15 April 2012

Just hurt me.

Ever have one of those runs that hurts...in a delicious way?

Not an 'o, sh*t...i'm injured again!' kind of hurt. I'd say it's an 'o, wow!!! i can't wait to get into an ice bath and then roll the crap out of my legs!' kind of hurt.

I just had that run.

A bit under 9 miles of mud and hills and rutted road in 90 minutes. And it felt great!

Only one problem...

It's the Birthday Soup.

And inside the 'soup pot' is my lacrosse ball. 

All three of my awesome, hurt-alleviating tools are currently in use, and the slightest disruption of the soup-making process results in a sort of shrieking that I really can't stomach right now. So my ice-bathed, achy, sore legs will have to wait for rolling. 

I know, I know...I am the parent and I should just take what I need...but my three-year old's joy and excitement and enthusiasm about making this birthday soup is so endearing it hurts...more than my legs. So I'll just put my feet up and wait.

What's your preferred method of recovery after a satisfying and arduous workout? If you say drinking chocolate milk, I might laugh so hard that I wind up spraying Nuun all over my face.

Do you ever find yourself letting your kids do things that make your life harder because they are so totally cute you can't stand it?


  1. My life would be a lot easier if my kids weren't always giving me those heart melting looks. Damn them.

    Yay for a great run, speaking of which your roller reminds me, I need to roll!

    Today I recovered with a protein shake and am lounging in my compression socks and shorts. Sexy really

  2. recovery: chicken soup for me and no choc milk thank you very much!

    Glad you had a great run!!

  3. Do I ever let my kids do things that make my life harder, giggle, ummmm.... yep. Do they ever make life easier?

  4. hoorAY!!! I've never rolled before. No chocolate milk, usually a banana and some gatorade after a long run.

  5. That chocolate milk comment made me laugh so hard I almost spit MY water on my laptop!

    My recovery? Depends on the distance. Today it was a short walk, a cold bath, and a nap. I'll be making friends with my foam roller tomorrow.

  6. Yay for a great run! I usually drink Nuun during/after a long run and then if it's cold I make hot cocoa with Glutamine to drink while I sit in the ice bath, if it's hot I stick with water.
    My kids are adorable and crazy all the time! They end up doing crazy things that make us all laugh, until someone gets hurt and the tears and yelling start!

  7. So glad you had a great run! I usually just stretch after a run. If it's longer than normal, I do the ice bath too. What a good mom that you put off your routine for your child:) I would have snatched it right out of their hands! Okay, maybe not, but I would have thought about it:)

  8. , 9 muddy, hilly miles in 90 minutes is wickedly fast! Nice run, girlie. Now if you can just get a little quicker recovery device from the birthday soup then you might feel better tomorrow. Maybe when they go to bed tonight! :)

    I let my kids do WAY too much, cute or not. I'm a horrible enabler. My old psychologist was mortified that I still made my 16-year olds lunches every night. I haven't seen her in a year and I still make their lunches. I guess that's not a cute story, huh! Sorry.

    1. I'm not sure why the hell I started that comment with a comma. New English I guess.

  9. Chicken and waffles. They are trendy now.

  10. I was told when I trained as a teen that a hot bath pulls out the toxins that build in muscles during strenuous exercise. Could just be old wives tales...

  11. Yea, foamroller! I love the GRID, I still use it at the very least on my IT band after every run or workout! I might only use it for 30 sec to a minute on each side, but it seems to help keep away the pain!

  12. Me again - your couch potato friend who is always inspired by your posts about movement. I don't have any recipe for what I do after an arduous workout because I don't do arduous. (-: But you are still inspiring me!

  13. ,a quart of Chocolate milk with three Nuun tablets blended into it. And no, I'm mean and rotten with a heart smaller than the Grinch's at the start of the show...I take my toys from my kids.

  14. That run sounds awesome! It can't possibly be the one you referred to earlier.
    You are one good mama.
    In a perfect world, my dearsweetwonderfulamazing husband would massage my legs for me after every run. Here in the real world he isn't available for that, but he did work out my ITBand this week, so he's off the hook for a little while. I finally caved and ordered the stick since the foam roller just ain't cutting it. I hope it's my new best friend.
    I almost bought chocolate milk this week, just for you. :)

  15. Making ur lives harder, and our grocery bill bigger when they come along...can't deprive any sweet child of the ur of season of priced berries!

  16. Jealous of that run! I actually just gave my old foam roller to my kids. It was inevitable anyway.

  17. I like chocolate after a run. A big glass of water and some M&M's. Is that better than chocolate milk? LOL

    As for the kids, yes, ALWAYS. Darned cuties.

  18. You really have a hate-on for chocolate milk...I don't think we can be friends anymore...I kid! I read your post on the chocolate milk for rehydration, and I'm with you: let's just pour sugar into our veins!
    And girl, look at you go...under 9 miles after your injury? I can't do 9 miles in the prime of health. You rockstar! You really have no idea how spectacular you are, do you?!

  19. How do you like the grid foam roller??

  20. That's sweet! And wow 9 miles? I am so inspired!!


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