14 April 2012

X = 10 ...

My girl is X-ceptional. She is X-traordinary. She can be X-asperating, too.

And her name really does start with an 'X'.

Today, Baby X turns X.


Double digits.

The big One-Oh.

We will celebrate with cake and climbing. She has requested a trip to the climbing gym as her special treat. My girl has a great sense of fun and adventure :)

I do feel kind of badly that this year is a 'lean' year. Last year we were off gallivanting around Europe...well, visiting friends in Paris anyway. And we got to go the the incroyable Parc Astérix actually on her birthday! This year it's just cake and climbing. I guess I shouldn't feel badly because that actually sounds kind of awesome.

Last year I wrote two posts in honor of her birthday. The second one contained the story of her birth day and all of the growing up pictures...click that if you'd like to see my lovely girl through the ages :) This year it's just the picture of her as the antelope ... and cake and climbing.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. You really are X-tra special :)


Dad got donuts for them for breakfast while I lay in a migraine-induced fetal position under my covers. They love donuts...a lot. Like me, they always think they can eat more donuts than they are really able...

This weasel-y looking thing is the remnants of Q-man's maple bar...
the custard grossed him out so he just skinned the chocolate off the top.

Also an addendum:

The joy of donuts was, unfortunately, overshadowed by a fight over a plate. A plate. A plain white plate. Screaming, shrieking, doors slamming...the works. Don't worry, though...everything's fine now :)


  1. I love that your daughter wants to go to a climbing gym for her birthday. She sounds like an awesome kid. Now *I* want to go to a climbing gym.

    I hope your head feels better.

  2. Sounds like super fun to me! Happy birthday Madame X!

  3. Happy Birthday, Miss X; I think a perfect birthday day would be cake and climbing!

    Hope that headache is better now, I'm sure the plain white plate incident had nothing to do with that!

  4. Looks like it's time to buy more white plates...or maybe mix it up with some colors or patterns...or better yet, plates with their names on it, so they'll know which one to use!

  5. Happy bday to the lovely Miss X.

    We have those fights around here, too. You'd appreciate the blogposts by Joshilyn Jackson (fabulous author of Gods in Alabama and others) about Lawn Fork: http://www.joshilynjackson.com/mt/archives/000966.html and http://www.joshilynjackson.com/mt/archives/000967.html. Too, too funny.

  6. too bad she didn't gain some Xmen powers....I'm always after those.

    I love X and hope she enjoys her bday and has an.... Xcellent time ;)

    sorry couldn't resist

  7. Your daughter is adorable!! So cool to have cake and be climbing. :)

    Drama. It's inevitable. My 3 yo can do all that. With herself. *sigh*

  8. I love the big 1-Oh! Cake and climbing sounds pretty good to me!

  9. Happy birthday to your double-digit girl!!!

    kids can fight over the dumbest things!! glad it"s not only mine ;)

  10. Happy Birthday X!! It sounds like a great way to spend a birthday!!

  11. Happy birthday X! My kids start crazy fights about little things all the time too! I either end up shrieking along with them or shaking my head in amazement, depending upon my mood. I am sure that climbing and cake was perfect and amazing, it sounds wonderful to me!

  12. What a sweetie! Happy birthday to your daughter!

  13. Happy Birthday Girl X! Hang on to your hat M, 10 is a very exiting, whirlwind year. We are just a couple months shy of 11 here and oh my the changes.
    Mmmmm donuts. WHat's not to love?

  14. Happy Birthday Girlie!! I'll thank her for the power of 10, tell her I got in the perfect distance to celebrate her bday yesterday. :)


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