08 April 2012

Scoping out the competition...

Who does this?

It doesn't matter where you are...

  • at the supermarket...do you peek into other carts to see what other people are buying/eating? Does that person have more fruits, veggies and lean proteins than you have? More cookies, Cheetos and frozen pizzas? who has the cutest outfit?
  • at the playground...do you notice which caregiver is texting/smartphoning? who is bossing the kids around? who is keeping a watchful eye on them? who has the cutest outfit?
  • at a party...can't help but check out who is showing off fake boobs? whose are real? who looks the hottest?
  • at a race...always find yourself seeing the legs that scare the crap out of you because you know they will be running at least 2 minutes per mile faster than you for the whole race? hunting for that person who you might be able to suck the energy out of pace off of? who has the cutest outfit?
I do this. 

I'm being honest. Except for the noticing the outfit part. I only do that in the party situation.

So of course I had to scope out the competition for the Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Team. If you go to YouTube and search "nuun application", you will be able to check out a whole bunch of them. Did you apply? It's not too late...the last day is April 9.

What I learned from this reconnaissance exercise was that some of the ideas I was nurturing had already been used. I was bummed. But then I became inspired. Mine isn't ready to share yet, but I'm showing you two of this year's applications that I particularly enjoyed.

This one if from Alanna, writer of Love My Runners. Alanna was Runner #1 for After-Nuun Delight at last year's Hood to Coast Relay and is looking for redemption :)

This person's is hilarious. She is an Oiselle employee who blogs at Running Starfish.

Good luck to all of the applicants :)


  1. I do not notice what is in other carts. The people driving said other carts are lucky if I notice them enough to avoid running them down. Grocery shopping is a mission to be completed as fast as humanly possible.

    I only notice playgrounds to the extent of watching for Darwinistic kids. While I approve of the theory, I don't want to be the agent. Too much paperwork, and the parents tend to get all upset for some reason.

    I don't go to many parties at all, and none that would have fake boobs at them. I could rant about the "bolt on's" and maybe I will one day.

    At races I'm always seeing great legs. They're passing me, and receding into the distance. I enjoy the view while I can.

    Cute outfits deserves their own comment. I'm not big on cute, which seems to be a generic word women use as a compliment. Or maybe it's a passive aggressive thing meaning "I hate you for looking better than me." Being a mere men I have no way of knowing this. I do notice outfits though, and surprise surprise, skimpier is not always better. It's more important that it suit the activity at hand, and suits her figure and coloring. With NO YANKING! That is so gross. If the shirt and pants combo shows off an inch of tummy, then so be it. Live with it or change. Don't be yanking the shirt down over your ass.

  2. I always scope out the competition. I am addicted to checking out other racing outfits and checking out their shoes. I have a problem for sure.

    I think you need to scope out the competition for Team Nuun!

  3. I am so sad to say, I rarely scope out the competition, b/c I am such a lame duck.

    HOWEVER, I am starting to scope out the competition for my daughter. This I find extremely unsettling. While I never want her to miss out, esp on something *I* think she's entitled, I find myself inching towards being "that" mom...you know, the one who always interferes with her kid's life so that her kid can be tops, #1, get the best, etc. Coz life isn't like that.

    Those video are cute...but I think you've good something really good going for your Nuun application. Take heart and have faith, I'm sure it will be awesome. Good luck!!

  4. Some great videos here. And tough competition but you're one of the most competitive people I know and I have NO doubts that you have something pretty dang incredible up your sleeve Marjorie. No doubts it will be stand up to this competition!

    1. Amanda, you will be blown away! It's stellar!

  5. I have a friend who eats no high fructose corn syrup and no nitrates. I seem to always run into her when I think I am going to grab hot dogs for dinner...to eat on white rolls. She is not judgy at all, but just serves a remind for me to try harder!

  6. Shoot, at a party that's why I'm THERE! The cute outfits!

  7. There are some insanely good videos this year. I loved alannas and macs,and Lindseys and..and...and...


    BUT I know yours is going to rock!

  8. What i have to do is look up last year's results for the race I'm running, check out all the ladies' times in my age group, remember to look at the ones who were 29 and will be 30 THIS year, etc. I just liked to be prepared! =)

  9. The starfish runner is from Mass. Which doesn't surprise me - we're a state full of weirdos. Chick is wicked fast.

  10. I can't handle the competition. Just the thought of having to come up with--and execute--a video of myself is really enough to just make me roll over and wish my friends the best of luck. Why is it too much to ask for someone to just see how brilliantly amazing I am and pick ms for something cool? Lol. It won't surprise you to hear that I also wish for lottery winnings without buying lottery tickets... :)

  11. Tough competition for sure, but you got this. Looking forward to your video...

  12. Party? What's that?

    Good luck on the application...I'm rooting for ya!!

  13. I'm always, always, always competing with everything and scoping out the competition. I can't help it.

    There are some great applications floating around, but I can't imagine yours being anything less than amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  14. there are some seriously creative people out there.
    I am SOOOOOO a judgey Mcjudgerson when I grocery shop. Last week I noticed this woman had zero colour in her cart - all beige and brown food.

  15. Yes! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's creative and inspiring applications. I couldn't watch them much though until after I submitted mine. It was making me nuts! Now I know I've done my best and every time I watch one it only serves to make me more excited about the possibility that I could share the experience with such awesome women. I wish they could pick us all! They are going to have a tough time deciding I'm sure! I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I know it's going to rock!! Hope to see ya in August! Fingers crossed :) :)

  16. I definitely noticed the fake boobs on spring break and always wonder how they arrive at what they end up with.
    I never size up legs at a race. Looks can be very deceiving.
    All the best making it back to HTC!

  17. I thought the competition was tough already ... and then all of the submissions started flooding in today. Holy crap!! They're going to have a tough time choosing - so many great entries this year! Best of luck to you, can't wait to see yours :)

  18. the second video definately made me chuckle...Best of luck to ya!!! Can't wait to see yours;)

    I always check everything out...I am a true "observer" in life. I try to learn from it...but sometimes, idk...my competitive side takes over if you know what I mean!

  19. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. I try to turn it on its head at the playground--aha, I'm a much more MELLOW MOM than that person, I tell myself. But how can you be mellow if you're competing to see who's more mellow????!!!!

  20. Will we be able to vote for you?? I wish I lived closer to Seattle, this looks like so much fun!!!!


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