05 April 2011


I am giving in... I don't know why people who watch the gadget videos think they want to see my face... maybe now they'll stop pestering me! 

Here is my face:

I have resisted this meme though I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the ABCs of others. Today, as I am scrambling to pull together a family vacation out of thin air, stress got the best of me and I did it. We leave tomorrow. ACK! 

The ABCs of Me...

Age – about to turn 29... for the 19th time... maybe this year I'll be mature enough to claim "30"

Bed size – who cares? as long as I get the middle ;-)

Chore you hate – is there one I like?

Dogs – when I was a teenager, I used to fantasize about having a Newfoundland and a Great Pyrenees sitting in the back of my red Alfa Romeo Spider. I have never had any dogs or a convertible :(

Essential start your day item – my contacts!

Favorite color – emerald

Gold or silver – I'd prefer platinum, but choosing between gold and silver... gold.

Height:  a whopping five foot seven.

instruments you play:  I can play one song on the piano :) I played the clarinet in high school but haven't since.

job title:  first-in-command, domestic division

Kids – 4 kids (ages 2, 6, 9, and 11) and 6 stepkids (ages 19-31)

Live – from New York... it's Saturday Night!  no... I live in northern California.

mom's name... Mary

Nicknames – XL

Overnight hospital stays:  7 – lung surgery x 2, appendectomy, 4 babies

pet peeve – people who get all pissy at other people who are only 5 minutes late. And lame drivers.

Quote from a movie:  I have two... and they aren't particularly meaningful, I just like the way they sound:

1) "That ain't no EtchASketch. That's one doodle that's done did, home skillet." – Juno  
2) "There is no charge for awesomeness... or for attractiveness." – Kung Fu Panda

Right- or left-handed... I'm a righty :)

siblings:  zero

Time you wake up – about 7... and then I get just 10 more minutes.

underwear:  bunchy, wedgie, bulgy mess... no thanks

Vegetable you dislike:  okra... slime-city.

What makes you run late – I run late because I have to wait until the kids are in bed at night to go. It is usually about 8 or 8:30, which isn't all that late.

x-rays:  dental ones and lung/chest.

Yummy food you make: pie, pudding, meatloaf (for real... it's good!), birthday cake

Zoo animal favorite... the meerkats and the elephants.

Now I've sung my ABCs, next time won't you sing with meeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Nice to see you!
    a vacation! nice!!! have fun!!!

  2. Great post! Lung surger? Wow, you poor thing. Is that when you took up running or have you always ran? Have a great vaction!

  3. I love that Kung Fu Panda quote too. In fact, it's the desktop of my computer at work. Google it and there are some cool images you can use.

  4. Ha ha! I'm guessing you are one of those that is always 5 minutes late! You can run after 2 lung surgeries!!!!

    Love these posts-I'm all about random facts:)

  5. I collapsed a lung twice in as many weeks. It really hurt and was no fun. I almost died. Really. And the doctor was really mean :( BUT... I'm okay!

    And yes, I am always between 3 and 5 minutes late. It doesn't matter how early I leave or how prepared ahead of time I am. It is so weird. I just hope I don't miss the plane tomorrow :P

  6. Did you know that meatloaf is my absolute favorite food. No kidding. I love the stuff, and good meatloaf is something I would drive 12 hours to get.

  7. You are AWESOME! There's not many other words that describe you so well! Hope you found a good vacation spot, we're headed to Santa Barbara Thursday and I can't wait. Oh and um...your job title is PERFECTION!!!!

  8. Absolutely brilliant! I'm will have to try one of those one day!!!
    So, was it Florence?

  9. Oh, forgot to write: Love your smile!

    Hey…I’m an only child too.

  11. Have a great trip! Love the domestic division comment.

  12. I love these types of post, they are fun to read

  13. well there's that pretty face! yeah, thanks for sharing!! vacation...oh I need one!

  14. Cuuuuute! You are so darn clever. You got your hair cut!!!
    Didn't know about the lung surgery either. Have a wonderful trip!

  15. Well, Miss Narcissism (haha, I kid), I love your ABCs. Juno is the best and chores downright suck. I want to hear about these lung surgeries. What's the deal? :(


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