06 April 2012

The Striptease Run

Yesterday I had the great fortune to run with a really fast runner...the fastest marathon runner I've ever personally met...who is also, and most importantly, really nice and very, very funny. This runner is so unbelievably gracious that she agreed to:

  1. come to my neck of the woods to run and
  2. run at my pace (which probably felt like crawling backward over rocks to her) and
  3. listen to me run my mouth pretty much non-stop (I don't get much adult interaction) and
  4. help me work on my Nuun Hood to Coast Relay team application...she appears in some clips as well as shot some of the footage.
While I did have my hair done samurai-style, what most differentiated this run from other runs was neither the hairdo nor the big-ass hill that we mostly ran up...

Camera is not tilted for effect...and that hill was long!

No. It was the striptease.

Yeah, you read that right.

As in clothes coming off.

See? I'm no liar.

More than once, too.

We met up about a mile from the foot of the big-ass hill, whereupon I informed her that she would be helping me with my little project. I'm all about the surprise factor :)  We ran the straight, flat bike path as a warm-up. My husband tried some filming in this section...it didn't come out all that great.

Then we turned the corner, and that's where RoseRunner said something like "HOLY SHIT!" as she looked up the face of The Beast. (Note: that thing between Mile 1 and Mile 2 is The Beast).

I must say, having company and conversation up that thing makes it infinitely easier. Infinitely. And it was a lot of fun showing her around a place she had never been. There's nothing quite like a relaxed lunchtime run through a very pretty area on a very pretty day. 

Oh...you want to know more about my project? 


What's that you say? If I loved you, I would?

Still, my answer is "no."

I'm such a tease.


  1. you tease! I hope you get on a team and we can meet since we didn't get to last year!

    whoa - holy hill you badass...

  2. That is a big ass hill!! I can't wait to see the finished project. They'd be crazy not to bring you back for another year. I wish I was going to be in a better position this fall to do Hood to Coast... maybe next year.

  3. ha ha!! Love "ROSE" she is SPEEDY!! And extremely witty...like you!

  4. Well aren't you sumthin'! Can't wait to see your app. ;)

  5. You two are no match for that hill!

  6. Relieved that you wore your clothes while running up the hill!

  7. You mean you could talk going up that hill? I'm impressed!

  8. I'm excited for the final product! I'm jealous you got to meet the fabulous Rose as well!

  9. Too many compliments at one time...my head just grew 3 inches.

    And I feel very lucky to not have to be teased, cuz I know just where this video is going...

  10. Oooh la-la!! Can't wait to see this year's H2C application video!

  11. tease tease tease!! but can't wait to see what you have store!

  12. You are such a tease! Can't wait to see the video!

  13. I soooo hope that many of us make in on to nuun, i just knwo the group would be amazing from everyone who has applied!!

  14. Wow, that hill is ridiculous! Awesome you ran with Roserunner!

  15. I'm excited to see your application! That is one crazy hill... I pretend that I miss hills living in flat Tx this year, but I'm not really sure I do.

  16. R Rated application!
    I saw it
    I am not sure I will recover!!!

  17. You and those hills! SUPER impressive!

  18. Whoa that hill is badass. Props, yo. The Bay Area trails and hills build tough runners.

  19. where is THE post?
    I was expecting to see it YESTERDAY

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