07 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday...The Library

Kind of funny how I'm sharing the library in a Wordless Wednesday post...you know, since the library is so full of books that are full of words. And of course, I couldn't just leave well enough alone...I'm writing all these words when this post is supposed to be wordless.

Breakin' all the rules.

You know that rule about being quiet in the library? Well, any outing with my kids is not a peaceful event, the library included.

Even the clothes were loud.

She was totally digging her mismatched shoes.

It has obviously been a long time since I went to the library...
when did they get rid of card catalogs? It's all computery now. 

I don't know how a rocketship in a library is going to engender quiet.

Getting loud...



He is such a trooper.

And she is pissed that he just laughed at her distress.
But at least she stopped yelling.

I know Terzah works in a library, but the rest of you...how often do you visit the library?
–I practically lived in the library as a kid. I was a latchkey child and the library was infinitely more welcoming and cozy than an empty house. The books were like family to me.


  1. Love the library. WE go every 2 to 3 weeks and load up on like 40 plus books sometimes. So fun! Rarely a quiet event. :) She is just DARLING!

  2. Oh, I still live in the library. It's truly my favorite place.

  3. No one expects kids to be quiet in their part of the library anymore--normal kid noise is even welcome in my library anyway. So glad you came back to use and introduced the next generation!

  4. I have librarY phases, but it has been awhile...now I want to go! My problem is that I like to own books.

  5. no library. not in the past 8-9 years or so. i have my kindle :)

  6. I like your daughter's style! I haven't visited the library in years. I really should, its a lot cheaper than buying books!

  7. I so wish I spent more time at the library. Well, I did spend a lot of time there when my computer was broke - but that was super boring.

    Can I borrow your daughter's tights? I NEED those!

  8. OH once a week at least
    I can stay there for hours
    I love books and now my kids are just like me and that makes me really happy!

    your Miss C is the cutest!!

  9. I think your daughter and my daughter have a shared fashion sense!

    and I super lurve the library!

  10. I am a compulsive book buyer so I have been trying to utilize the library more & only buy books when something is good enough (or useful enough) that I want my own copy permanently. But it's not a habit yet so I'm kind of sucking at it. :P

  11. I fell back in love with libraries since moving to Oakland last year. My apartment was a block from the main library. It was awesome! I also like how it's so easy to renew and request books online nowadays.


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