05 November 2012

Tomorrow is a special day...and other random things

Going with bullets and pictures today. Just kind of need a brain-dump...my apologies to you lovely readers for dishing out a sloppy mess of a post!


* The speedwork hurt me :(

Well, I can't blame it entirely on the speedwork. What I really should blame it on is not adhering more closely to the Don't Run, Run Faster training plan. Running hills, super hills, and mega hills...mostly on dirt...three times a week and then using the elliptical and the StairMaster two to three times a week for added cardio (that incorporates some core solidifying so that you don't fall off the machines), throwing in a little rock climbing to round things out was keeping me feeling good. Then came some scheduling crap. I only had time to squeeze in some runs after the kids went to bed...running loops in my neighborhood. Flat and on the asphalt. Now I feel some weird plantar fascitis-y thing...some lower leg tightness...increased hip and lower back irritation. So I'm heading for the dirty hills again.

* I have a race coming up. It's a Thanksgiving morning turkey trot.

It's a short, small race. It serves as my benchmark event, gauging my progress since I returned to running 2 years ago after a decade of nothing. I have a time tickling the back of my brain...but I'm not going to share it. Sorry. Too many variables in my schedule and my body at the moment to lay it out there commitment-style. We'll see how things are a couple of days prior to the race. Suffice it to say that I am really excited to run as fast as my little legs will carry me :)


* I am really loving my family and being a mom. It would be nice if the pay were better, but all in all, I wouldn't trade it for any job in the world. I get to hang out with these cool guys every single day...

Yes, there are times they drive me insane...and those times are probably more frequent than not. But they are a great group of people. We've been going for more hikes in the hills and more walks along the bay lately. It's been so nice. The weather here has been amazing. The scientists might be onto something with that whole global-warming notion. It's a bummer to think about the big picture on that one, but hanging out in shorts, flip flops and a tank top in November does have a sweet side.


* It's Election Day! I don't use my blog as a political platform...I can't do that. And if you try to in a comment, I'll delete it :D Will you be voting? Do you feel it is every of-age American's responsibility or duty to vote? 

* It's my half-birthday! I might make myself half a cake. But then again, I failed to make a cake for my husband for his FULL birthday a month ago...so perhaps I should just make a whole cake and tell him it's in honor of his birthday but in my head pretend that half of it is half about my half-birthday. Six more months and I'll be halfway to The Big One ;-)  Are you a birthday person? Do you celebrate half-birthdays?


* Lastly, because this is a Turkey-Sighting Blog, here is a recent turkey. I really don't know if this is a wild turkey or a feral turkey...or if there's a difference. Miss C (in the lower right corner) likes to chase turkeys. The turkeys don't care much for that game. Interestingly, these turkeys don't gobble...they cluck.


  1. Happy half birthday!!! (don't ever pass up a reason to celebrate!)

    I love that you're honest about the relationship with your kids-can make you nuts but I love that you're active with them, not just plopping them in front of a tv.

    Yes, I'll vote! Every American should!!

  2. I got my husband a cake for his half-birthday because he had a vile stomach bug on his real birthday and wasn't going to be keeping cake or anything else down. Other than that, no...I'm lucky if whole birthdays get celebrated.

    I'm sorry your legs aren't liking the concrete. Go back to the hills, young woman!

  3. awww, ur kiddies are too cute and a mom's job is prolly the MOST important, yah, even if the pay stinks. ;) i hope that ur legs start feeling better, definitely hit up the softer dirt trails and try rolling that plantar on top of a tennis ball or also frozen golf balls really help me too. :)

  4. Get back to those hills! :)

    Nice pics of your family!

  5. Already voted! And yes, I think everyone should vote, even those who disagree with me.

    I had symptoms of plantar fasciitis in the late spring. Massaging the bottoms of my my feet with a tennis ball or golf ball helped a lot. Hope it doesn't linger.

  6. I don't care if others vote, but if they do, I'd really like them to do their research and make an informed decision based on their beliefs. Just voting for someone based on how many times you saw their ads (that don't tell you anything about the issue at hand) is worse than not voting at all.

    If you don't want to research, please don't vote :)

    Going quickly back to pavement after trail training gives me little aches like that too, it is better to ease into it if you can.

  7. I don't think I have missed an elecation (presidential or otherwise) Not every country has citizens voting, so I think we should take advantage :)

    Happy half birthday..or a very merry un-birthday to you! :)

  8. happy half birthday...
    I dont do half birthdays....I am lucky if people remember my real bday..(right after the Holidays)...

    I am not voting because I dont have the right to do so. I think that people should vote if they are informed...if they understand what they are voting for

  9. I can't vote as I'm not a Yank....but I would love everyone to vote if they can!

    I had PF at the start of the year. The Pro Foot PF insole worked wonders within a week...it's dead cheap and I got it on eBay. I am a passionate convert, no trouble since!!!

  10. happy half birthday! I so so hope you don't have Plantar Fasciitis. Not a fan of that ailment at all! Best wishes for feeling better!

  11. we've got wild turkey's here....BUT here's a fun fact for you: they were once Extirpated (which means extinct in a specific area but occurring elsewhere) from Ontario and we had to buy them from the States to repopulate! lol so our turkey's are really yours . cool eh? or am I a nature nerd :P

    Anyway, I always vote! Happy half bday, I always celebrate mine but I've never even thought to make a half cake - GENIUS!

  12. happy half birthday! i don’t celebrate 1/2 bdays. i make a big enough deal out of the real one. :) and yes, bake a cake for the hubs. but as a “just because” cake. that is way more special! i’m kinda obsessed with Miss C. She is so stinking cute. Poor turkeys though-no matter how cute she is, they probably aren’t big fans.


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