15 November 2012

What a week it's been...

So Hump Day was a long time ago, and we are nearing the end of our NINE-freakin-days-without-dad odyssey. Can I get a...


Thanks :)

Here's a quick summary of what has happened since my whine-sans-cheese party the other day...

1. I stabbed myself.

I was going to wash the humungous pile of dishes in the sink Monday night.
I reached into the water and was stabbed by a very pointy steak knife.
I didn't even know until I saw the blood all over the place.
That's an exaggeration...but it did really hurt once I realized it had happened.

2. We finally took down the Halloween decorations.

And boy, was that skull scared. He did NOT want to go back in the box. 
Or maybe he's shielding himself from that mondo spider crawling toward him.
In any event, I had threatened to leave the stuff up until our petty HOA started griping,
but it's supposed to rain this weekend and that spiderwebby crap gets super gross in the rain,
so down it all came.

3. I accidentally packed my maternity shorts in my gym bag.

This shows how much too big they are...and that is NOT stretching the fabric.
Why they were on top of the clean laundry pile is a total mystery.
Why do I even still own them?
Somehow I was able to complete my vigorous elliptical workout on Tuesday
withOUT these shorts winding up around my ankles...
which would have been hilarious...if it happened to someone else.

4. We went to the park.

Really one of the cutest kids ever...
(gush, gush, gush... how can you get annoyed by my gushing? 
She is monstrously cute even when she is picking her nose!)
It was probably in the 40's (F) and she just insisted on wearing a tissue-paper thin sundress...
she claimed she was warm enough because
"I've got tights, mom."

5. I did a good deed. And went for a run.

Evidence of the good deed...
I killed a f**king yellow jacket. 
I hate those things almost as much as I hate ants.
Which I spent over an hour annihilating hordes of instead of eating lunch on Tuesday.
So that's actually TWO good deeds.

Sort of evidence of the run.
Of course I could have taken a photo of my shoe in my car without having gone for a run...
but I wouldn't do that.
Those are my 'trail' shoes now that I've given the Brooks Cascadia 7's the ol' heave-ho.

6. I rode an emotional roller coaster.

Going several days without a little 'me' time was really stressful (see top left).
The mere idea of a little exercise in nature totally mellowed me out (see top right).
The fact that my knee...of all things...hurt during the run caused me some worry (see bottom left).
Realizing that I needed to be at school pick ups 10 minutes ago...caused by slower running due to f**cked up knee...obliterated my zen moment (see bottom right).

7. I went to see Skyfall.

The best babysitter in the world (who happens to work at my gym
came over to give my craziness a bit of a break. 
The movie was entertaining, and I liked it.
But this little guy I spotted in the parking lot was far more thought-provoking.
What is it?
Why is it there?
Where did it come from?
Is someone missing it?

8. I'm still loving being with my kids.

This afternoon we went for a walk. It's supposed to rain for several days, 
and I wanted us to have some fun outside time.
Look! We're having fun! Everyone is smiling!

It was very low tide and twilight.
Q-Man and Baby X decided to go hunting for ...treasures?... in the mudflats.
"That is SO gross..."
"Yeah...look...it's chunks...and those are hairs..."

I am soooooooo glad they didn't pick that crap up and bring it over to me.
Just hearing about it made me shudder and go all queasy.
For real? Meat? With hair?

Speaking of food...sort of...

9. I discovered an amazing food item.

Sweetened primarily with agave.
Mint Galactica is the best mint chip-like ice cream I've ever had.

10. I started working with a trainer.

I'm sore.
Hot, salty bath. 
Almost overflowing because I forgot to turn the water off :P

And some breaking news...

11. I sat in chocolate again.

And it melted because I didn't realize it, so my body heat did its thing.
I just discovered it this moment.
So I'm going to go clean it up and then go to bed.

And tomorrow my kids have NO SCHOOL!
Can you believe it?
If you don't understand why that is typed in the 'sarcasm' font,
you need to click on it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend :)

What's the grossest thing you've ever found at low tide?
–just mangled crabs and jellyfish. Nothing like chunks of meat with hairs!


  1. Wow, you've had a fun week and i love the pic of you with all the kids. The coconut bliss looks excellent . . . then I got to the hairy meat part -- yuck.

    1. The meat would have been gross even without hair! But yeah...

      The Coconut Bliss is a dairy-intolerant/dairy-allergic/vegan ice cream godsend. It is so good, it oughtn't be called a 'substitute'. Get some.

  2. Ok, there's a lot going on in this post! :) Looks like fun times with the kids in the midst of all the craziness/dad-lessness, but I would definitely need some chunks of me-time to get through it. Well done killing the yellow jacket!! I'm not a fan ever since being attacked by them in August.

    Sarcasm font, I love it.

    No low tide here, but at our orienteering race we did come across a raccoon that had died with its head stuck in a jar.

    1. In a JAR???!!!! I'd say 'poor thing' but ever since the Raccoon Invasion of 2001 I'm more of the mind that the only good raccoon is a trapped-and-relocated raccoon!

  3. Hmmm...chunks of meat with hair...yuck. I think the grossest thing I have ever foudn was an old shirt...all mossy and slippery...and you couldn't tell what it was...but wow, ya meat...no.

    I am glad you survived your week...sounds HECTIC!

    And that little man intrigues me too? What is he...like a little jelly guy?

    1. I think he was jelly-ish...not like a gummy candy though. More like those weird stretchy hand things they give away at my kids' dentist's. It looked so random and so lonely...forlorn even. That shirt sounds GROSS.

  4. Nice weekly recap!!! Personally love the pics of the kids, your cute little one picking her nose and the self-photos...

    hopefully you will get some needed rest when the husband comes home! Here's a hallelujah for ya ;)

  5. what a week!!!?? so glad you got a little alone time-but looks like yall are having fun. and a trainer??? sweet! hopefully you can have a somewhat relaxing weekend (is it ever with 4 kids?) with the hubs home.

  6. 9 days without the spouse around sounds really rough with young kids. Love the pic with the kids with everyone smiling. Good times they will remember forever.

    Hang in there.

  7. This post is hilarious! I hate it when my husband is away so I feel your pain. SO FUNNY about the maternity shorts. Maybe it' a sign??? And thanks for killing the yellow jacket. I have tried to figure out why they are an essential part of the animal kingdom and I'm drawing a blank. I hate those things.

  8. For what it's worth... I've stabbed myself, too -- while making guacamole. (Long story...)

    I chuckled a bunch during this post - especially at the Halloween decorations.

    As for grossest things at low tide... Ugh. I could write a book. (I lived at the beach for a couple of years after I started grad school.) Giant (Humboldt) squid and jellyfish the size of manhole covers were the least of the gross things I saw... A dead seal scores high on the list. And... ahem... personal products left behind by (presumably) drunk people... Yep. Seen some gross things out there.

    But never meat.
    With hairs.

  9. That's quite a week.

    Thank you for killing that damn yellow jacket. I hate those things too. It's a tie between them and mosquitoes.

    My kids are off school for a week. Thank God I get to go to work tomorrow (and Mon, Tues and Weds). I love them, but geez.

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