22 November 2012

How to cook a turkey...and other random stuff

As I head out the door before dawn here on Thanksgiving morning, I want to wish everyone a joyous day of gratitude.

In less than two hours (hopefully!) I will have finished my go at the Sonoma 5K Fun Run Turkey Trot hosted by this lovely lady....

She's on the left...the lovely one.

I'm excited and nervous...and extremely thankful that I get to do this. I get to run.

If you can guess my 5K finish time today in a comment below, you'll win a prize :)

Now for the really random stuff...

* directions are really important. This gigantic ship turned left out of the harbor the other day as we were on a walk. Left takes you into the ground. Right takes you out to the open sea. The tugs had to really work to get this guy unstuck.

* I have opposite ends of the spectrum in my house...
Zen and peaceful....
Lurking and attacking...
he has a driftwood weapon...
watch out.

* I think my daughter is part elf...or maybe it's pixie...

photographic evidence

* crab season is the best...
I'm really lucky that my husband likes to clean the crab :)

And now for the date-appropriate cooking tip....I posted this last year after the fact. Maybe I'm a little more timely this year and can spare someone a whole lot of angst!



  1. Since your last Turkey Trot outing was 24:01, I'm going to guess 23:45.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Pretty Lady! Love the video...ha! My kind of lady! Hope your day is nothing but wonderful.

  3. I'm sure when that ship's captain is driving his or her car, he or she does not look out for cyclists.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going with 24:30 for your 5k

  5. Have a great day with the family!!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving!Hope the turkey trot was fantastic!

  7. Happy late Thanksgiving!! LOVE the video!!!

  8. "the one on the left..."
    I don't know. The windswept look is good on you.
    There was a ship that went aground near Prince Rupert as well. It happens, even on ships loaded with modern technology. And they want to run huge tankers into Kitimat???


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