and make a video. Might have something to do with the gazillion posts I already did today... well, three anyway... one really long one, one cute short one, one about French produce vendors, and one about my hip problem. Another whew for the psycho-ness of all that posting!

After my run tonight, I showered (!) and put on my jammies. My husband was making dinner... as usual (he is a total keeper). When he took a break from the kitchen to go conduct his real business for a few moments, I was languidly slicing the tomato, thinking about the post I would write about the run and the manner in which I would thank Catey from Random Thoughts from the Zoo for the surprise I received in the mail, when it hit me like a rake hidden in the grass... right between the eyes and sharp underfoot.

I need to do a GADGET!!!!!

I looked down at the cutting board, and divine inspiration swept me away...

Here is this week's fine work of gadget-genius from the good people at EKCO...

Contrary to how things turned out tonight, I do think this item will be useful ... on a smaller tomato or a hard-boiled egg... if I had any from Easter, I could have tried it out that way :P

And Catey... you are just  so super sweet!  I am so excited to try out the replacement :) How on earth you have the time to do an ebaby for me... well, honestly, I am blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Any of you who have not yet checked Catey out... get on over to her blog! She is one of the prettiest, most inspiring, most fit, incredibly organized, thoughtful and perceptive, funny and fun mom of eight kids you could ever hope to read about. She is the reason I not only returned to running but a big part of why I started blogging. I *heart* Catey.



  1. So not to be a nit-picker....but, and I will quote (cus it's fun to do) "...well, three anyway... one really long one, one cute short one, one about French produce vendors, and one about my hip problem." Adds up to four, which makes this 5 for one day. A new league record!!!

    You guys crack me up, I love reading this blog. And it was quite fun to hear the Mr's voice booming in from behind the camera.

  2. Natty…did you see how late it was when I posted this? And don't tell Danny…that math teacher will be all over my ass on that one.

  3. Of course I saw how late it was. And I was thinking, "Wow, this family eats later than we do." Then I figured you had to work up the video, and time to mourn the killing of that poor tomato.


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